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Now before you go on about the whole it’s a TIT post please keep in mind Karen was expressing herself and actually had a point to be made.

Her point is the fact the Vaughns have allowed both Warbuck and Sarah62 back on and that has made some of you upset.

And Karen is correct here because not 24 hours before this Liklik was banned for showing his penis remember ???

I’m sorry Miss Scruffy WHAT WAS THAT about NUDITY and KEEPING YOUR CLOTHES ON. Care to comment ?????????

All thx to my partner in CRIME for this titty fest video of MEGA ( 0 ) ( o )  proportions. Way to go Karen <3 ….and yes Karen was banned

It’s not very often I agree with a caster especially an emotional drunk caster, but in this rare case I find myself agreeing with Karen over 100% .

And to this Fixture an to anyone else confused over in Vaughn…NO I do not wish to DOX or harm Karen, but as things go if it’s placed out there in cyber space it’s FAIR GAME. Karen thank you for your understanding, it’s strange that it takes an intoxicated woman to finally explain to the WORLD how things work. ◉◡◉  ◉◡◉