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All credit to Inyourface and Topcat for the 2 posts

“Jessica back with the pedo”

A quote …”Jessica the greatest flip flopper of all time spending some time on Skype with Adam pedo “I assume this was recent so all credit to Inyourface for this update, my only comment is it’s these moments that stay in peoples minds forever. Some folks may forgive but not many will forget, so what is carved in stone remains in stone.

All credit to Topcat for this image and the recent NEWS that allegedly Liklike spent the night over at JackLee’s home, now I can’t confirm or deny it, you can decide for yourself. I’ll say no more on it.





Today I was surprised to see the vivacious JackLee casting on the $2 site Ivlog, but I do suppose when the NAZI Patricia Lynn Vaughn SPANKS you even something as cheap as Ivlog has some glitter to the eye. So now JackLee has made this move Vaughn’s top casters are both Abumb Browne and Jessica Baldick…sheeeeesh.

Ohh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

With a whopping 41 viewers swarming the popular top caster BEAUTY QUEEN of Ivlog one has to wonder how long is it going to last before she jumps back to Vaughn for some real numbers ?

Look on the bright side the dead site has an angry old gnome who repeats himself every 10min with…“I DON”T PLAY RAP OR HEAVY METAL” … is an already existing indication of just how dead Ivlog has become. So lets face facts JackLee is the best damn thing to ever happen to that crapper of a dead site, or you could always enjoy watching CUMbox Mike eat his own sperm.





So there I was watching the fine chat here at Scuttlebutt’s Corner, and I see that good old Jack EEE Lee is whining about Pat Patten being talked about too much.  That there are “other casters out there”…. Now Jack EEE Lee, we’ve given you attention before,  as you see most recently by our fine Monkeysniffer’s post – Link Below:                 

Since you took a moment to give us and our chat a mention, here you go……

But why not talk about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???????

Sound Clip included below…… (The authenticity of the sound clip I can not attest to…)

There you go, Jack EEE Lee the sad clown! Turn that frown upside down, you’ve been talked about…..

Now, back to Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat, SarahDrunkOne, Pat, Pat, Pat, Potato Head, Pat, Pat………..