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I thought it was meant to B….but alas it was snot..….My lonely shore may flood, a wish to bathe in the caress of you grantedI shall break from fear, to brave a rolling river between us. Down current, I’ll swim until I reach your ocean of sparkling blues. I would drown in the waves of your uncharted waters Glorious would be death in the caress of you, your uncharted waters…glorious. Farewell my love.

You’ve banned me for no reason and now I shall leave the internuts 4ever.



All credit to Larry for this latest screen grab.

In a rather odd statement made some time during the day, Faroe the internet lover of both men and women had this to say.

“FUCK OFF stop watching my stream watch other channels on Vaughn live tv…leave me alone” 😡

I think he’s trying to tell us something ??? But isn’t this the same caster who casts DMCA illegal movie content on both Ivlog and Vaughn and has numerous music channels as well as a seedy reputation in trying to sexualy harass females in ims and chats rooms ??

Are you female and do you have BIG tits  ( 0 ) ( o ) ????  Please respond.



All credit to Larry for the screen grab used in the post.

Our beloved Faroe the flirty flirt of the internet has seen the holy hand of scrutiny by none other than the Christian mother of hypocrisy Miss Scruffy…amen.His sinful wicked ways of SEXUAL LUST and DESIRE have finally caught up with him…….“Are you female do you have BIG tits” ( o ) ( 0 ) ????????????? Well do YOU answer ME ???

The funny thing here is Faroe has NO idea as to if the person he chats with his either MALE or FEMALE and he simply doesn’t care, as long as he gets his rocks off. And that brings me to another WEAK EXTRA lusty fella who has the some DEEP desires and has no idea as to what hes’ doing online. Laughs to self 🐒…If you know as to whom I’m referring to then enjoy the laugh. Birds of a feather flock together or share the same mental disease lmao.