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I wasn’t even sure of what I should call his post…the whole thing seems so surreal that an grown man would place an object into his anus on a live cast.Screenshot_6

But that is EXACTLY what he did, I don’t when but I suspect it’s recent.


Should you be surprised  ????   Not really he’s done before several years ago infact. Added on are the countless ass shows the penis shows and the whole mess all together it’s amazing this clown is still ticking.Screenshot_2 (2)


I was informed this ANUS probing actually took place today and was even featured on Vaughn live….hooray anyone ???  (º_•)

Thanks to all for the pic on this post


All credit goes to a friend of the blogs for this fun lil video of the worthless bag of flesh known as Foxmanshawn as he wigs out on Joe Walsh. Thank you for the great vid. Click on the LINK  to check it out

Seems the on again off again BROMANCE is reaching a passionate and perhaps a lusty peak, as these two can’t make up their minds if they wanna snuggle in bed or rip each others tits off.



I’d like to thank a friend to the blog for this latest video it features worthless Foxman sitting underneath his door, the same door he ripped off it’s hinges. but that’s not all he then places it in it’s doorway then removes his pants. He’s become perhaps the most pitiful and pathetic of all the casters anywhere, I personally haven’t the words.

screenshot_2Screenshot_3 (4)

Possibly the BIGGEST joke online is at it again exposing his body an all his floppy parts in the process, but now he’s discovered a new home… Foxmanshawn is one of the weakest white trash…. sacks of donkey shit with absolutely NO CONTENT. It’s all shock value, and after several years of the same gimmick it’s getting old an dry, maybe he should try placing a variety of fruits and vegetables up his ass ???



I’d like to thank the anon for dropping the pic in our chat, I think.



All credit to whoever brought this vid into our chat.

It features as usual a drunken Foxmanshawn, but this time he’s having a battle with his room door, the result is he rips it off it’s hinges. …I don’t see the logic in what he’s doing but after all it’s Foxmanshawn so nothing really new here.screenshot_8

The LINK to the video


Sooner or later you have to wonder just how long his mothers going to continue to tolerate him ??


The very next afternoon the autistic half wit fixed the door and kept his promise, but let’s be honest here there was no reason for it in the first place. So listen Fartmanshawn give the ol woman a break from your shenanigans and let her be in peace.


So we have Foxman making empty threat towards fatty Joe Wishywashy, so THREATS of an online WAR coming from anyone else might be taken somewhat seriously but when Foxman says it I can’t help but laugh a lil after all this guy can’t remember anything let alone an online WAR he pledges to see through to the end.fuxman-pic

All thx to the anon who dropped this in our chat.screenshot_1-5

Foxman claims he has a team of crack commandos pissy hackers at his disposal, ready to engage and bring fatty Joe to his knees.sxlkitl

Can’t wait to see how this one plays out so keep em coming.Screenshot_33

I’d like to thank an anon for bringing this latest news on Foxmanshawn to my attention.

So with Blabs recent shutdown and Foxman’s  history of being banned on literally every social media site online for showing his COCK, it would only make sense that he would continue to be banned from even the latest site Firetalk. Screenshot_4

So in response to his latest ban for showing his COCK a supporter decided to come up with this online petition in support of Foxman in hopes of bringing him back.

For some silly laughs I’ve decided to post a couple of old videos illustrating just how stupid Foxmanshanw truly is.


No idea why this took place, but thanks to 3Beers for this screen shot. Something about a “NEW PROJECT” lets wait and see what that’s about.9b7de8847d754e1e897d11d7613127f0

View story at

Now what’s funny about is some of the unwanted like Foxmanshawn and his internet lover Joe Walsh may have to find a new home to cast from lol.

Oh man let the fire works begin.

Or perhaps Foxman’s rotted stinking mouth eroded the site from the inside out forcing them to shut it down ????Screenshot_1 (3)

I am Connor Macleod of the Clan Macleod

Oh ya and for no particular reason, but I like this pic so there.



Special thanks to an anon for the vid of Foxman being taken a way….about time amen.

So the story is Foxman called for an ambulance claiming he was unstable, then when they showed up he told them to go away, so this prompted the police to arrive and deal with the matter.Screenshot_15

The LINK down below