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All credit to those who sent in the screen shots and the video …Thank you.

At some point in the last 48hours Jessica has publicly decided to blame Chicago knight for DOXING her and even possibly calling her home. She claims he even admitted to doing it.

Funny how some idiot Guest_256799153 all of a sudden makes the statement that those of us here at the “BLOG” are responsible..My reply……PROVE IT MORON.

In fact notice how the dim witted guest seems surprised after Jessica reveals that CK may have admitted it himself…..Does this PROVE Chicagoknight did ??

Of course not as you can clearly see ANYONE can make ANY FALSE claim on just about ANYTHING, never means it’s true….So PROVE it….However I do feel Adumblow is responsible for COACHING Jess on this and with out any PROOF it’s just more of Adumb’s verbal diarrhea spewing from the mouth. And apparently this person called her home and spoke to her parents about her exposing her tits online…Ouchy  ( 0   ) ( O  ) 

So sometime from between Thursday and Friday Jessica jumps SHIT and decides to try CUM’s Ivlog site.

From what I was told she pays out the Ivlog vip thingy just so she may feel she belongs somewhere online. Good luck Jess hope your Ivlog Disneyland experience is all you’d hoped it would be and not just another already existing CUM stain on the internet.

Let me introduce you to the site owner Cr3am, Jess you have a lot of reading to do hahahahahahaahahahah

We do now you fuckin dweeb hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahah….I can’t make this shit up ?

You know what Jess by leaving Vaughn you just pissed off the NAZI bitch…BIG TIME….Oh you’re gonna find out soon enough trust me lmao.



Now may WE please have more DONATIONS $$$$ because 14k didn’t do anything the first time around.

Beware the guy screwing the goat he may be a clone or he may screw you ??

P.T. Barnum: “there is a sucker born every minute.”

Right so with that out the way and the 20+ hours of EXCUSES we still have a SECURITY issue that has never been resolved….For the last several years I’ve been told.

Tips on checking for a SECURE site.

Security Tip (ST05-010)

Understanding Web Site Certificates….If an organization wants to have a secure web site that uses encryption, it needs to obtain a site, or host, certificate. There are two elements that indicate that a site uses encryption (see Protecting Your Privacy for more information):

  • a closed padlock, which, depending on your browser, may be located in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window or at the top of the browser window between the address and search fields
  • a URL that begins with “https:” rather than “http:”
  • By making sure a web site encrypts your information and has a valid certificate, you can help protect yourself against attackers who create malicious sites to gather your information. You want to make sure you know where your information is going before you submit anything (see Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks for more information).If a web site has a valid certificate, it means that a certificate authority has taken steps to verify that the web address actually belongs to that organization. When you type a URL or follow a link to a secure web site, your browser will check the certificate for the following characteristics:
    1. the web site address matches the address on the certificate
    2. the certificate is signed by a certificate authority that the browser recognizes as a “trusted” authority

    If the browser senses a problem, it may present you with a dialog box that claims that there is an error with the site certificate. This may happen if the name the certificate is registered to does not match the site name, if you have chosen not to trust the company who issued the certificate, or if the certificate has expired. You will usually be presented with the option to examine the certificate, after which you can accept the certificate forever, accept it only for that particular visit, or choose not to accept it. The confusion is sometimes easy to resolve (perhaps the certificate was issued to a particular department within the organization rather than the name on file). If you are unsure whether the certificate is valid or question the security of the site, do not submit personal information. Even if the information is encrypted, make sure to read the organization’s privacy policy first so that you know what is being done with that information (see Protecting Your Privacy for more… information)…….If you need the LINK explaining the rest CLICK below.

In other words Cream(CUM) Jones the owner (who is not the owner) has not PURCHASED the necessary LICENSE that would insure the proper security on his site….Btw Ivlog isn’t his site lol…But that’s for another post….So personal info MAY LEAK out….Now I do stress MAY, but if you feel it’s worth it to become members of a social site then by all means take the chance.

Hell Vaughn is secure, imagine that lolThe site uncle Lardo casts in is secure.

CAM4 is more SECURE than Ivlog….hahahahaah.

Bottom line NEVER PAY OUT any CASH to ANY site…..By using PAYPAL or Credit cards, it may reveal your personal information and you have no right or LEGAL PROTECTION to back you up…Special thanks to those for any images and info used on this post….naughty lol





Ivlog’s been in the SHITS all day with it’s EXTENDED VIDEO OUTAGE which took place for hours I was told.

Steve (Cr3am CUM) Jones was quick to send out this damage control message, but too little too late.

This left the already weakened DEAD site in cardiac arrest and crying out for a PRIEST to perform last rites. With as little as 15 viewers as guests just sitting there saying absolutely NOTHING.CUMvlog’s technical demise has been on the growing fritz for weeks now as site maintenance issues seem to be an ongoing problem.

As I passed from DEAD channel to DEAD channel only one thing could be viewed and that was the dead blank logo of

Until finally I received this message………..

Perhaps CUM Jones hasn’t been able to AFFORD his site maintenance properly due to lack of DONATIONS $$$ or due to it’s shrinking views and the refusal of folks with common sense to STOP paying out for a site that is no longer worth it ??

What you may also wish to ask yourself is WHY is his site NOT SECURE ??…………. I bet you never knew this bit of sweet info ?

I’ll leave that for the 2nd part of this post, and Ivlog’s slow yet inevitable demise.








All credit goes to our friend of the blog for this chocolate nipple catch. Besides Oma we both know this is what you’ve been daring me with for months now.

Oma you seem like a nice woman, but when you pop your tits out in PUBLIC …well you get what you earned….( O ) ( 0  ).

In the future I suggest you cover up your lil chocolate Hershey kisses baby before someone takes a bite out of them.


All thanks to Oma for coming over to the blog and explaining it all to me, she claims she had a PURPLE CARROT over her nipple. Personally I don’t see this unless she was being NAUGHTY with me ??

Hmmmmm…You know I get all shy and blushy mushy when sexy talk happens in chat.



All credit to topcat for this strange video.


Liklik may have lost his marbles and for some reason decides to expose himself on Ivlog and at some point on Vaughn.However during all this he tells the site manager Miss Scruffy to go and FCK herself. Darren Lee Sayward aka Karl Davies became sexual frustrated and wasn’t impressed only because his main penis toy wasn’t on. And WE all know that’s the cock he enjoys most of all.Not sure as to the details, but eh it’s Friday. I’m sure more is to come.

Don’t CLICK the above LINK if you DON’T wish to see a white ASS an DICK. What a way to start the weekend.