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STOP if you need a LAUGH if you demand HUMOR look NO FURTHER, in fact let me provide the entertainment for 2017 as Sean Cleary the recently DOXED sore child of the emerald isle cries his LIES on a Vaughn recent cast.

HE CLAIMS he has the SCOOP, HE CLAIMS he has the GOODS and it’s going to CHANGE EVERYTHING.

From LAWSUITS…DRUG ABUSE….PEDOPHILIA..GROOMING….LINKS TO TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS  and even MURDER most foul. Could this be the END of us . Could Sean Cleary be the savior for all of the internet against the most foul evil doers of the blog ????


All credit to our friend from the blog for this beauty of a video.


…………………..YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED…………………..

I’m convinced that Scruffy ..Shawnio and Sean Cleary must be sharing the same pills an drugs to reach this level of stupidity…I simply can’t make this SHIT UP.

I’ve been vague on the recent JStevio posts for reasons I cannot fully explain except to say it’s an on going process that in time will finally be dealt with by the proper authorities.

However I do have this 10min video that was taken on a recent Lardo Sunday afternoon cast. In it JStevio goes into some of the details surrounding his experiences and how he’s managed to claim €750 euros in cash due to online harassment all thanks to several morons who may soon be crying the blues.

Now if you’ve been keeping up on past posts leading up to this one you may recall some the previous information regarding this ongoing investigation. If you don’t’ please feel free to click the below LINKS. The posts are just a sample of what has been going on for the last several months.

I have included the DOX and information on Darren Lee Sayward…Sean Cleary and  Brahim Soltani, 3 members of the UK PEDOmuppets. As I have previously stated the authorities are currently involved and as any new developments arise I shall be posting them. All credit to JStevio for his videos/emails and information.



This is the follow up to the JStevio’s BIG announcement that took place on Tuesday May 23rd. Some of you may have missed it, so JStevio has given me this video to water the mouths of the PIZZA connoisseurs. Jajajajajajajajaajajajajajaj                                                                                                                                      $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


All thanks to those for the video.

Check out the LINK below to catch up from the previous post.


JStevio has contacted me, and he has informed me of a major announcement that will take place on Ivlog as of Tuesday May 23rd, sometime in the morning. I don’t have a definitive time so keep your eyes open and hopefully it all works out.

Perhaps a key phrase to wet the palette “What does it cost to have late night sexy time with a notorious canine, canine of killer proportions” 

Only a handful may understand it’s meaning and you know who you are…jajajajajajajajajaja.

So be sure to catch him on Ivlog if you wish to know what has taken place. And if you play nice you just might have a FREE PIZZA delivered to ya jajajajajaa





Some of you may have noticed or met our newest mod in chat Waltdisneyghost, well recently both he and OhioSean have been exchanging words over Sean’s lover man Don Owens/Ohio Don. This is what they’ve been saying.

In a complete fit of anger and desperation the BOY TOY rushes over to Vaughn to make his attack channel, in hopes of hurting Walt with is nasty words.

Such a complete joke is lost on the weak Cleary mind as he praises the Ukmuppets blog with the statement “UKMuppets RULE”

However he fails to see the humor in this. For you see if the boasting of the Muppets blog were true and so great WHY would he use Vaughnlive to send this message ????

Is it due to his limited 6 views that would far far far surpass the views over in UKmuppets blog……lmao…Oh and you know it’s true hahahahahahah

Both Sean Cleary and Don have had a special internet LOVE AFFAIR stemming from way back when Cleary masturbated on a skype call to gain Don’s love all for a new laptop, such steamy moments.

Don was so infatuated with his young BOY TOY/Cleary he even made this special birthday video for him…..Click the VIDEO below and immerse yourself in the Don Owens experience of LOVE <3 and DESIRE

Now let’s be honest it’s hard not to become sexual attracted to a 70+ year old bald man who makes birthday vids for his young BOY TOY’S, with his playful smile and weak soft voice it’s no wonder Sean Cleary was sexually drawn to the….. Don <3