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So so so it’s no surprise that the tough guy who shat all over Mark Vaughn for ALLOWING Warren Bucks back on his site during the GLITCH has done a 180 and returned to his dirty roots.

In need of DESPERATE SUPPORT and VIEWS …Or the feeling to mod everyone ???

But has HardWood forgotten his SOLDIER SWAT THREAT ??? I sure haven’t be interesting to be a fly on the wall and hear the chatter.

You may need to catch up and understand my meaning..CLICK the LINK below.

All credit to In Your Face for this video emailed to me, and I apologize for the misunderstanding last night I simply didn’t know.

From what I gather we have a Vaughnlive Tech named ..Soldier… making SWATTING threats directed towards Hardwood. Now just to make it clear this BLOG does not condom SWATTING and neither should you. It ties up precious law enforcement resources that could be used to better the community in saving lives or simply helping out others in distress. Not to mention innocent people who may be caught in the cross fire and killed due to a silly prank.

Hardwood seems like this Tech guy is mighty upset with you…be careful……. However I will make it clear I said once and I’ll say it again Hardwood is SCUM and an ignorant son of a BITCH and I mean it, but SWATTING is a whole other can of worms.

So this 3 in 1 multi post covers several different individuals. All thx to our anons and anyone else who may have contributed to the post.

THE BIG NEWS is ……………………….

Shawnio was arrested for having SEX with farm animals……..again.

NO NO NO I’m joking around.

THE BIG NEWS is………He was sodomized by his MOMMY ????

NO NO NO I’m joking again……..


Sarah69 was possibly released….hmmmmmm. Let the fireworks pop baby. Our anons tell us that this has indeed taken place, I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough as most likely a cast will be scheduled some time in the near future and Sarah can explain the whole mess away.

And is has been confirmed as to her release. So just don’t drive in Nebraska cuz you might get rear ended by a drunk skinny tall female.

So that brings me to this mornings WEENY wagon fest starring Liklik as himself our anons in chat tell me he is now officially BANNED from both Vaughn live and Ivlog, sorry Liklik you could have been a contender……kid.

Along with the BAN news comes DirtyWood  the unwashed outcast who has been officially banned from Vaughn live as well. Guess the lovely Miss Scruffy in all her infinite wisdom after so many years has finally seen the error of her ways and has decided to finally to do something about her dirty laundry (sarcasm laughs)

Or perhaps she’s finally pulled her condescending self out of her self righteous ass ?

Or maybe after being kicked by the Dirtyone she’s decided to retaliate in her own special loving way ??


All credit to in your face for this video sent to my email this afternoon.

What’s so interesting about this video is that we have Mark Vaughn on one of his recent casts answering questions from viewers. However at that same time his dear ol mother purges the hell out of his chatters. The issue becomes clear as Mark can’t seem to keep up with his mothers PURGES, this leaves him frustrated for he then he’s unable to answer their questions or comments. 

At 1:17 ..Scruffy: “Hardwood is creepy and I’m glad he is gone”

At 2:17…of the video he even tells his mother it’s his channel and he’s trying to cover it.

At 2:54…. Bluefrog202: “Sponheim says this site is going to sink” It’s at this point Scruffy PURGES this comments forcing Mark to ask the question ” Why did you PURGE Bluefrog ?? ”

He then becomes frustrated and at the 4:00 shuts off his cast without any warning….The end.

If you wish to keep the video for your own records CLICK the Download File below.

Between Mark becoming frustrated with his mother and the Hardwood CREEPY comment I’m not sure which of the two was more entertaining.



So with “SCRAG” now scattered across the internet 4 winds, and most of them finding new homes on other sites. We now turn our attention to Hardwood or as I like to call him DIRTYWOOD or as he is really known as RICHARD R WOODFORD. In the past I have posted numerous stories on this low life exposing him for what he really is …SCUM. This is the degenerate who has openly ridiculed the death of a child for several days, lets not forget the Oma weekend from hell. The LINK to that horrible mess can be found down below.

Then of course we have his MUD RACE which turned horribly wrong injuring several innocent individuals including children.

Along with this incident came a LAW SUIT that lasted years.

At some point I believe some kind of restitution was made, but I remain unclear as to exact details.

And that brings us to his years on Vaughn, or better yet his past years with Vaughn for you see he now bashes his old friend Mark Vaughn by casting this very image down below of the site owner who protected him and the clique. It’s over now for Dirtywood and the Scrag so he sits like a lump of white shit on a dead site called Ivlog preaching his own malicious trash. Spinning his own truths.

But for the few like myself who remember WHAT/WHO you really are my opinion of you shall never change, you’re FILTH the end. So keep that in the back of your dirty unwashed head as you try to use this blog to gain favor by posting your Youtube videos here in our chat, in hopes that I may contribute to your personal assault on the Vaughns.

The 3 evils can’t be undone nor forgotten either Ivlog…Vaughn or Richard R Woodford…bottom line SCUM is SCUM. The true victim in all this will always be Oma as she nows shares the Ivlog site with her tormentor Richard R Woodford aka Hardwood.

The moment one decides to LAUGH or MOCK the DEATH of a CHILD there will never be a reprieve or forgiveness some words do cut too deep to be forgotten.