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Yeah I know. We are only half way into the week, but man it’s been a loony toons start to this one.  First we had Mark bitching,,,,,,,about his own site.

Mark sausage fest


This may help you Mark.


And what was he crying about? This:-


Yes it’s Cyberman, who we have posted about before. He (rightly so) gets banned, but does that allow someone to be on cam with a finger up their ass?

finger pics

I guess if you want to do a “rim finger” it’s ok.  Next they will beg for money to pay for their stink finger,,,,,or pay for showing tits.


But Scrubby knows all about begging…………

homeless scrubz

I can only wonder at what she offered them for payment.

Now we come to Pat. UnitedAmerican, who is very UN-American.  He was asked a genuine question by Lardo, and he WOULDN’T, or COULDN’T answer……..because if he did, it would prove how fake he is……………….


Now how hard a question is that? I’ll leave you to think about that.


Did I just say YOUS ??


The rumor that could NEVER be in a million years was started last night and as of today it has been officially confirmed that Gamergirl the mutant female of tainted pork/ rancid toxic vagina mouth and baby death jokes is now the newest member of Vaughn lives staff.screenshot_3-2Personally I gave the rumor zero credence only thinking it was a hoax, but no it’s for real and I can only imagine how casters and viewers are going to react to this news. That’s where YOUS come in.

Yeah YOUS I’m talking to YOUS………………………..




My thoughts………..

It wasn’t all that that long ago when both Scuttles and myself posted a number of articles exposing the hideous and mocking BABY DEATH COMMENTS directed to Oma from GG’s own lips which lasted for 4days without any retribution from Vaughn staff. The result was myself being IP site banned from Vaughn but my account was left intact. What was even funnier was the fact I was never in Vaughn to begin with at the time, letting me know that this was a personal move against me very much reminesant of Cr3am’s own site ban… an act of anger and revenge for exposing the truth.


I’ve never been one to shy away from a fight  or an opinin and I won’t start now, but for Mark to seriously to have considered GG as staff was the most foolish thing he could have ever done, with BLOG.TV just months away and Ivlog in the shitters with it’s 30 viewers count now wasn’t the time to make a dumb move. But hand it to the retarded FAT GUY to do this, oh well only time will tell.screenshot_5

I said it once and I’ll say it again I CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP




I’d like to thank a friend of the blog for this recent bit of info concerning the wanna be digital artist known as (PIG in a WIG) Gamergirl. Normally I wouldn’t say anything negative about a fellow artist, but with Gamergirl I’ll defiantly make an exception. So here I go, she’s placed up a site in hopes of selling DIGITAL knock off images she’s stole from the internet, then scribbles over them using photoshop in hopes of making them look like actual paintings. She sells her kindergarten art work for $33 and change,but in my opinion download the image yourself and save the $30, most of the pics seem to have an oral fixation, but you be the judge.l_2831Screenshot_1

Some examples of the sloppy digital knock offs for sale, now keep in mind you may say I’m too harsh in my comments, but please let’s not forget her relentless baby death comments directed towards Oma for the lose of her child that lasted for 4 days on Vaughn while nothing was done. This foul sorry excuse for a human being deserves a good SLAP in the mouth and what ever else she may have come her way.Screenshot_2Screenshot_3 (3)

The LINK to her sloppy art work can be found here>>>>