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All credit to our friends in chat for this lovely lil tid bit of news.

On a morning Twitch cast we have Jack not realizing he’s on a live cast, without his wig or make up he doesn’t realize that the camera is still running. Oh dear you can see him on the bottom left of the pic with his laptop. 

My dreams are shattered of my beautiful tranny love the Jack Lee man has been ousted, and my internet life has changed for ever and ever. Dear Jack Lee my love you always complained that I never did a post on you, well that has all now changed. Keep me in your heart sweets and remember ..If you haven’t anything nice to say …say it often <3.

So over to Twitch I go to see the video,but Jack was a step or two ahead of me as the video with the damaging proof was REMOVED. However I did manage to get this screen shot of the Archives and it clearly shows it was there, but no video when I click it. Goes to show you Jack made a boo boo and doesn’t want this to get out.

However TOO LATE I have the DELETED video, all credit to anons in our chat….CLICK below for the video LINK.

The more finner things in life <3

WHY Jack oh WHY ?????? Ops sorry wrong Jack Lee.


Did I ever tell you that I can’t make this SHIT UP ???

Well I don’t have to when STUPID site owners personally help me out with my posts.Screenshot_1erererScreenshot_3

That’s right the site manager who happens to be the site owners mommy tit feeder needs protection from MichelleStacey and needs Jack Lee the horse she-man to to do it.

Told you I can’t make his shit up.

Thanks again for the screen shots….I need more coffee, so piss off.Screenshot_5 (3)


And it simply  took 1 caster leaving a site and joining us to stir this up you ask ?

Yes it did but it’s not been the first time nor will it be the last. As you may now know Jessica has decided to join us here at the blog, but it was only a matter of time before the ugly face of Lynne Vaughn aka Scruffy the site manager would show her true colors, and hold contempt against Jessica for making her own decision to be here.

So as of this morning an image was placed up on Shawna’s channel to upset and anger Jessica.Screenshot_5

Jessica decide to play the same game, and trust me I provided her with much ammunition on Shawn W McQuade/Shawna.5233cac9a68f45edafa49479f6fae992Screenshot_1 (3)

But the attention quickly shifted over to Jack Lee’s channel…..Where a heated discussion took place concerning certain key casters being featured and Jack being ignored. Then this happened.


MissScruffy: “You know damn well we don’t feature anyone”  ……  right, but in the past you did ???Screenshot_2MissScuffy: “We haven’t picked feature in years” …. BUSTED.Screenshot_5 (3)

One would think the idiocy with Scruffy would end there ?? ….But it continues. She decides to rant about us here at the blog.Screenshot_4

The focus is now on both Jessica and MichelleStacey ..both GUILTY  by ASSOCIATION with this blog in Scruffy’s eyes….Not to mention WE have Jessica in our GRIP. This is news to me, I can vouch for all the other bloggers here, WE never asked, forced or in any way begged or persuaded Jessica or anyone else to be here.

In a fury of anger directed towards Michelle, Scruffy BANS her. Take note Michelle wasn’t even in Vaughn live to begin with, so WHY BAN HER. What TOS was broken ????Screenshot_2ttytScreenshot_6 (6)

It’s funny how so may of these social media site owners end up disliking the very thing they can’t control…..YOUR FREEDOM. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have  a voice. Don’t be fooled into thinking they care with what you think. The moment you speak up or disagree with the hierarchy of BULL SHITTERY and HYPOCRISY you find yourself alone without a voice, BANNED from their site. Well at lest here you have a voice and see for yourself who we are and who they are.


This was just handed to me only minutes after the Michelle Stacey ban, two more friends of this blog have been banned from Vaughnlive for no reason, Ladyk and Astrosweat her husband.

Thank you to those for the provided screen shots on this post.



Not sure who sent this really annoying vid in to our chat, but what makes it such a pain in the ass is the retarded gypsy Zelda. All she seems to say is “JACKLEE” and from time to time “OOKAAAAYY”

This anger all stems from an altercation Liklik had with the police a few days back when it was reported he attacked his family members went on a rampage then held up a knife as the police where about to come in and arrest him.screenshot_1

Thank you for the vid I was only teasing.Screenshot_3 (4)