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Now all credit to those who sent me the screen shot on this post.

After I read the above pic it became apparent to me Jen is defiantly relocating and would like to have a group of SUCKERS pay for her transportation expenses, by BUYING her a NEW VEHICLE. However she uses the words “Youtube Documentary”  as if to try mask and justify the need for CASH$$$$$$$$$$$.

Jen dear I’m sure by now you’ve moved on to another man so my question is simply this, WHY not have your new GUY PAY for your VEHICLE ???? Don’t try and sucker people into your bogus”DOCUMENTARY”

Oh and btw I’m just throwing that back out into the UNIVERSE.


Even a retarded basement living “burka boy” can say something very perceptive.

Now please remember Adamblo’s words as you read on.

That’s the same Scrubby that admits to trolling and spamming casts.  The same Scrubby who allowed this man to cast on Vaughn……until he hit his mother on cam.

Who believes you can plea bargain and then get the case thrown out of court? (Yeah. When pigs fly.) This is the same Scrubby that listened to Adamblo masturbate to Frank Taylor, while watching porn.

(And Adamblo will swear he’s not gay.)  The same Scrubby who has this man-child as a friend.

And he’s been doing it for years. (CREDIT To Mr “J” for this.)

Yes. He’s a police snitch……as well as a snitch for Vaughn.

Ok, ok. That’s the “Gits”….now for the Shiggles. (Well we all need a laugh.)

And you can’t talk about Frank without his UK lover Neddy.

But there’s a darker side to Neddy.

What was that again about Vaughn? “Possibly the greatest LIVE streaming…….blah blah blah”

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED MAKE THIS POST. With out you guys this blog would be nothing. You’re all appreciated. Thanks again. (So now to go out on a giggle. He’s the one and only POTATO head, to entertain you.)

Sorry. I forgot he can’t sing, but Irelands bog trotter did his best….bless him.

RIP Tina Weezer.

CREDIT TO JOE: For those of you who were on JTV and remember Tina Weezer, the woman who begged for money, and died twice. Well I’m sorry to say she’s died a third time, but this time its for real.

Or the link to the obituaries……

Maybe she can scam the devil now, or even share a bowl of dog food with him.

RIP Tina. A lot of mens wage checks will miss you.

(This is a real as a stick of Hardwoods soap.)

Yes “PIGS DO FLY”….and yes “IT MAY INDEED HAVE A SNOWBALLS CHANCE IN HELL” … and Luna may actually earn a dollar here or there, no really she might.

Listen to how happy she is now that someone has purchased one of her sketches, I’m kinda glad for her she seems proud of herself. Good for you Luna the tuna.

So with this new life shattering experience does it mean that the days of the SKID ROW begging QUEEN have finally come to an end ?

All credit to CandyRayne for this vid.

Now if we could finally do something about that Frank Taylor guy. Or am I asking for too much ???

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year anyone ??  ◎ܫ◎

I must of missed where people said Sam was “e begging”…. Maybe I blinked at the wrong time. Enjoy this…….

Sorry Sam. The people have spoken and they say you’re an idiot.

UPDATE. This was sent in by Anon0580. Thanks 🙂