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No idea why this took place, but thanks to 3Beers for this screen shot. Something about a “NEW PROJECT” lets wait and see what that’s about.9b7de8847d754e1e897d11d7613127f0

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Now what’s funny about is some of the unwanted like Foxmanshawn and his internet lover Joe Walsh may have to find a new home to cast from lol.

Oh man let the fire works begin.

Or perhaps Foxman’s rotted stinking mouth eroded the site from the inside out forcing them to shut it down ????Screenshot_1 (3)

I am Connor Macleod of the Clan Macleod

Oh ya and for no particular reason, but I like this pic so there.



Special thanks to an anon for the vid of Foxman being taken a way….about time amen.

So the story is Foxman called for an ambulance claiming he was unstable, then when they showed up he told them to go away, so this prompted the police to arrive and deal with the matter.Screenshot_15

The LINK down below



Yup 3 Foxman posts in one week is certainly a record for me, personally I believe he belongs in between Scruffy’s legs on Vaughn along with the other trash he certainly behaves and looks the role.

But during the night Foxman decided to show his bits and berries off to the world for the 6754 time in a row, thank you to the anon who posted the screen shots in our chat.


With no class no brain and certainly no style or personality the FOOL known as Foxmanshawn continues to live up to his vile reputation in spades. Going from social site to social site doing the exact same thing trying to get attention in the only way he knows how is not only sad but blah.Screenshot_ooopopopo1

Yes we know who you are and WE laugh at you not with you.


In the last 24 hours poor ol Foxguy has been anally wounded by Joe Wishy Washy and most of the online community to make matters worse it’s reported he may have lost his job although there has been no official confirmation on that.Screenshot_2So I have taken it upon myself to HELP Mr Foxman GUY Shawn wot’s his face with my very own GoFCKme account, granted some of you may snicker or sneer at the thought of the community helping out one of it’s own drunken low class, white trashy stoopid ass toothless GOOFS, but I sincerely mean it every word. So come on everyone and HELP out the Foxguy wot ever his name is.Screenshot_ooopopopo11pBwuvy


Well I can’t confirm the screen shot, all I will say is thank you to whom ever sent it in.

Maybe the above LINK can explain why ?


However all is not lost as I decided to add 2 of my own videos for laughs…..ENJOY.Mrfe32C

So there ya have it.lbpnation_jtv_monkey

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  when I saw this I had to smile and shake my head, for what we have here is a CLASSIC pot calling the kettle black between Joe Walsh and Foxman.

I personally have no love for either but seriously guys KISS an make up. The Youtube vid has Joe and Foxman having an olnine quarrel over who’s the BIGGER douche, and in my opinion they both win hands down.

Ya it’s been a while since I did a Foxman post, so I thought to myself, EH WHY NOT.bobble head

The above image/gif was sent into me along time ago by LA another blogger. Great job btw.

However let’s not forget Mr Joe Walsh.

Screenshot_2 (3)

Where in the past he has made some real horrendous comments about peoples children having cancer as well on this video down below listen to how he goes ballistic on a children. Another note is his blatant racist comments online, so I find the whole thing a tragic joke.


Cmon and lets be hones neither of these two win any humanitarian of the year award.


So after all that it took about an hour for someone to be upset enough to make the vid PRIVATE. Wonder why ?


However someone did manage to make this lil vid happen, thank you for handing it in.

Screenshot_3 (4)