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Seems some of you folks wanted to have a laugh on this Saturday afternoon, so I shall do my best to provide.

Do you remember when he cried like a baby due to his mommy yelling at him ??? Well here it is lol

Watch as the TUFF GUY WIGS out big time and squirms around like a 5 year old child yearning for his mother’s tits.

Or ENJOY as his sweety old man wishes him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 ..I love you long time baby

Hope you enjoyed it and even laughed at the ol Big head potato boy.

Even a retarded basement living “burka boy” can say something very perceptive.

Now please remember Adamblo’s words as you read on.

That’s the same Scrubby that admits to trolling and spamming casts.  The same Scrubby who allowed this man to cast on Vaughn……until he hit his mother on cam.

Who believes you can plea bargain and then get the case thrown out of court? (Yeah. When pigs fly.) This is the same Scrubby that listened to Adamblo masturbate to Frank Taylor, while watching porn.

(And Adamblo will swear he’s not gay.)  The same Scrubby who has this man-child as a friend.

And he’s been doing it for years. (CREDIT To Mr “J” for this.)

Yes. He’s a police snitch……as well as a snitch for Vaughn.

Ok, ok. That’s the “Gits”….now for the Shiggles. (Well we all need a laugh.)

And you can’t talk about Frank without his UK lover Neddy.

But there’s a darker side to Neddy.

What was that again about Vaughn? “Possibly the greatest LIVE streaming…….blah blah blah”

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED MAKE THIS POST. With out you guys this blog would be nothing. You’re all appreciated. Thanks again. (So now to go out on a giggle. He’s the one and only POTATO head, to entertain you.)

Sorry. I forgot he can’t sing, but Irelands bog trotter did his best….bless him.

I have left doing this post so I can cause maximum embarrassment to UkMuppets and Shawnio, as well as giving me the topmost enjoyment at the same time.  (It’s a good day to be a blogger)

UkMuppets (Darren Sayward, aka Soultrain.) Did a post about me (Scuttlebutt) being a pedophile. The post itself was “manufactured” by Shawnio. (Who left Muppets to take the shit for it,,,,and I guess is laughing himself silly now)

So lets look at the FACTS behind this post. Facts that you all can check, but Muppets failed to do. (and he calls himself a blogger)

I have never owned the name “scuttlebutt” on Twitch. The name was stolen by Shawnio.  Now as stated by Muppets the scuttlebutt name had a “young girl” as a friend on Twitch. This is the girl he showed.

Now that’s kinda funny. (for me anyway.) If you put her image through Tineye, or Google images, you’ll get this.

No mention of Twitch, or any other site. McQuaid didn’t think this out before he fabricated his lies. Then he goes on to call me a pedophile for being friends with Cortney. (who I’ve known from our JTV days)

Yes. 18 or 19 Muppets. But that brings up another question. According to Muppets you’re a pedophile if you know, or are friends with, anyone under the age of 18. But wasn’t Shawnio friends with young boys?

Apparently yes he was, and wanted naked pictures of them. So what about others who visit Muppets. Do they have “young” friends?

So by Darren Saywards own words, are they pedophiles as well, and if the answer is “yes” why are they on the Muppet site? Is Muppets just a nest of pedos? (maybe not, but Darren does have some very suspect friends.)

Now let me get onto the subject of Granny14 and her lies.

“FIRST OFF I DON’T LIE AND I HAVE NOTHING TO GAIN TO LIE”  Her words.  Twice she Skyped me and BOTH times she tried to get me too hate on Shauna ( “Retards” on JTV)

Shauna is the sort of woman who will speak her mind and had called Granny out on numerous occasions because of her bullshit. Granny14 was even banned on JTV because of her lies and shit stirring. Granny loved to start drama.  When Granny told me she once lived in Arizona, I got suspicious. Look at this place:-

NO local would call that place “no gales”  The name is Mexican and pronounced “Ni Gall ez”  When I called Granny a liar, she made up stories (just like shawnio) and spread them to anyone who would listen.

