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All credit to those who dropped the screen grabs in our chat.

Funny how my words on a Jan 10th post seem to have come true today, and maybe it was really about us after all.Β πŸ’…MAYBE.The screen grab is from a cast that took place today, where Scruffy and Jed debated the issue of NO GUESTS on [VL].Β  I have a feeling about this, you be the judge.Β 

Remember my words ?Β πŸ’Now it can be argued THAT none of this is really about us, and I’m making the whole thing up…ok that’s fine.In the past Mark boasted he had the VPN thing under control and has BANNED 100 million VPN ips…So if he has done all of this WHY remove the guest chat unless, THEY want to know WHO a certain PERSON is ????….Don’t WE all…kniw kniwΒ πŸ’

I’ll let you decide as to the REAL reason YOU believe GUEST CHAT was removed, I know I have mine. And I still won’t sign in.πŸ’

Last but not least this Mack fella takes a swing at Scruffy in chat exposing the truth, and wow she viscously rips him.

Very professional, but there’s more on this subject.Β In the past she admits to GHOSTING. “Learned lots”…..I rest my case as I also have the video to support the SPAMMING in a chat room. We all know she trolls and does any damn thing she wants to, after all it’s her site. Plus she allows HATE to take place on who ever is on her shit list, so keep that in mind if you ever upset the mentally ill Queen Nazi.





Someone named Sam sent this video and message to me just about at 9pm…

A quote…“Since ElectroJed made this video he is now in the hospital and it looks like he will get his feet amputated from what I have heard. Even though he said he won’t let that happen in the video, its the only thing that can allow him to live a bit longer”

In the video Jed is clearly in such dire need of both meds and proper hospital care, but due to not having Medical Insurance he cannot get the treatment he needs to live a long and healthy life. The result I’m sorry to say may very well be amputation.

There have been moments over the years I have agreed or disagreed with Jed whole heartedly, but it’s times like these the reality of what’s life and what’s real overcomes silly internet squabbles.

Jed be well and take care for what little we can offer our prayers are with you.