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Now before I begin I cannot confirm or deny any of the info on this post but ALL I CAN SAY IS HOLY COW HE LOOKS LIKE HIM.

What was dropped into our chat was this LINK.



On that LINK you will find this story and from what I have been told supposedly it’s one of Ivlog’s very own Charlo a caster on the dead site belonging  to Cr3am.

“A man has been convicted of murdering four young men whom he poisoned so that he could have sex with them while they were unconscious.

Stephen Port, a chef, was found guilty at the Old Bailey of killing Anthony Walgate, 23, Jack Taylor, 25, Daniel Whitworth, 21, and Gabriel Kovari, 22.

The serial killer sought his victims on dating websites including Grindr and dumped their bodies within 500m of his flat in Barking, east London.

The jury was told he used GHB, a sedative known as a date rape drug, spiking their drinks or injecting it into his victims before they realised what he was doing. They died of a fatal overdose. Eight others survived”

………………BUT IS IT HIM ??……………………

My question is this…… could this murderer be the same caster named Charlo ??? Cuz damn they look similar. If not…..enjoy the NEWS….and have a milkshake.


Worse CUMS to worse these two could always meet up for a MILKSHAKE …hahahahahaah


OHHHH thtop it thsweety <3….wink wink SUNSHINE xoxoxoxo

But seriously if anyone has an UPDATE on this PLEASE LET ME KNOW. And a special thank you for all and any info on this post


I have been informed that as I placed this post up, Charlo was casting on Ivlog at the EXACT same time…sorry Charlo wrong guy…but is he your brother ???



How many times have I mentioned I CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP ?? But you keep insisting I do, well again from the mouth of a site owner I present some screen shots handed to me last night from Ivlog. So thank you to our friend for the shots used in this post.




So I present his sausage it was hanging out in the frozen section with the other sausages. Now as far as the “GIGGALO”goes this may be a another sexual suggestive type drink or perhaps a scrotum tickler, maybe he meant ” GIGOLO” ?????


For a site owner who enjoys sexual innuendos here ya go Creamy Steve, enjoy being a GIGOLO.


To help you along with your new endeavors I have added a link to a book you may wish to purchase…unless of course you need DONATIONS to help you with you CASH$$$ flow ???


Possibly the newest member of the Cr3am team.


I’d like to thank our friends here at the blog for this wonderful bit of information to start off the weekend.


Ohhh man lol let the PANIC attacks begin…kniw kniw, but it’s actually the bottom screen shot that has me curious the most. (=^_^=)


Direct from one of the owners herself Lulu comes a rather interesting comment… ” For those scared about us getting a  CEASE and DESIST …I hope this helps you ease that feeling “

Interesting so what we have is a statement with a document and then a lil smack in the mouth just for good measures LMAO. To be honest I do have a THEORY…Well think about it, a certain SOMEONE does not wish for this BLOGTV MACHINE to move further ahead…dare we ask whom ???  Let me just say, in my own personal  experience in the last 3 weeks one thing is for certain you can lie, cheat, steal, cover, deflect and further your own agenda as far as you can try. But the TRUTH always surfaces to the top kinda like the Cr3am ….excuse the pun.  ⊂◉‿◉つ


I was sifting along the internet when I came across Steve Jone’s aka Cream’s outdated FaceBook account and I noticed a few things that sprung to mind. That LINK can be found here.

The first piece that caught my interest was this, it’s what I believe to be Cr3am’s DREAM imaginary site, that btw never delivered which may explain his FEAR an PARANOIA of the NEW BLOG TV’s recent announcements. 400899_474146402605742_1686140208_nscreenshot_1

Cr3am makes a number of direct negative comments about Blog TV and how it FAILED their viewers due to IGNORING the users requests.

Also take note of how many times he uses the name “Blog TV” in his Facebook post. His desire to really home in on the site is more than obvious.screenshot_2

But with all the negativity spewing from Cr3am never does it prevent him from utilizing Blog TV Toolbar with a install TUTORIAL. Gosh he’s so thoughtful don’t you think ?screenshot_5

Or factor in he then goes so far as to take another one of BlogTV’s idea the “TROLL REHAB” and incorporate it into his own site. Makes you wonder if Steve Jones has an original idea to spare.screenshot_12

He has multiple Q&A on both as well as Uvlog…. I was even told of other sites he went panhandling on…all in hopes of collecting as much CASH as his hands could carry.

His SPECIAL NEED REQUESTS for $$$$ donations $$$$ ..gathering an estimated $14.000 from public handouts and an additional $13.000 from a private investor. Kinda makes you wonder JUST HOW MUCH DOES the new BLOGtv cost….and let’s ask about their funding shall we ??????   Is the NEW BLOG tv more or less expensive then Ivlog ????

I hope one of the first questions that is asked is HOW MUCH does the NEW BLOGtv cost ?? lets also find out about it’s funding and compare both BLOG tv and IVLOG I mean what harm can there be when Steve Jones the site owner himself does such a good job of it.470899_508989075816500_14469356565656561111_o



Well well well whoda thunk it …not even 24 hours after the recent post …miraculously Lulu one of the owners of BLOGtv is unbanned …IT’s A MIRACLE I SAY.

