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Jessica has had enough and will NOW leave Vaughn for good………..again….How the high and mighty have become so boring.

Seems the self righteous one with her glorious BREASTS … ( 0  )  (  o   )…..has decided to call it quits and leave the HOLY CHRISTIAN TEMPLE known as Vaughnlive, but not before she has her final word.

It was on July 9th 2017 that Jess made the decision to leave Vaughn only to have the Arch angel known as Scruffy fly to her emotional rescue in hopes of calming her fungus headed anger.

Why is it the ones who beat their chest with such out spoken morality and godly speeches seem to be the victims of their own hypocrisy and lies. Perhaps you should take a lesson or two from the same pages you claim to hold so dear ??

Look on the bright side for what it’s worth, you have nice tits. Now if you could only STOP talking.

Thanks to those for the screen shots in this post.

Btw cut the crap you come by here every day.




All credit to an anon for sending this most holy relic of videos to us today.

Jessica the high and holy virgin of Vaughn has decided to swing her curvaceous twisted form in a demonic dance of cellulite proportions. Hope you didn’t eat anything before watching this vid ???  Toxic has never been so laughable even with fungus sprouting from her head.

Thanks to Bit an Burps for the amazing rainbow dildo GIF and the other two pics.





Well as I’ve said before …I CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP…. And today was no different, when Scruffy the site manager turns on the most holy of fungus dream girls Jessica. 

Scruffy even states it herself how Jess blamed Vaughn over and over, but that’s the price you pay for not enforcing your rules and allowing private information to be spewed all over your site Scruffy..You allowed this remember ???

But what’s more interesting is how both of them admit to feeling “STABBED IN THE BACK” when Jess came to us only after she was DOXED in VL…FIRST. Bri even goes as far as to say Jess DOXED her in VL, only further proves everything I said in past posts. Vaughn live is a complete mess of retarded staff and rules that are never enforced.

And in other NEWS Shawnio has massive craving for a thick black penis…..I can’t make this shit up.


Odd how THEY keep turning on Jess, but at the same time it was THEY who begged her to be on Vaughn and leave us. REMEMBER ?

That’s right Jess you’re old news and no longer wanted or needed, so THEY shuffle you around in hopes you become lost and forgotten. Unfortunately for them you’ve become an embarrassment and now they resent you Jess. Too bad for you, this is how it goes in Vaughn after THEY’VE used you up and spit you out. Face it you were used and nothing more than a SHEEP led to the slaughter.

But on with some other NEWS as  Jeemy Jizzo the old grizzled fart has swallowed another large salty GULP of JUICE straight out of Scruffie’s PROSTATE GLAND…YUM’

Along CUMS Menellie wotever his face is with what appears to be a BUTT PLUG at the bottom screen ?

Menellie and Pablo PLAYED PORN…but so did Jimmy Jizzzooo many many many times…or did you forget ???

WAIT a second ???? Ryderback danced NAKED but I left him alone, but took his stream key ????

What the hell is goin on in Vaughn live ???

Thanks to everyone who submitted a pic on this post.




Do you remember the last post entitled…… ” Jessica DOXES Patricia Vaughn aka Miss Scruffy and the gift that keeps on giving”

CLICK below for that POST.

Well this just may be the follow up to it, you decide.

During last nights conversation between the site manager and her favorite PEDOPHILE/TEEN STALKER/DRUG DEALER/white knight Shawn W McQuaid/Shawnio…..….. Some DOXXING occurred right under the site managers very nose. What did she do ???    NOTHING.Remember the site owners have the RIGHT TO REMOVE GUEST CHAT  IF THINGS ARE NOT CONTROLLED ?

That LINK to that POST is right below.

Something I did in a previous post not one or two days ago, funny right ?? Couldn’t the site manager have taken control to prevent that DOX from being spammed or MAYBE she allowed it due to Jessica calling her “PATRICIA”  Something that we now know REALLY REALLY PISSES the Christian BITCH OFF….Amen. But then to be honest Jessica is no victim here she allowed DOXING in her channel herself and was aware of it, she even DOXED her friends and they DOXED her in return on Vaughn live before she ever came to the blog. In fact that’s what brought her to us in the first place.

Please take note this is the same caster who in the previous 24hours made this THREAT on VL, and no action has been taken against him for it….. WHY ????

Is making THREATS NOW ALLOWED…IS IT A NEW RULE OF SCRUFFY’S ??????  Maybe I should try and make a THREAT directed towards Shawnio and see what happens ???

As you can clearly see with your own eyes the site manager partakes in the THREAT herself..mocking the situation but doing nothing about it…Only MORE PROOF.

This sort of thing has been going on for years, I mean ask yourself this WHY DO YOU THINK WE DO THIS AFTER ALL ?????

Don’t be stupid and fool yourself in to thinking you are protected because you’re not, the owners don’t care about you they never did….Deal with it.

However we now have another individual seeing things take place and has made an official complaint.

Let’s sum this up shall we ??? We have a site manager who allows DOXING right under her very nose…We have a site manger who allows DEATH THREATS on her site. We have the same site manager who seems pretty chummy with an individual like Shawnio who has one of the most FILTHIEST reputations online EVER., including a history of RAPE..DRUG DEALING …. MULTIPLE ARRESTS…SOME ARRESTS WERE MADE ONLINE …OPEN DRUG USE…SWATTING…PRANK PHONE CALLS…SEXUAL PEDOPHILE COMMENTS  INVOLVING 10 YEAR CHILDREN….STALKING…CYBER BULLYING…BOMB THREATS ….just to name a few.  And remember the site manager is a Christian who you think by now would get off her worthless damn fat dumb ASS and do something about this ????   Well I guess not.Scuttles and I have been blogging about this for years and years and years…When will YOU finally see ????