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As if the BIGGEST pussy/joke of all time only equal next to Shawnio…. couldn’t make a BIGGER fool himself….. THIS COMES FLYING MY WAY…The audio is bad on it but a HUGE thanks to our friend of the blog for it.

His first statement “JStevio tried to kill me”………”He tried to murder me”…….”All bets are off …There can’t be that many Catholic Schools in Derry” ……..”All fucking bets are off”

And now it’s changed ..Scuttlebuts……JStevio and Caine are trying to beat him up.

“JStevio has been in the UK last few weeks it doesn’t mean he did it but he paid someone to do it you stupid idiot “

All this aside upon looking at his face it does look like he may have SMASHED his face with a door or run into a corner of a wall to inflict those injuries and fake this whole thing….Just food for thought.

Only further proves he’s an idiot and needs to be locked away.







A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to those responsible for this EPIC scene…my only regret is that I…. $#^&(**…. lol




Crying, sobbing and begging for sympathy from the Vaughns…….using the name “MissScruffyineedyou”  Sean the most handsome one soon learns he’s nothing more than a piece of shit….and KARMA never discriminates …….THE END


GO and SUCK your momma’s TITS and CRY

So who beat you up Cleary the same lil children you tried to follow home from school ????

God it’s a fine day to be a blogger…amen.


All credit to the Lispy one for this lil gem.

So it seems the moron known as Irelandpatriots came back on to Vaughn for seconds, but this time Mark confronts him.

Cleary NO one with any intelligence wishes to be near you or your stinking company, take a hint and simply fck off

Now to officer D.P from Carlow Ireland ….Yes I do know who you are..PLEASE take note of this god damn fool and his online antics.

Cleary has to be perhaps the most unwanted person online and not to realize is it is beyond being DELUSIONAL it’s INSANITY.

P.S Lispy I have all the info and shall post it soon…I have not forgotten ….thx.



Somethings you simply can’t make up and this is SHIRLEY one of them.

On the BOOZE/XANAX kick for almost a week and this pathetic cry baby ass is back on Vaughn…..again.

So stupid and drunk is he during this week long binge that he can’t remember how to turn off the “SLOW MODE” in chat, so of course he blames Mark Vaughn the owner of the site.

Listen at the 8:34 part of the video as he claims Mark Vaughn the site owner is HARASSING him, but PLEASE do keep in mind Sean Cleary is BANNED permanently from Vaughn site..FOREVER.

And this is the reason WHY he’s BANNED he trolled Mark’s 80+ year old grandmother to the point she had to move to another home. Let’s not forget how he mocked the DEATH of her husband in the process.


Sooooooo Cleary follow any kids home lately ???


It seems his 30 hour menstrual cycle kicked in today as the most handsome potato head child stalker went off on everyone.

Someone was kind enough to inform me of  his need for tampons, but personally I think he needs a mop.

Say cheese……..

Special thank you to u know who….