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As most of you know I have ZERO love or respect for Steve Jones the owner of Ivlog, but it does seem after JStevio’s cast over the weekend where he SLAMMED both IP and the staff of Ivlog for not taking action sooner, but then this happens. The Facebook Cream team have decided to remove Sean Cleary and ban him from the group, however let’s not forget the reason for this ban and that it was for making mocking disgusting comments about the DEATH of a child and going as far as doxing that child in a public cast….BRAVO Mr Cleary a truer man was never witnessed by the internet world may your family be PROUD of you.


A very emotional and distraught Sean had these comments he made on his FB page.23232323

Our LINK to the blog was slammed down his throat complete with pics of Cleary and his new cock face. Thank you to those for the used screen shots in this post.screenshot_5-2

Have I ever told you I can’t make this shit up ???….well I can’t lol

As of today Sean Cleary Ireland’s piece of SHIT was banned from Ivlog just mere minutes from each other after he was allowed to rant for weeks for up to 17 hours about this blog and everyone who was associated with it. On Friday he went as far as to dox a deceased child in his very chat complete with the child’s pic, but as of today POW right in the kisser, so suck on that bitch.55318e96ec3d492d8e081c3e5c3c8ce9cunju4jwwaeylluscreenshot_5-2

Since my time blogging here I’ve done about 5 such posts where someone claims they’ve doxed me, and so I have a giggle make a post on it only for some other clown to then make the same statement 6 months later. So here we are again, but before I do lets recap all of my history where I have been doxed.

There was the 17 year old dox, where Shawnio the GREAT DOXER” claimed I was a gay teen boy.17yroldsscreenshot_1-2screenshot_4444444444444-2

Then there was the time he actually thought I looked like this image I use in my profile, was so damn funny the stupid ass made a post on it LMAO

Me with my crack whore gf, I’m the pretty one.


At some point I go from being a tranny to becoming a middle aged woman, can’t make this SHIT UP.


THEN THE BIG BREAK as Shawnio discovers my REAL NAME is ……………….JUDY. That’s right he finally gets me….or does he ???? In the above video he claims he can hear my laughter. I dare you to listen and not laugh to tears, especially those of you who know me.

Recently most of you know I have had the communities help in exposing a number of individuals such has Darren Lee Sayward/UKmuppets…Sean Cleary/ IP as well as doxing Shawnio…So for a lil fun I decided I would accidentally on purpose drop my own photoshopped DOX in hopes of getting a reaction and OHHHHH YESSS I did LMAO


I and that’s when I became …JANICE P… It caused such a stirred frenzy a post was even made in my honor over in UKmuppets blog claiming I was revealed LMAO…again screenshot_5-3

The classic knee jerk reaction all thanks to Sean Cleary…Shawnio and a very gullible Darren Lee  Sayward who made it all possible….PLEASE take a look at the other bottom painted images. For gods sake I do hope you retards see the point I’m making here HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH..After 3 years you think some of em would get wise… but no such luck..I WIN.

Shawnio thank you for making UKmuppets look a fool for the world to see, couldn’t have done it without ya buddy.



Are you good ol boys getting the idea here ??????


What the HOLY fckn HELL is wrong with this damn fool boy ???   Not after an hour or so after the last post, Billy decides to cast and ask the questions to Sean about doxing and the death of Wintard. And then this happens, thx to our friend from the blogs for this lil video exposing Sean Cleary as a jack ass in front of the whole world.

The previous post on the accusation of the Wintard death can be found here. Sean Cleary if you cared for this girl at all STOP dragging her name through the MUD an give her peace and closure.

IrelandPatriot makes the claim “WE AT THE BLOG KILLED WINTARD”



I said once and I’ll say it again…I can’t make this SHIT UP……and today was no exception. As the BIGGEST ASS CLOWN RETARD EVEEEEERRRRRR has now made a PUBLIC claim that this blog was responsible for the death of  Wintard who committed suicide after overdosing … the same female who Sean Cleary aka IP claims to now be in love with. What a fckn soap opera LMAO.

These chat comments were made on a Ivlog cast done by Hipperzzzz..

OK now we need to get serious ….Hipzzz what the fck are doing with this kinda trash on your casts as mods in the first place, the same characters who bash your friends ???? Dude WAKE THE FCK UP and get with the program….for the 23546734356 time in a row, has your 6month senior menstrual cycle taken over your common sense again ?? This seems to be a repetitive thing with you.

After that cast Sean Cleary who still btw feeling super upset after being doxed and exposed by us LMAO. Now goes to another chat room and makes this comment.


So apparently WE are responsible for KILLING 2 of his low life friends, individuals I have never heard never met, never dealt with, never knew even existed until recently. Again I can”t make this SHIT UP….this Sean Cleary is not only a retarded autistic fool but a liar in the first degree that no other has ever reached except for Shawnio. Seems these two have become odd bed fellows suckling from the same mothers vagina milk.

However but before this post was written up I was threatened by both Shanwio and IP as they tried to blackmail me to never post again…They even go as far as to mention others blogger’s children families and home information, they make open threats to those innocent lives… all to keep me silent from posting this information. This isn’t the first time the likes of Shawnio or Sean Cleary have tried to blackmail me into doing their bidding, it didn’t work then and it wont work now. However what it does tell me is that the desperation and pure anger have driven them insane with hate so much so that now I know for certain I make them feel threatened and I shall continue to post.lbpnation_jtv_monkey