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We all know what took place on June 20th 2017 that post can be found below.

That in itself was a story but it didn’t end there…………………….

It continued with a number of individuals not only pursuing..harassing and stalking Chris but those that live within his household and that included his mother. 


So on July 21st Babs and Bane entered the court and tried unsuccessfully to record court proceedings. The result was both of them being removed and Babs receiving a permanent BAN…That LINK is below.’s right it took a 19 year old boy to do the dirty work for a group of big drinking pint sucking weak old Brits who sit all day stalking and trolling online…..Yes it took someone dressed like this to do the dirty work ..Haahaha….The Panda Princess.

What those of you didn’t know at the time was that Djsystems donated 20£ and MrBluesky was claiming he would send 5£, so that both Babs and Bane could go to the court house on that very day. Both are Ivlog casters.

DJsystems other Ivlog name is MusicAfterDarkness…..

Now this is where it all stands since Sept 25th 2017 is the next court date set for Chris, who will be sent in Babs place ???

Another question is who shall be the financial benefactor to pay for the travel costs this time around. Will MusicAfterDarkness/Djsystems do it again ??

And WHY has IrelandsPatriot/Sean Cleary gone so silent is it due to officer D.P instructing him to cease and desist from his online antics. Or perhaps he’s afraid of the next beating his momma will give him LMAO ???Will Darren Sayward/UKmuppets/Karl Davies continue on his QUEST to engage females that are the same age as his daughter or shall his daughter Chealsey see her daddy for what he truly is ? what is the odd fascination Menellie and the old fella known as Big John sucky suck have with each other ?Will John take up sucking other objects like fruits and vegetables…Perhaps a pineapple or cantaloupe ???

So many question…….

If any one asks the devil made me do it


For some strange reason when I found this vid it gave me the thought what IF Menellie would take up crying due to the recent DICK post I placed up last night, and Warren was the one to scold him for doing it. At some point Menellie begins to cry and Warren wrought with guilt tells him he loves him in hopes of calming him down.

It’s just a parody and NOT REAL, and NO… before anyone asks Warren did NOT CAST recently.

Something I did for a silly laugh….◕︵◕  ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ 



Complete shock is what I had when I saw these two in a Ivlog cast…HOLY HELL are you kidding me ???..YOU CAN”T  MAKE THIS SHIT UP.

It was June 20th of 2017 when Menellie yacked for what seemed to be up to a week or more casting and chatting all about Chris downloading child porn, seriously he spilled the beans on him and literally threw him under the bus in front of the whole world to laugh at. But now Menellie chats away and mentions a “PROPER MEET UP”  with Chris…..Now this latest development really does reek, and it only furthers suspicion upon Menellie. The question DEMANDS to be asked WHY bash the hell out of a friend you had for 10 years as a PEDOPHILE and let everyone know he downloaded child porn only to now make future plans with him ????

Is this a TRAP to BAIT Chris in hopes of further incriminating himself or perhaps Menllie is in FEAR as to what Chris may say involving Menellie and their 10 year online relationship ????

However I did hear a plan or plot to have Chris MURDERED or ATTACKED. I have NO PROOF of this THEORY but only rumors and hearsay.

This was the POST that started it all….

And then the 2nd part as a follow up…

Of all the posts and stories I’ve covered over the years this one is truly odd, and both individuals need to be further looked into.