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When to show TITS and when not to show TITS…..( 0 ) ( o )….does anyone care anymore ????

As I was in chat an anon placed this video of Paradice showing off her tits.

What I then noticed was that it’s from Ivlog and dated Dec 11…. So my question is shouldn’t she be banned from Ivlog ????

In the past she was removed from Vaughn live and for good reason, when back then she showed her tits a number of times.

Again it proves my point countless times over, that these web sites need the drama …They need this kinda thing to prosper and grow, when a site owner allows this type of person on their site what does it tell you about the site or better yet the owner ???

So I guess when it comes down to it no one cares about those lil things.

Jerry Springer himself couldn’t have done it any better, this vid has Titty sucking…Dick Sucking …Kissing…Arguing…Swearing…and a whole lot more. All compliments to Ivlog for a dandy show. I know the video is sideways, but listen to it and have a laugh.

I love this video it’s PURE SOCIAL BROADCASTING SHIT. (✌゚∀゚)☞

The LINK right here >>>>>

All credit to an anon in chat..thank you



Have I ever told you I can’t make this shit up  ???…I simply can’t even if I tried.

This new Ivlog caster has decided to seek attention by defecating LIVE during an Oma cast.

So along with this SHITTER  we have the CUM eater Coinbox Mike and the list continues to grow. So it seems Ivlog has come along way raising the bar with it’s quality casters and provided entertainment.

Wish I had video to go along with this post, but all I have is this screen shot sent to me, so thank you for this.




Ivlog goes haywire and UNBANS everyone then RE BANS everyone …ok ?

Some strange voodoo crawled in the circuit boards and into CUM…I mean Cr3am’s anus on Saturday night as most of the banned IP’s all of a sudden were no longer banned. This lasted about an hour or so.Screenshot_5

Then POOF all were BANNED again. Some accounts like this one were banned for no reason….and then unbanned.Screenshot_1

CUM….I mean Cr3am decided to go as far as ban all of Puffin Browser, either from FEAR or PARANOIA. Personally I think it’s funny that the site owner hides on his very own site, scared shit less from this blog.4a491b75f0e6469e9d5819f7879b2a8af1c6c7a0fdd042b6ba893542397a683a

That might be due to the fact a number of you are ripping a new hole into the site owner’s ASS with ease exposing him on many fronts. Or maybe he’s tired of trying to hook up with certain women on a site his girlfriend funded for him.Screenshot_4rob-schneider-poster-deuce-bigalow-male-gigolo-1999-bpgpan

As usual I await the swollen hurt vagina’s on Ivlog to let their presence be known with angry comments directed towards myself.

I’d like to thank everyone for any pic submitted on this post.Screenshot_3 (4)


                                                         THE SHIT KING IS HOME
Screenshot_1And now Ivlog can rejoice as the pedo shit master can hopefully bring in some new views to this dead site of 3o viewers. Now lets briefly look at just some of his colorful past antics.Screenshot_3 (3)

Yes he actually did tell his mother on a live cast that he was searching for child porn…Can’t make this shit up.Flower-toilet-seat-e1288721064293-225x300400899_474146402605742_1686140208_n

That’s right CUM needs those viewsScreenshot_12

Who could forget the unsightly SHIT STAIN riding up his ass as he continued to do housework….(。◕‿◕。)yPFVq2T

Or the time he SHIT himself LIVE on cam.

UkPEDOmuppets have a massive archive on Chris exposing his cock and balls, in fact it’s what their entire blog is about. They live for it…(✌゚∀゚)☞

Let’s not forget his chaterbate career as he would masturbate for his viewers….LIVE on cam….Another ukPEDOmuppets exclusive.


But it wasn’t the first time Chris had made his triumphant return back in July 7 2015 was a joyous occasion the SHITTY one arrived.Screenshot_4

The beauty about such a post is when you click on the video you find yourself looking at this below.Screenshot_2

Video was removed by owner…. hahahahahah……..OH WELL……凸(¬◡¬)凸…I so wanted to hear what that video was about, didn’t you ????

A TOP quality caster deserves a TOP quality site and Ivlog is just PERFECT for him. Please take note of the Ivlog LOGO top right, says it all.

Hey let’s look on the bright side at least he didn’t eat his own CUM right ???


Well he didn’t last long, a moderator came in and locked his channel…That is not a BAN folks, so yes Chris can still come back sometime in the near future.0a767502cd9b4719a5df355011baf855dd0341c88fd54f2b82eb4a35ea581e54