Now lets look back at Shawnio. Wasn’t Shawnio “feeding” dox’es to his good friend Warrrbuck? Warrrbuck who finger banged a 15yo girl? The same warrrbuck who hit his own mother?  Didn’t War offer to PAY shawnio for doxing people? ( It’s kinda funny because Shawnio made them dox’es up and even admitted it)

YEP, He calls telling lies “social engineering”.  So was the post about me social engineering as well?  Sayward/McQuaid you’ll have to do better than this. YES, IT’S A GOOD DAY TO BE A BLOGGER, as long as your not attached to Muppets blog.

ALL OF THE ABOVE CAN BE CHECKED BY ANYONE. Muppets only had to look, but he failed to do that.

One by one the wall has collapsed into complete ruin as the members of the UKfck ups have been drawn out in single file and exposed.

Brahim Soltani aka Babs…Darren Lee Sayward aka Uk Muppets…..Sean Cleary Irelandspatriot…..Ryan Fields aka Ryan HiFi….Shawn W Mcquaid..All recent members of the UKmuppets exposed. And you seriously wonder WHY they have such anger, hate towards ME ????     ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿’̿’\̵͇̿̿\з=( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿

Screenshot_3It’s most most recent exposure/downfall is Brahim Soltani aka Babs. He has come under some very serious allegations of harassment, making death threats, stalking and wishing death on another human being. That person being Cherry Breeze, and now the police may be involved in this. The Facebooks pics have been painted to protect the innocent names, however I have left both Zoe and anyone connected to their blog untouched. All thanks to those for the pics.Screenshot_1 (3)

Brahim Soltani aka Babs from UKfck ups





Please note how Sean Cleary himself…Ireland’s Patriot decides to get involved, most likely for damage control purposes. I’d say TOO little TOO late…boy. You have a massive SHIT STORM LOAD heading your way, and trust me you wont dodge your destiny Sean, on that I promise you.Screenshot_8

I’m sure more will surface in the coming days….Hey Babs are you MAD …yeah you’re MAD lol


As you can see we are back up and blogging again after exceeding our bandwidth.  Sure, the fake “hackers” were out there shouting that THEY had taken the blog down, but anyone with half a brain could tell that was bull shit. Out in front of all the other clowns was Shawnio (who calls himself “DUDE” in Muppets) with his “click” hack.  He claimed that by Auto Refreshing (now this is where it gets embarrassing for him) it would use up bandwidth. SO here are the facts.

REAL clicks

That’s the two days before and today’s “clicks”.  This clown *cough* hacker, is so smart he didn’t know about Cloudflare security. He was too busy boasting to his friends and trying to boost his own kudos.

Cloudflare Scuttlebutts

Shawnio the GIMP should feel very humiliated right now, because this isn’t the first time that he’s lied about “destroying” a site.

Now let me show you what else is 100% fake about the Canadian Gimp. Here he has doxed me,,,,,or so he’s telling everyone.

Me fake dox

Lets start at the top and work our way down. “Moreton on Lugg”?  Not even close.  Glendale Arizona? I mover from Glendale in 2003 dumbass. The IP address? I’ve no idea. I never use my real IP.  BT internet? Yes that’s true, but so do millions of other users. Work at RAF Fairford? This is just stupid now.

route planner_LI

Ok the Dumbass thinks I commute 121 miles (three hours drive) each day?!?!?! Tell me Gimpio, do I do it at light speed?  But Gimp keeps getting it wrong. It’s the poor people he suckers in and takes for fools i feel sorry for.


NO Gimp it isn’t social engineering. IT’S TELLING LIES, just to give yourself credit for something you haven’t done.  The same as he tried to fool them in Muppets.

Dude talking to himself

DUDE. Give it up. EVERYONE knows you’re Shawnio.  Why don’t you join your friend IrelandsFag and use a womans name.?

Muppets. I hear you’re looking for a blog? Hahahaha You’ll be the LAST one to see it.

New Blog

Yes it’s humiliating, and it may even be personal information, but that’s between you and the site owner.

4 sale

Did I read that you “own” your site? (I will say no more)