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All credit and thank you to Inyourface for the screen grabs used in this post. What we have here are a number of statements from a recent cast on VL where Scruffy has decided to expose what we here knew from years ago and that’s the hidden truth of Vaughn live.We have Scruffy stating she protected Sarah when the DUI case became public.Then she has some remarks concerning Bubba one of her ex friends, and her theory on his departure from VL.
But to me the most intriguing are her comments concerning the convicted rapist Adam Paul Stuart Browne as it’s stated by Scruffy that he uses his VL account to direct traffic to Ivlog. And what’s ever more interesting is that the caster at this time “InmateJenny” claims she gave Adambro money to purchase Djequipment which he spent on other things.An interesting turn of events as the once staunch Scruffy who had protected her dear caster acomplices now throws them to the 4 winds like vile miscreants, what an odd change indeed I recall the days not to long ago as Scruffy referred to those who spoke the truth as the “HATE BLOG” funny how times have changed.








“Mark sure needs your prayers” She says

“Face surgery” She says

“Hopefully this will solve the nerve pain in his face” She says

Two days and several posts later and millions and millions on their seat crying while holding their hands up to god and its was over….WISDOM TEETH, funny she never said that huh. Man oh man what weak people will put on Facebook for sympathy now a days.

Well of course not the drama queen wouldn’t wish to ruin her moment in the sun as she systematically milks every drop out of her sympathy cup on Facebook for dear ol Mark.Yup all this for wisdom teeth bravo, wait there’s more didn’t he have this procedure done before in the past ?

December 22 2016.And then again in May 2012.

So it may be possible he had 4 wisdom teeth, no idea but having all 4  or even 3 removed may be a little hard to fathom ? Or maybe Scruffy mom is a tad overzealous in this department with her inflamed gum yapping. If we’ve learned anything from the Vaughn’s is that those sweet little white lies of theirs all ways bash them in face in the end and we all know Scruffy milks sympathy by the gallon even though it’s sour.

Again all thanks and credit to Anon for all the screen shots. For the two previous posts on this life altering gut wrenching tear jerking experience click the LINKS below.




Or most beloved egomaniac unprofessional douche bag Mark Vaughn the narcissist of the internet has become ill as of late, Lynn Scruffy his toxic blow hole mother has left a message for all to read. And states he needs prayer.So from all of us here get well Mark you sack of lumpy watery poop be well and may the orifice you call a mouth spew forth more nonsense in the days to come. Thanks to Bens nutsack for this update.

My  most beloved prayers reach out to you.


As most of us were tucked in our monkey trees dreaming of high spirited naughty nude fairies in leather heeled boots, EletroJed the flipflop master with short term memory was casting his views to Miss Nazi the self absorb egomaniac site manager of [VL]. He traveled over here last night and witnessed the previous post on Scruffy admitting Mark had made purchases for laptops and other items to certain casters. And in his own words it “triggered” him.

We need more selfies so hurry and snap some more, now let’s just hand you a bottle of Malibu and it’s picture perfect.

Jed please allow me to offer you a FREE laptop compliments of the Pc Fairy and company <3…All credit to our friend for this late night video.