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Interesting choice of words coming from the site owner, it’s the kind of words that makes one wonder as to the possible HIDDEN MEANING behind them.

Is it possible that it’s Mark Vaughn himself is behind certain illegal activities, I mean after all he has his PET/friend admitting to SWATTING casters and others like Lardo.

Or placing phone numbers in chat ..


I rest my case….Click the LINKS below




Whether it be due to the pills or just plain old insanity Patricia Lynne Vaughn FARTED out her mouth so loud the other channels in Vaughn could hear it, trust me it wasn’t a pretty sight. But when the idiot manager spews such foolishness and idiocy sooner or later her mental state of mind needs to be examined.

Such was the case on Sunday June 25th……….It begins with her claim of being SWATTED while she was aaallllll  alone at home. Convenient right ???

So now WE have SWATTING being the issue in Vaughn, but where was Scruffy when so many casters were being SWATTED under their very nose ??

Not to mention her very own tech guy Soldier making an onlnine THREAT to SWAT Hardwood the LINK is down below.

Now as far as DEATH THREATS and SWATTING ok fine….How about with Scruffy in the SAME CHANNEL ????

If you DIG into the ARCHIVES of this blog you can find many instances where Scruffy has mismanaged her site by out right lying, this trend of hers has gone on for years unchecked and has become PUBLIC knowledge only because she made it that way. Her many LEGAL TREATS over the years are equally hilarious, one can only wonder WHY haven’t the Vaughn s actually followed through with their LEGAL THREATS ?  Is it due to the fact THEY FEAR the repercussions of what may back fire in their faces ???

All credit to our anons and Agent for the screen shots in this post.


All credit to in your face for this video sent to my email this afternoon.

What’s so interesting about this video is that we have Mark Vaughn on one of his recent casts answering questions from viewers. However at that same time his dear ol mother purges the hell out of his chatters. The issue becomes clear as Mark can’t seem to keep up with his mothers PURGES, this leaves him frustrated for he then he’s unable to answer their questions or comments. 

At 1:17 ..Scruffy: “Hardwood is creepy and I’m glad he is gone”

At 2:17…of the video he even tells his mother it’s his channel and he’s trying to cover it.

At 2:54…. Bluefrog202: “Sponheim says this site is going to sink” It’s at this point Scruffy PURGES this comments forcing Mark to ask the question ” Why did you PURGE Bluefrog ?? ”

He then becomes frustrated and at the 4:00 shuts off his cast without any warning….The end.

If you wish to keep the video for your own records CLICK the Download File below.

Between Mark becoming frustrated with his mother and the Hardwood CREEPY comment I’m not sure which of the two was more entertaining.



All credit to several anons in chat for the screen shots used in this post.

It all started with some one paying out for the VIP packages over in VL. ………….And that was their FIRST MISTAKE.

The individual then continues to PAY even though they don’t have an existing account on VL. So each month $14.99 is being drawn out of their account and this individual cannot seem to prevent the payments from going through…..Ouch.

So I decided to post up some of the RULES and POLICIES regarding the VIP package…Enjoy reading them.

For the LINK in it’s entirety click below and go straight to the poop for all of it’s info.

In the past this blog has covered the pitfalls of making ANY VIP purchase on ANY site simply due to the fact site owners would be getting a hold of personal banking information such addresses or names. Why do folks feel the need to spend money on what the rest of us receive for FREE without having a VIP badge ????

Simply sign in an cast away that’s all it takes, for those not wishing to see advertisements. Download Adblock plus, Adguard or Adblocker and that’s it. No more advertisements.

Perhaps it carries with it a FALSE sense of superiority…or belonging ???

Either way by paying out for such nonsense you do run the risk of being caught in a spiral of never ending payments, and the moment you stop you may just find yourself being banned from that very site.

I said before and I’ll say it again…Do not pay out for ANY VIP badges on ANY site. Unless of course you wish to end up like the fella in this post. Good luck.