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Years ago when I first arrived at Vaughn The Dog Pound was perhaps the first channel I would go to listen to tunes an chat, good to be receiving this video today. All credit to VaughnSucks for this post.

And the reason for this video was due to one of the Pounds viewers going over to Tech Corner with a simple question concerning her video taking so long to download and that started something that I had to smile at. 

Now if you’re paying close attention you would already see where the viewers “OFFENSE” has taken place and that’s with the use of AD BLOCK on her browser. This lil extension prohibits annoying ads and pop vids from playing, however by committing this heinous crime you directly prevent the Vaughn’s from making money on their site and that’s a BIG NO NO. So in other words if you really wish to KICK the Vaughn’s in the ass add AD BLOCK to your browser, it DOES NOT SLOW DOWN or in ANY WAY HINDER WATCHING ANY SITE. Any site owner that tells you other wise is lying to you.

I have placed the entire 4 page conversation in video form.

As you can see Daryl lashes out at this particular viewer and Mark goes completely silent after they both realize the viewer uses AD BLOCK. To me this is comical and I had to laugh by witnessing the anger swell up into Mark must have been hilarious.

I’m confused at to the purpose of this “tech corner” ….If viewers with question go to seek help for their technical issues, WHY verbally abuse them while the site owners just sits there not saying a word ???????? ( LAUGHS to self)

So remember this is the site that BEGS for it’s viewers to pay out the $14.99 for the beloved VIP….I wonder why people pay for VIP, just download AD BLOCK it’s FREE lol


All credit and thanks to who ever sent this in.

Seems the TRASH are a lil restless over in Vaughn land so the brightest IQs came out to ponder as to what they should do ?

The GENIUSES decided to come up with a FAKE GO FUND ME account for socks so Mark Vaughn’s feet would most likely be warm.


Let’s MOCK the DEATH of a BABY for 4days and then when everyone catches on to what’s been going on let’s BAN the caster and LIE about the the whole thing and try to DENY it ???…………Smart huh ???

Then lets put the main person who was responsible for MOCKING the DEATH of a BABY for 4days in charge of the site in hopes it attracts more folks, but when this BRAINIAC idea back fires we calmly remove this cyst and deny that this BRIGHT idea ever existed….Cool huh ??

And we call it Vaughn live….Funny none of this is FAKE it’s real.

Are you trying to kiss up to me ?




All credit to a friend from the blog for this interesting bit of info on what seems to be a very strange security GLITCH.

All you have to do is type Vaughn live in GOOGLE to see this happen. When you’ve done this look down to see an IP address is banned. So far I’ve found 3 you may find more. What’s equally strange is that the ips seems to be GOOGLE bots but when clicked on the LINK they take me directly to the caster in Vaughn live. These “BOTS” are gathering intel on both casters and viewers alike. I was informed that possibly the owners of Vaughn can see your GOOGLE searches I cannot confirm or deny this, but it does bring up some interesting thoughts. 

Check it out for yourself ?

Oh and before the DIE hard Ivlog CUNTS start beating their chests claiming their 2k worthless site that cost 14k is better or more secure than Vaughn. I’ll have another post exposing it’s SECRET security issues that date back for years.

PS CUM/Steve Jones may be too busy with his online putas to actually PAY$$$, but I know he can’t afford the UPGRADE for his shitty EGO site anyways, and I’ll prove it.

All credit to our friend from the blogs for this bit of recent info, you may need to catch up on what transpired yesterday to understand todays post and what took place.

So a WRONG number was placed to Mark’s cell phone something about “Charlie’s car being fixed”…..Mark plays with it a bit but that was the end of it. Seems today he called the guy back and gives out his BUSINESS number during a LIVE CAST…….He then calls the place of business back AGAIN during the CAST and leaves a message on his answering machine….Mark your EGO is gonna be the END of YOU…Take my word for it you messed up BIG TIME with this.

I SMELL LAWSUIT in the making here lol.

He boasts if your’re gonna call the number he’s going to leak it out…..I cut out the last 3 digits, but I do have the original with the entire phone number on it.

To my amigo who handed me this post, believe it or not I was about to place up the one you gave me 3 days ago, thank you again for this.