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The cat or monkey is now out of the bag as someone has leaked our secret desires for Hipperz wife. On a recent Ivlog cast a drunken Amish Christian old fool ranted that a “GUEST” had remarked that THEY wished to have “SEX with Hipperz wife”, and this sparked an anger and outrage that left me laughing with tears in my eyes. In his own stupidity Hipperz names Millertimer, Lardo and myself Monkeysniffer as the 3 of us wishing to have SEX with his elderly wife.

This has always been my secret ORGASMIC LUSTFUL FANTASY, to have SEXUAL relations with someones great grandmother especially with Hipperz juicy wet dripping vagina juice all over my fingers and hands WIFE. But now I do fear this lustful orgy of senior sexual passion will never take place. The images of the 3 of us taking turns mounting her into senior orgasmic screams of anal delight and passionate hot humping ass thumping grinding sex….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Breathes heavily smirks to self, oh did I just make some unwanted sexual comments that some OTHER PERSON has made for years to other women online, and then rants and rages when those same SEXUAL comments are rejected by women ? Gee am I really so bad and heartless am I really the scourge of the internet????

You bet I am lmao <3 ……◉◡◉ ⊂◉‿◉つ 

As the old fool spewed his “WOVE” and his “WANGER” about us here he some how manages to FORGET that it was a “GUEST” that made the comment not any of us, in fact he even goes as far as to contradict himself multiple times during the 1 min video of DEATH THREATS and HATE.I spent at least 5 years trying to educate you Hipperz, trying to empathize and place myself in your shoes. And by blogging about your negative experiences bringing a better understanding to those online who needed to read these stories. People just like you. Both Lardo and I spent hours feeling your pain and LORD WE TRIED to reason with you, but in the end it wasn’t any of us that failed. No it was YOU who failed yourself, and in the process of your failure you failed your wife as well old friend. Your true religions are alcohol drugs and self pity the same ingredients that make up most of the social broadcasters. The need to be this online celebrity attention whore has gained you the notoriety you so desperately desired, now bathe yourself in it’s glory and enjoy.

Huge thanks to the 2 individuals who sent me this video.



We never ever ever thought the possibility could ever exist, but I was wrong on all fronts…MARK VAUGHN HAS SERVED LARDO….It’s final.I do apologize for mocking this situation and sincerely wished I could go back take it all away. My only hope is that this blog is not in peril due to my reckless uncontrolled tranny rants of sexual rage. I do FEAR for this blog now.

However what’s even more surprising is how easily I can manipulate so many of you poor souls into believing anything I say. I could literally SELL most you online repackaged SHIT only after I’ve proclaimed it to be GOLD….It’s something so many of you gentle souls need. Let’s be honest any one foolish enough to believe in a court summons with Lardo facing LEGAL consequences is adrift without a life raft.

In some cases there’s zero hope of redemption only online buffoonery with a laughable comment. Clearly I can’t help you when you can’t help yourself there’s only so much I can do with so little

In the words of a retarded NAZI twat ” Give em hell” ….Or so she thought…The JOKES on you.

The DRAMA that started it all and the LEGAL THREAT that was carried out….Or was it ?


Interesting choice of words coming from the site owner, it’s the kind of words that makes one wonder as to the possible HIDDEN MEANING behind them.

Is it possible that it’s Mark Vaughn himself is behind certain illegal activities, I mean after all he has his PET/friend admitting to SWATTING casters and others like Lardo.

Or placing phone numbers in chat ..


I rest my case….Click the LINKS below




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