Something tells me more of this topic will eventually come out, truth is a very difficult thing to bury, and so far I’ve been on point with Cr3am on every post. I’m sure he wont let me down.

I would indeed question both his honesty and integrity from the last several months…bottom line I smell a RAT or at least a site owner with rat eyes.


The actual channel belonging to Lulu, check the below LINK.

And finally the 2 posts explaining the lead up to this post on Lulu’s Ivlog ban.

Cr3am/ Steve Jones struggles with damage control

All thanks to my friend here at the blog.



As of today I was handed this tid bit of information concerning a recent BAN of one of BLOGtv’s owners from Ivlog a childish move by Cr3am, but he has his own thoughts on the matter.


Steve Jones aka Cr3am claims NO SUCH BAN ever took place and it’s FALSE and even uses the words “HORRENDOUSLY LIABLE”, now isn’t this odd  ????  He CLAIMS TOS would only be put into effect if someone breaks TOS, then an investigation would need to take place.Then please explain to me WHY I was banned from Ivlog ??? What were the TOS concerning my fate ???

Now unless Cr3am is totally innocent or he has a  ROGUE ADMIN on his hands only time will tell…..My ROGUE ADMIN theory does bring up another matter and for now I’ll say no more. On the other hand Cr3am may be lying through his ASS trying to save both his semi dead site and his skin. The more I hear about Cream the more I’m convinced he’s a joke who can’t be taken seriously, only the weak minded would listen to his bullshit, unless of course you’re part of the Cream team.

For anyone wishing to be brought up to speed on this matter click the LINK below.

Cr3am BANS one of the owners of

Thanks to our friend for the screen shot used in this post.




I’d like to thank a certain individual for this sweet tid bit, it’s of a single screen shot detailing  a conversation between Lulu one of the site owners of and another individual who shall remain nameless. In the shot Lulu explains what she believes are the reasons for the ban.rtrtrtttrtr

Could it be possible that Steve Jones aka Cr3am could be feeling the pressure of the new site and is trembling at night curled up in the fetal position crying ??? My sources say YES, not only does he want everyone to stop talking about it, but he’s prepared to BAN folks in hopes of shutting them up…..Just like he did to ME.313024_277899195556829_4521605_n




I have been handed about 9 emails in the last week disclosing certain private discussions between both Steve Jones/Cream, EX administrators from his site as well as disgruntled casters unhappy with the managing of the site. This particular email was handed to me from an individual who has been TOLD by Steve Jones/ Cr3am to stop complaining about so called alleged comments being made against them by other casters in Ivlog, so this caster then made a public rant in hopes of clarifying the situation. What it did manage to do was incite the anger of the site owner Steve Jones/Cream who not only told the caster NOT to make PUBLIC comments, but then stated if they did not stop there would be consequences such as a site ban.

QUESTION: But don’t people have a right to complain about a business etc like consumer reports and put criticisms out there for people to see before they invest thats what the suggestions are for.

Cr3am: If there is a complaint then they can email us Instead of putting out there in public. Public slander is against our TOS so you probably wont have an account.

Now I have to admit this was taken directly from THAT email sent to me.

I was given the LINK for the TOS RULES, personally I couldn’t find the part where such a statement was made concerning not being able to speak out or have an opinion. So is this a NEW RULE ?

Or simply put… shut your mouth or else ?

However last week this was handed to me in our chat, where the site owner himself BASHES one of his own casters ….PUBLICLY….. Following so far…interesting right ???  Now I don’t have any hate nor do I have any love for Glen but RIDICULING another caster on your own site is pretty damn unprofessional…wouldn’t you agree ???????11111111111111111112222222222222222222222

Even Ryan hifi and Caroline at one point had enough and decided they would leave due to the “HATE CASTS and nothing being done about it”

And of course we have his sexual comments and innuendos directed towards certain females, which I have recorded myself.

Many of you as well as myself see a TREND developing here reminiscent of the Vaughn’s and how that group of egomaniac Nazis dealt with individuals on their site. Sooner or later dear ol Steve is gonna slip up and we will be here to catch him, you see Steve you can SITE BAN me all you want, but you will never be SAFE on your own site. Think on that..WE WILL ALWAYS BE WATCHING.jyjyjjyjjjScreenshot_33







I can’t begin to say enough times I TOLD YOU SO.. but YES I DID….I TOLD YOU SO. When someone pokes and asks questions ANGER erupts with retaliation, PROOF something is defiantly up with Steve Jones/Cream…


As I sat quietly in Billy’s cast as a quest not saying a word….I shut off my browser ..for couple of  hours came back clicked on Ivlog only to discover my SITE BAN…This means Steve Jones/Cream was ghosting the entire time waiting for me to type in chat waiting for me to expose my IP address he sat planning to LAY a SITE BAN to have me removed from Ivlog…PROOF  my recent post has touched a delicate nerve so much he felt threatened by me, I knew it. THANK YOU CREAM FOR LETTING THIS BE……… YOU HAVE NOW BEEN EXPOSED AS A THIEF, A CREEP, A SCAM ARTIST AND A LIAR.. Thank you sir, thank you so very much…I WINscreenshot_2

The reason was due to this POST

Perhaps a lil exploring info into just who is Esteban Cr3am the owner of IVLOGTV