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I’d like to thank a special certain someone for this lil tid bit that came floating my way. It features IrelandPatriot on a drunken skype call during a cast….certain…..words were typed by certain individuals. This caused quite the stir in IP, so much infact he demanded a skype call with this individual due to FEAR this information would leak out.1ca8c41eab1d41b0a12c142584f33be2


At the 6:25 mark of the vid listen to how he panics upon seeing the chat,the denial runs out of him like WARM PISSSSSSSS….hahahahaha..He automatically thinks it’s Billy Cesspool. IP then bans the person after claiming that the information was incorrect…AFRAID ARE WEEEEE…WHY ban someone when YOU claim the person was wrong  ????   Oh WE know  you’re not Dylan….lol

screenshot_4-5Screenshot_3 (4)