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And so feeling all broken hearted and sorry for himself he decides to drink himself away.

NO POST was ever made on this BLOG about any such subject matter..PROOF Sean Cleary is a born pathetic LIAR.

Pizzas are arriving, chinese food and other deliveries. He goes as far as admitting to DOXING Serious Sam, going to his home and physically attacking this person.

Ya PURE GOLD lol…you said it you old drunk junkie

More to come


I  know we’ve had an influx of Sean Cleary/Irelandspatriot videos, gifs and what not, so this is just one more post to the pile.

I’d like to thank all of our friends who have submitted any of the above material, but the BEST is yet to come. Both of the videos used on this post were sent to me today by friends of this blog.

The FIRST video touches on a few key points that the editor wished to convey to Sean Cleary, it briefly involves certain facts and information they felt was of importance. If YOU are paying close attention a certain geological location would be revealed towards the end. However as the end of the video draws near I edited the ending for my own personal satisfaction and reasons. In time I shall replay this video in it’s entirety on a future post.



Latitude: 52° 50′ 56.88″ N….. Longitude:-6° 55′ 33.96″ W … These coordinates may roughly take you to a place far far away…..

And at that place you may find a PRINT SHOP.  I’d like to please order 10,000 business cards…I change my mind make it 20,000 and for Friday please, I’m in a rush.

You may find a HOME, and a  doggy. Perhaps many other things you may find there.