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So there I was watching the fine chat here at Scuttlebutt’s Corner, and I see that good old Jack EEE Lee is whining about Pat Patten being talked about too much.  That there are “other casters out there”…. Now Jack EEE Lee, we’ve given you attention before,  as you see most recently by our fine Monkeysniffer’s post – Link Below:                 

Since you took a moment to give us and our chat a mention, here you go……

But why not talk about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???????

Sound Clip included below…… (The authenticity of the sound clip I can not attest to…)

There you go, Jack EEE Lee the sad clown! Turn that frown upside down, you’ve been talked about…..

Now, back to Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat, SarahDrunkOne, Pat, Pat, Pat, Potato Head, Pat, Pat………..

Jack Lee has made a recent claim that the individual that was seen on his Twitch cast was not him, but actually his brother. Get your Sassy Jackie doll complete with camouflage gear, weapons and accessories. All for just 88 cents.

The above statement reads kinda wishy washy to me…Does he have 2 brothers or is he referring to one ??? I’m confused by his words. So he’s away with his brother, but his brother is at his home fixing his pc while he’s away  ????  You know what I don’t care lol

Anywho here’s the LINK to the previous post where Jack Lee was exposed on Twitch without his damn wig an woman armor, you be the judge is it him or her or his twin brother or Patricia Lynn Scruffy as a man..Who cares their all silly tits. Thanks to all for the screen shots. it has come to my attention that Jack Lee is now posing as Filly to gain tokens on CAM4. Unless it really is Filly then I’ve done this for nothing and would look  silly right about now.

All credit to our friends in chat for this lovely lil tid bit of news.

On a morning Twitch cast we have Jack not realizing he’s on a live cast, without his wig or make up he doesn’t realize that the camera is still running. Oh dear you can see him on the bottom left of the pic with his laptop. 

My dreams are shattered of my beautiful tranny love the Jack Lee man has been ousted, and my internet life has changed for ever and ever. Dear Jack Lee my love you always complained that I never did a post on you, well that has all now changed. Keep me in your heart sweets and remember ..If you haven’t anything nice to say …say it often <3.

So over to Twitch I go to see the video,but Jack was a step or two ahead of me as the video with the damaging proof was REMOVED. However I did manage to get this screen shot of the Archives and it clearly shows it was there, but no video when I click it. Goes to show you Jack made a boo boo and doesn’t want this to get out.

However TOO LATE I have the DELETED video, all credit to anons in our chat….CLICK below for the video LINK.

The more finner things in life <3

WHY Jack oh WHY ?????? Ops sorry wrong Jack Lee.