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Foxman Yawn showing Cock again at the all male (gay?) review
and yet AGAIN going to the shit, but this time he seems prepared…

Fox Penis Pic 1

Fox Shit Toilet Paper


Rocking that 4G life at his local eatery, reportedly the wifi there is wonky,
Frank “Beg For Dem Benjamins” Taylor is all in a tither, it seems whilst getting
his horn “blown” by his love toy Rich, he’s on and on about his $75.00 refund from Uncle Sam…
Don’t “BLOW” it all in one place frank. I mean the e-begging for travel money, things for your cats,
why not go all OG Gangsta and beg for dat data money right? Well, 4G ain’t free Frankie Baby!

FT Horn Blown FT Money

FT 4g No Wifi

So I guess while they wipe gay love off the White House webpage, it’s ALIVE and WELL with
these fine champions of the LGBTQ community Foxman Yawn, and Frank “Beg For Dem Benjamins” Taylor
will continue to share it loud and proud!!!!!!!!!

GPride FT FS

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and thanks also to those people for the fine images dropped in our chat!

Roper Sig Pic 2

TTFYN – Take Time Feeling Your Nuts!
– That Roper Broad

Back by popular demand are jus a few of the infamous Frank Taylor vids that WE all have laughed at an enjoyed.

Frank Taylor drunken vomit dance

Frank gets SLAPPED an old favorite…He stand outside of a college night club recording some of the younger guys, when all of a sudden this happens.

The Frank Taylor BIG ol FART




Now I have to apologize to those who have submitted info on this post dating back from before Sept 2016, I simply was caught up in so many other posts etc there just didn’t seem to be enough time and this post was simply forgotten.

However what I have is Frank Taylor crying the blues as he now claims due to Donald Trump winning the election he now needs financial support.


NOW………..Before anyone rushes out feeling sorry for dear ol Frank it wasn’t all that long ago…SAAAYYYYYY about Sept 2016 when he was asking for donations to travel on his Christmas trip.

The goal was for $600, and I do believe that goal was met, after all he was gracious enough o thank all the (suckers) cough cough… individuals who donated to his Christmas trip.







At some point someone would or should be asking how can individuals continue to financial support this mooch when all he does is complain all the time for money ????


And yet here he is playing Sugar Daddy for his young boy toy when all he ever does is cry the blues. Makes sense right ????????




Do you think I make this SHIT UP ??? ……..HELL NO…..READ ON…  (=^ェ^=)


So the MORALE of the story is to keep your fingers and hands out of your cat’s VAGINA and ASS…or it may become red an sore. Just ask Frank…. (=^ェ^=)

All thanks to those for the screen shots to this post.





The begging fatman with the the dirtiest feet has jumped early for the holidays this year and has already  begun to milk  his CASH COWS with his latest Gofundme account for a Christmas road trip.grinchbdc9bf63828a45e98a54c8faba254ac6

Everyone enjoy s  road trip ?? But Frank expects EVERYONE to PAY FOR IT, just so he can enjoy it. Imagine the nerve.6812dd9b2bc74bb69ef171596a8e1bdd


Within minutes Frank’s greedy lil fat fingers plug away to in hopes of discovering his cash amount.29a7a41048144707a94e4fddbfccbea7And bingo $40 in the pot, so it does look like some weak human will be keeping his/her mods at least for a while longer…Wait is this a Ivlog/Cr3am… or a Mark Vaughn VIP post ???? Ummmmm.

$$$$$$$PAY PAY PAY PAY $$$$$$$


Look on the bright  side at least he isn’t asking for a bunch of pathetic suckers to pay out so he can bring some young guy over to his home to have sex with….RIGHT ???

What happened to the days when people could actually think for themselves and not be so easily led by the nose ?

All thx to anyone who submitted a pic.