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I was emailed this LINK yesterday, so thank you to the individual who sent it to me.

It’s a NEWS article that details a number of CAT KILLINGS that took place in 2013, what’s interesting is the location of the CRIMES. Now I cannot say if this PROVES anything but it MAY tie into the previous post I did several days ago….

Reply from a viewer……

Could you give us a little hint concerning which one of these sick individuals abused an animal ?….As most probably know, animal abuse often proceeds the crimes of Psychopaths in their youth, that all of the above have “MENTAL ISSUES”  is a given, but is the animal abuser also the same individual who sent your child dick pics ?  As that in itself is a criminal offence, and will certainly ensure the sender justly will be placed on the sex offenders registry and known as a child predator.

For the complete article click the LINK below.

Now just to be clear I am not saying this is anyone in particular online that we may know of…However given CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS mental capacity and viciousness is does bring up numerous questions and thoughts about a certain persons FRAME of MIND.

Ahhhh bless his lil kitten whiskers….(=^ェ^=)…….Need I say more ???

You judge for yourself

I cannot confirm or deny the statements in this post, however these are comments sent to me on previous posts in the last week or so.

A quote from a viewer…..

Last month i went into the cop shop to report some of the doxing and slandering on here. The woman I spoke to introduced herself as the acting inspector in charge of cyber crimes.
I didn’t know what doxing was, after filling out four a3 sized sheet of paper and initialing my alterations and giving her a cd of screen saves and video clips she gave me a case number thanked me then just about pushed me out the door. on Thursday the twentieth of last month I got a phone call asking me to go back in and clear up a point or two. I went in the next day which was a Friday. this time I got three coppers who asked questions about menelli babs and irelandpatriot and another name I didn’t recognize. I gave them over thirty a3 printouts of perverted conversations I’ve had in private and have saved.
More than enough to get two of them locked up. The coppers only ask questions they don’t answer any but when I asked if the four named people were known to them they told me that one of them had been reported as a juvenile for torturing and inflicting severe pain and suffering on a cat.
the reason I’m writing this is because we need more people to come forward and report the bad shit houses that cause physical and mental suffering on here. Go in prepared with print out and videos. It may be a few hours but its worth it trust me.

Reply from a another viewer……

Could you give us a little hint concerning which one of these sick individuals abused an animal ?….As most probably know, animal abuse often proceeds the crimes of Psychopaths in their youth, that all of the above have “MENTAL ISSUES”  is a given, but is the animal abuser also the same individual who sent your child dick pics ?  As that in itself is a criminal offence, and will certainly ensure the sender justly will be placed on the sex offenders registry and known as a child predator.

Maybe things are cooking huh ?


Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh

It seems by sheer ingenuity or maybe it was their incredible sense of perception the Chris While PENIS lovers club over at UKMuppets have ousted us by making a post that allegedly REVEALS ALL.

Dated August 7th 2017

I cannot CONFIRM or DENY the identity but a certain individual even placed a link to the POST in Vaughnlive.One could only speculate as to the SHEER MAGNITUDE of such a revelation, the end result could be catastrophic to this blog and to our very LIVES.

Did THEY discover the lost Pharaoh’s tomb ???

Did THEY discover the lost continent of Atlantis ???

Did they discover Chris While PENIS ???

Did THEY discover what it’s actually like to earn a paycheque by actually working for once in their lives instead of sitting online drinking pints of Beer all day ??

Did they FINALLY get my DOX right after 5 years of SWEATING PROFUSELY over it non stop…LULZY LULZY LULZY …btw Daniel says “HI” ???

The answer to all the above is NO…..Well YES on the Chris PENIS thing…..But what they did DISCOVERY was the reason WE here at the blog not only stopped the constant yacking and jibber jabber over the whole silly Pat thing but why I shut the anon chat off……WOW you say YOU didn’t know this was a MYSTERY ??? …

Well neither did I.

In fact Lardo briefly went over it in the week of review.

Dated July 3rd 2017

CLICK the LINK above ….Scroll ahead to the video to 9:46 and there Lardo mentions HOW WE decided to stop the constant Pat chat due to it being boring and our viewers were complaining to me via email and messages. It took the UKpedos over a month to figure this MYSTERY out. Hahahahahahah

So what we have here is LAZY blogging by a drunk blogger who can no longer blog on Chris While’s PENIS nor can they now blog or STALK children or females wishing them DEATH by SUICIDE, since a number of law enforcement agencies from around the world have been monitoring both blogs for MONTHS now. Not to mention if you’ve been up to date with my THEORY of this particular group and their online actions you would know since the HEAT is on THEY are scrambling to DEFLECT in any way they can.

