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I must of missed where people said Sam was “e begging”…. Maybe I blinked at the wrong time. Enjoy this…….

Sorry Sam. The people have spoken and they say you’re an idiot.

UPDATE. This was sent in by Anon0580. Thanks 🙂



Yeah I know. We are only half way into the week, but man it’s been a loony toons start to this one.  First we had Mark bitching,,,,,,,about his own site.

Mark sausage fest


This may help you Mark.


And what was he crying about? This:-


Yes it’s Cyberman, who we have posted about before. He (rightly so) gets banned, but does that allow someone to be on cam with a finger up their ass?

finger pics

I guess if you want to do a “rim finger” it’s ok.  Next they will beg for money to pay for their stink finger,,,,,or pay for showing tits.


But Scrubby knows all about begging…………

homeless scrubz

I can only wonder at what she offered them for payment.

Now we come to Pat. UnitedAmerican, who is very UN-American.  He was asked a genuine question by Lardo, and he WOULDN’T, or COULDN’T answer……..because if he did, it would prove how fake he is……………….


Now how hard a question is that? I’ll leave you to think about that.



Foxman Yawn showing Cock again at the all male (gay?) review
and yet AGAIN going to the shit, but this time he seems prepared…

Fox Penis Pic 1

Fox Shit Toilet Paper


Rocking that 4G life at his local eatery, reportedly the wifi there is wonky,
Frank “Beg For Dem Benjamins” Taylor is all in a tither, it seems whilst getting
his horn “blown” by his love toy Rich, he’s on and on about his $75.00 refund from Uncle Sam…
Don’t “BLOW” it all in one place frank. I mean the e-begging for travel money, things for your cats,
why not go all OG Gangsta and beg for dat data money right? Well, 4G ain’t free Frankie Baby!

FT Horn Blown FT Money

FT 4g No Wifi

So I guess while they wipe gay love off the White House webpage, it’s ALIVE and WELL with
these fine champions of the LGBTQ community Foxman Yawn, and Frank “Beg For Dem Benjamins” Taylor
will continue to share it loud and proud!!!!!!!!!

GPride FT FS

Thanks to those that gave the tidbits of info (please submit any corrections
or additional tidbits to add for UPDATES as needed to me :
and thanks also to those people for the fine images dropped in our chat!

Roper Sig Pic 2

TTFYN – Take Time Feeling Your Nuts!
– That Roper Broad

Well say what you will but I knew something wasn’t right about the TRUST FUND comments that Helton had mentioned on my previous post, when he states if CPS/ Children’s Services were contacted that THEY would remove the TRUST FUND from his children, which in turn would have them grow up living in poverty.

Now Helton says something COMPLETELY different, that it’s him and his mother that would remove the TRUST FUND with one phone call if the children were to be handed over to another family. He sings a completely different tune.

I cut this short piece out from the video that btw is over 30min in length. For anyone wishing to hear the Youtube in it’s entirety check out the video below. And scroll to the 21:39 part of the video to hear his contradicting comments.

The previous post on CPS removing his children’s TRUST FUND can be found here.


Oh ya …..and I told you so.




I’d like to thank a friend of the blog for this recent bit of info concerning the wanna be digital artist known as (PIG in a WIG) Gamergirl. Normally I wouldn’t say anything negative about a fellow artist, but with Gamergirl I’ll defiantly make an exception. So here I go, she’s placed up a site in hopes of selling DIGITAL knock off images she’s stole from the internet, then scribbles over them using photoshop in hopes of making them look like actual paintings. She sells her kindergarten art work for $33 and change,but in my opinion download the image yourself and save the $30, most of the pics seem to have an oral fixation, but you be the judge.l_2831Screenshot_1

Some examples of the sloppy digital knock offs for sale, now keep in mind you may say I’m too harsh in my comments, but please let’s not forget her relentless baby death comments directed towards Oma for the lose of her child that lasted for 4 days on Vaughn while nothing was done. This foul sorry excuse for a human being deserves a good SLAP in the mouth and what ever else she may have come her way.Screenshot_2Screenshot_3 (3)

The LINK to her sloppy art work can be found here>>>>                                  

Yep, she’s at it again. Mizzzz Loooooner, who doesn’t beg, is begging. Anyone remember this? 

That’s all changed.  Ol leather face wants, and wants, and wants. This time it’s a new laptop.

But Miz Looner is an easy going sorta gal. If she can’t have the laptop then the money will do.

As she said. Some mug….whoops, some *cough* “donor” will be stupid enough to get it for her. Well, it’s not like she’s asking for a kidney………..yet.