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This summer has been perhaps the most volatile summer ever from DEATH THREATS to ATTEMPTS at DOXING… PEDOPHILIA..STALKING CHILDREN. You name it happened.

But along with each post came the HUNDREDS of HATEFUL ANGRY COMMENTS directed at not only myself but to the others on this blog. These comments spewed from only several or so morbid and pathetic individuals that felt the need to vent simply because they were being EXPOSED by this blog and those who believe in it. From EX BLOGGERS to PSYCHOTIC STALKERS to even EX FRIENDS …Those with a FEARFUL GRUDGE turned on us in hopes of somehow stopping the inevitable storm that was headed their way.They tried everything and I do mean everything..

…As for myself after years of blogging it became a tired and most often boring scenario of weak troll tunnel syndrome with the same repetitive comments trying to lash out at us from behind a false ip…..Bla bla bla bla.

One thing is for certain and I do know this for a fact is that this was the post that started it all.

Dated on MAY 9 2017 this was the first casting of the stone not only towards Sean Cleary and Brahim Soltani but to those who like them relish in tormenting others onilne in similar fashion…..Until the TROLL TABLES WERE TURNED ON THEM….Oh and btw it’s all in the archives lol

Yes “ATTACKED FOR YEARS” …..Bravo and good job

Really just who did the grave digging fool ?

And of course a mountain of anger on the comments at times up to more than 200 a day.

Yawwwnnnssss …bla bla bla blaaaaaaaaaaa

Well after Steve received several lumps of $$$ CASH $$$$ the UK based group seemed to go absolutely ballistic. It truly was the STATEMENT that needed to be made.

Then recently Sean Cleary in a fit of anger and desperation made not only DEATH THREATS directed towards certain individuals but then actually went as far as to make THREATS of stalking children in primary schools.

And then his mudder and fudder beat him up in bed ..hahahahahahahah…I wonder why ?

Along the way some old fart from Birmingham England with a weak feminine voice decided to try and capture some spotlight by aligning himself with this crew only to then suddenly realize his outdated troll skills were being monitored and all information was being recorded….In other words he was baited for months by yours truly ….BOWS for the crowd. 


Hiding most likely but keeping silent ????

I can tell you this for certain all that HATE and ANGER seemed to just………..disappear…………… As if by magic or perhaps a phone call or a visit from an inspector investigating the whole sordid affair. Hahahahah yeah I know the truth and THAT group now lives in FEAR and PARANOIA from the police but you deserved it and much more.

One last thing Sept 15th will be the next Shitty Chris court date, I do wonder what Babs the teen queen will do now that he’s banned from court ?




Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh

It seems by sheer ingenuity or maybe it was their incredible sense of perception the Chris While PENIS lovers club over at UKMuppets have ousted us by making a post that allegedly REVEALS ALL.

Dated August 7th 2017

I cannot CONFIRM or DENY the identity but a certain individual even placed a link to the POST in Vaughnlive.One could only speculate as to the SHEER MAGNITUDE of such a revelation, the end result could be catastrophic to this blog and to our very LIVES.

Did THEY discover the lost Pharaoh’s tomb ???

Did THEY discover the lost continent of Atlantis ???

Did they discover Chris While PENIS ???

Did THEY discover what it’s actually like to earn a paycheque by actually working for once in their lives instead of sitting online drinking pints of Beer all day ??

Did they FINALLY get my DOX right after 5 years of SWEATING PROFUSELY over it non stop…LULZY LULZY LULZY …btw Daniel says “HI” ???

The answer to all the above is NO…..Well YES on the Chris PENIS thing…..But what they did DISCOVERY was the reason WE here at the blog not only stopped the constant yacking and jibber jabber over the whole silly Pat thing but why I shut the anon chat off……WOW you say YOU didn’t know this was a MYSTERY ??? …

Well neither did I.

In fact Lardo briefly went over it in the week of review.

Dated July 3rd 2017

CLICK the LINK above ….Scroll ahead to the video to 9:46 and there Lardo mentions HOW WE decided to stop the constant Pat chat due to it being boring and our viewers were complaining to me via email and messages. It took the UKpedos over a month to figure this MYSTERY out. Hahahahahahah

So what we have here is LAZY blogging by a drunk blogger who can no longer blog on Chris While’s PENIS nor can they now blog or STALK children or females wishing them DEATH by SUICIDE, since a number of law enforcement agencies from around the world have been monitoring both blogs for MONTHS now. Not to mention if you’ve been up to date with my THEORY of this particular group and their online actions you would know since the HEAT is on THEY are scrambling to DEFLECT in any way they can.

In fact LOOK who’s now BACKPEDALING to get out of the very hot water he placed himself in….TOO LATE lol. WE know it wouldn’t be you Cleary of course not …No no it would be one of your mindless stooges who hide behind a vpn or an anonymous person, perhaps a friend of yours in skype most likely.

To the officers researching this please take the time to check the CATEGORY section, it will PROVE to be most interesting.

And remember check THAT blog over in UKmuppets..the name Karl Davies/Darren Lee Sayward. It will reveal much.







NO WORDS HERE ……….hahahahahahhaahahahah…………..breathes……………hahahahahahahahhaahah………………..breathes……………….hahahahahahahahahahhaha

So I put this little song together for the doomed couple.

This is what happens when one obsesses over another for years the question must be asked…IS IT LOVE ???  



After Steve’s Fridays cast on Ivlog it seemed he ANGERED the weak voiced lil sucker to no end as Babs/ButtramSuck a lil Salami went full crazy. His feminine shrieking voice was probably heard all over Leeds as Babs Sucka lil Salami devoted hours of his time making multiple harassing videos and even went as far as to include several FAKE Gmail accounts named after Steve’s children. Not too bright to direct so much of ones time devoted on HATING another person and his FAMILY when the SPOTLIGHT is shinning on you and your cronies. The TREND is ongoing and as the dots connect sooner or later it’s LEGAL time.

After all the VIGILANTE KILL SQUAD named after a child’s television show has gone full tilt into HATE mode this summer. Is it any wonder why an investigation into their nefarious online dealings is underway ???

The Link to the CLOSED account can be found right here.

So the END RESULT is Babs Softstroking a SALAMI YOUTUBE account being DELETED. All credit goes out to Steve on this one.

ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK ….for the previous link on this EXPOSED trend click below.


I’ve been vague on the recent JStevio posts for reasons I cannot fully explain except to say it’s an on going process that in time will finally be dealt with by the proper authorities.

However I do have this 10min video that was taken on a recent Lardo Sunday afternoon cast. In it JStevio goes into some of the details surrounding his experiences and how he’s managed to claim €750 euros in cash due to online harassment all thanks to several morons who may soon be crying the blues.

Now if you’ve been keeping up on past posts leading up to this one you may recall some the previous information regarding this ongoing investigation. If you don’t’ please feel free to click the below LINKS. The posts are just a sample of what has been going on for the last several months.

I have included the DOX and information on Darren Lee Sayward…Sean Cleary and  Brahim Soltani, 3 members of the UK PEDOmuppets. As I have previously stated the authorities are currently involved and as any new developments arise I shall be posting them. All credit to JStevio for his videos/emails and information.