In fact LOOK who’s now BACKPEDALING to get out of the very hot water he placed himself in….TOO LATE lol. WE know it wouldn’t be you Cleary of course not …No no it would be one of your mindless stooges who hide behind a vpn or an anonymous person, perhaps a friend of yours in skype most likely.

To the officers researching this please take the time to check the CATEGORY section, it will PROVE to be most interesting.

And remember check THAT blog over in UKmuppets..the name Karl Davies/Darren Lee Sayward. It will reveal much.







Yup you it guessed the once BIG BAD troll with all his BRAVADO and chest thumping THREATS has now turned in to the docile lil girl we all knew him to be. After YEARS and YEARS of him HARASSING and TROLLING FOLKS ONLINE. HE TURNS into THE BIGGEST SUCKY OF THEM ALL. Figures we all knew this day would eventually arrive.

However let us not forget the post in his honor of yesterday shall we???

To ANY investigating officers please check the LINKS below

Good now WE have that out the way I hope the POLICE in Carlow Ireland investigate those LINKS and see for them selves what has taken place for YEARS.

However for now WE have more of Cleary and his pretentious chest beating and horse shit.

IrelandsPatriot: “if monkey does a post itll bury his own grave i gave them scuttles link lol”

WayneFromNY: “good job ip”

Monkeysniffer from this blog: Yes Cleary GREAT JOB lmao……Bring it on baby bring it on. It’s a good day to dig a GRAVE.

Just one QUESTION HEY Sean Cleary did you stop the 60 hateful threatening comments a DAY as DAZ  cuz you shit yourself with LIES and HYPOCRISY ??

Follow any children home lately or is JUSTICE on your side ??

You COPS want a show I’ll give you a god damn show.


Let’s do this and get it right..No stopping now.

On a morning Vaughn cast was IrelandsPatriot/Sean Cleary spewing his hateful crap in desperate form.

The film “Psycho” has nothing on Cleary as his main topic was STALKING CHILDREN in primary schools that just happen to belong to his former friend Caine.

His claim that he’s on the MORAL side of JUSTICE is what began the cast. If you believe that I have some land on the moon you may wish to purchase from me.

But the cast quickly deteriorated into something sinister and ugly as the real reason for this cast was to take a cheap shot at Caine’s children.

He’s quick to point out if he did a Google search for the children’s school it would then be possible that someone could then follow the children home. Definitely a THREAT directed towards the children in hopes of perhaps setting off the parents of the young ones.


I found the most enlightening part was in the middle when he calls out to Karl Davies from UKmuppets better known as Darren Lee Sayward. The beauty of this is that now the entire group are aware of the THREATS directed towards the CHILDREN, remember this was the same group claiming to be the PEDO hunters that troll JStevio… Chris While…CherryBreeze and many other families and friends that are associated to these individuals.

So now that the VIGILANTE group known for beating their chests and and defending children everywhere online are aware AGAIN of one of their own making such bold statements will THEY now turn Sean Cleary in to the authorities in hopes of laying similar CRIMINAL charges against him like what was done to Chris ???

I bet the lot turn a blind eye, drink another pint and pretend the entire matter never took place. I did find interesting is that no one signed in but one or two individuals all others were guests that made numerous comments. 

However at one point a anonymous guest did make the comment about SWATTING and yes of course it was directed towards JStevio.

Do you remember the post I did with my belief that this group lived for the soul purpose of tormenting others ???


I do believe there is an existing group and their goal is to torment other lives. Take JSteveio for example how they attack him constantly for pleasure and enjoyment, going as far as to even call his home to create as much of a disturbance to his life as possible. But in the end he did receive a lump sum of CASH, and a PENDING investigation. Into this CRIME……

Well as far as I am now concerned this is defiantly the PROOF that needed to be EXPOSED, for now we have children involved with THREATS…STALKING…and STALKING children home from school. Whats next I can only shudder to think of the depths Cleary will now go to.

Thank you IP this was the crowning PIECE missing from the puzzle that needed not only to expose you but all that are associated with that blog.

And of course let us not forget those who shall claim that this was all photoshopped by yours truly …lol riiight let the fun being.