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Thanks to MadQuaid for bringing this in to our chat, it features Luna tuna leather face already pegged as one of the most strangest women online. From her e begging to her strange street like costumes this walking dumpster always hits a solid low, but this particular video makes absolutely no sense at all.Hillary-Clinton-Donkey--63930kristademo

I cut up the video to the part Luna needs to pee, she walks up to the bathroom door closes it and then leans back only to kick it in. Then as she enters to do her womanly duties she continues to talk to some unseen force about NOTHING. What’s even stranger is the fact she doesn’t flush the toilet or even wash her hands…You watch it and try an make sense of it lol I give up. When it’s all said and done what we have here is another odd ball caster/attention seeker…….GO WASH YOUR HANDSpiss_standing

If you would like to see the 1hour video it’s right here click the LINK…GO to the 32:30 part to see the edited clip.


All credit to MadQuaid for this latest Luna the Tuna video where not only does she explain her day job, but lets us in on her thoughts on her dream machine the MAC bok pro being “Donkey Stupid”

The day job explanation comes at the 19:49 where she states she’s a “New York city, fucking enforcement agent”….  Now how many of us knew that ?..My goodness.monkey109

And someone has donated  a MAC book pro, but according to her it doesn’t work, and she isn’t pleased with it so now she wants a laptop, that can be found at 22:08 of the video.Hillary-Clinton-Donkey--63930

From the beggar that keeps on begging.

Screenshot_3 (4)




Indeed umm… Luna has now umm…given up on umm….the MAC book umm….so ya umm….help her out with her umm…..her newest scheme umm……

Thanks to those who sent in the Youtube video.

HOLD ON NOW…wasn’t there a little issues, something about her GRANDSON with Crohn’s disease ????    Gee is all that now forgotten ??

Does this evil being ever stop ???

If you need some refreshing on the grandson and his illness here’s the LINK

Screenshot_3 (4)


Ok so this Youtube video clip took place on July 23rd 2016, just several days before the previous post I did with her grandson and his illness. Screenshot_1 (5)

Now listen to how disgusted she is no one is donating for her MAC book, and she just doesn’t understand WHY, so imagine what’s goin on in her head her thoughts and feelings if you can. Most likely at some point since no CASH is coming in for her MAC book she starts to ponder as to what other directions she could gain profit  ?   See where I’m goin with this ?

Then just two days later POW her grandson is ill, S.O.S I needs CASH NOW, convenient yes ?  It all fits rather nice an snug all together.


“I gots no idea as to so many views on my Youtube account but no on is opening their goddamn wallets to help me”   I kid you not just listen to her bitch as though she’s entitled to it.

I’d like to thank whoever dropped this lil gem into our chat.


Did I ever mention I can’t make this shit up ???  Well I can’t and here’s why.

I’d like to thank those in our crap chat for dropping Luna’s latest Youtube cast in our chat, in this recent cast she lets it known that her grandson has Crohn’s disease it’s a condition affecting the digestive system and is a very serious condition, but thanks to Luna she’s ok with everyone getting her MAC book later, but for now she needs cash for her grandson.

Now anyone who knows what a horrid woman this Luna is knows fully aware the history of scams and lies in her closet so this comes as no surprise to me her changing gears to get what she needs…CASH CASH CASH for the MAC book, and she doesn’t care however she obtains it.Screenshot_1

The vid is an hour an forty five or so minutes long but I cut it down to just over a minute to give you an idea as to whats going on. To me the best part is near the end when she states

“I’m not going to talk about the MAC book I want that to, but I’m gonna put my grandson before me”

A LINK and some insight to what Crohn’s disease is, not CHROME nor FIREFOX.

The entire video if you would like to see it


Just the other night she claimed numerous times to be a NYPD officer what happen did they fire her ???

I can’t recall the number years I’ve seen Luna continue to whine whine whine all over the internet, I personally have no words for this latest post however I do believe she’s scum using her grandchild this way.Screenshot_3 (4)


And there ya have it as of today the internet beggar known as Luna the tuna is now officially a New York city police officer.ilqXOep2b660da597004b93adf349f8b69344a5a36f20f7cd294af7986653a33db7cb23

So now that’s she’s lying about panhandling as a police officer I’m wondering if charges could be laid ?

I’d like to thank an anon for this screen shot.

Screenshot_1 (5)

She’s become so desperate for the $1,500 laptop of her dreams it seems she’s willing to say anything to get it.


Ya we know you is a donkey

Screenshot_3 (4)

The ebegging leather face known as Luna the tuna was umm……crying her umm……woes recently in a umm…….Youtube vid, but thanks to Heaveymetal  ummm…… he delivered this lil tid bit to us all here and we thank him for it.Ummm………

Screenshot_5 (4)Send me MONEY or FUCK YOU.

In typical Luna fashion she cries and whimpers wa wa waaaaaaaa, you know the usual stuff. Oh ya and her mom has passed away…AGAIN…Something that Luna has managed to drag up for almost 2 years now ??? Oh ya and she wants a Mac book pro…ummmmmm ya.


Mac book pro price range….ummmm….$2000 and up..ummmmmmmm


Yep, she’s at it again. Mizzzz Loooooner, who doesn’t beg, is begging. Anyone remember this? 

That’s all changed.  Ol leather face wants, and wants, and wants. This time it’s a new laptop.

But Miz Looner is an easy going sorta gal. If she can’t have the laptop then the money will do.

As she said. Some mug….whoops, some *cough* “donor” will be stupid enough to get it for her. Well, it’s not like she’s asking for a kidney………..yet.