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On a recent Ivlog cast JStevio had some truthful words to hand out and those same words would sting, in fact in an immediate fit of RAGE and RETALIATION a bogus half witted post was constructed from LIES and classic deflection. But let me take you back 4 years ago when slanderous untruthful statements were made against JStevio concerning PEDOPHILIA and INCEST. False statements to this day that have never been proven but continue to spew forth from the mouth of drunken junkies and hateful individuals who stalk and hunt for those they can harm online. And it was on MAY 09 2017 that the victim decided to FIGHT BACK.That was to be the first of many posts exposing a disgusting cowardly group of individuals that in time would be DOXED and EXPOSED for what they truly are. Click the LINK below for more details.

FACT this has resulted in the POLICE being involved with possible arrests since MAY 2017, and we know this…………

Because Sean Cleary told us during one of his drunken retarded casts, as he babbled about his SOLICITOR advising him, but it doesn’t end there we also know a number of you out there have contacted the police requesting further action be taken. I’m sure in time things will happen. This has resulted in a lose of a blog or 2 lmao.  Now to many of you this may be old news, but what was also concerning is how twisted this self centered moron Darren Lee Sayward ractually is. He CLAIMS JStevio is a LIAR and goes as far to state that it was JStevio who claimed I am a FEMALE…Me MONKEYSNIFFER.

However it was never JStevio that made this assumption it was the fool himself Darren Lee Sayward and his terrorist PEDO gang. Well let’s see about this…….The idiots chokes on his own words as he contradicts himself in typical retarded fashion. They have even made numerous posts making all sorts of claims about me. Truth be known JStevio has no idea as to who I am in fact most people don’t but they assume they know and lay claim for an honorable badge or bragging rights. 

For over 1 year THEY claimed I was this other person, then I became someone else. For those interested in reading up on my DOX feel free to click the LINKS below.✿◕-‿-◕✿/

Exposing this kind of filth is what we do best here after all it’s what many of you want and by sending in the information and contacting me it’s clear the majority of you don’t’ support these types. But is it any wonder why this vile group HATE JStevio so much for as he fights back and that makes him a THREAT as does anyone who speaks up against this group. We know the wheels of justice are turning, even though they may be slow things are happening and that burns them deeply.










All credit to James Anderson for the information on the post and to a friend of the blog for emailing this to me. Thank you.

In some ways this was PART 1 of the post or at least part of it, so you may wish to click on the LINK down below to read up.

Now I can’t confirm or deny that statement in the above pic concerning the UnitedAmerican (Pat) that was in the post, but I do find it hilarious that Sean Cleary does seem to have various ongoing relationships with much older men…I wonder why ?However the pic down below does have credibility to support it, let me explain.The elder fella above …Don Owens or as he is known as “PlasmaDude” was reported to have sent Sean Cleary $800 for a new laptop, but first he requested to see to see his weeny worm. And they may have been more much MORE.
From what Anderson states in his post, it was that Cleary who was bragging about the $800 he scammed from Don and that led to Anderson making the post exposing Cleary. Now this was reported several years ago, but I never knew the actual amount given over to Sean Cleary for his online weeny worm peeka boo until just recently.

So you have a 70yr old man on skype making”HAPPY BIRTHDAY” videos for a 23 years old….Odd ya ???

Now we have to give some credit to Sean Cleary as he at least knew that Don was a much older man unlike Darren Lee Sayward who had no idea if Wintard was a male or a female or even had any clue as to her age lol…..PRICELESS 


One of the best lines ever, makes me laugh every time I read it.I still have no words but omg… hahahahahahahahahahahahah…Thank you to those of you who sent in the great gifs.







All credit to James Anderson for this post that he wrote several years ago, detailing not only the pathetic state of mind of one Sean Cleary/IrelandsPatriot but his sexual encounters with young girls and minors.

Last but not least a special thank you to the individual who sent me this information via email, for without your insight and experiences I would not be making this informative post.To date this blog has done 64 posts on what many of you consider the most vile disgusting white feces to roam the internet and for good reason. This demented sick individual is what we here live to expose. So it wasn’t a surprise that another blog would post about the same demented maggot several years earlier detailing his sexual misconduct for all to read.

James Anderson states…-I started associating with IrelandsPatriot  on a regular basis because I had a falling out with a group of people who I brought together for the purpose of networking, and when I attempted to add IrelandsPatriot to this group he was completely rejected by everyone there, but me. His behavior was the same two years ago as it is now – his “I’m handsome” (A.K.A this is the only way I know how to socialize) schtick only got him laughed at, and made things worse until he was ejected from the group. A few fedora wearing guys who I considered to be one of the greatest threats to peace within group were particular harsh to IrelandsPatriot. I felt the need to contact IrelandsPatriot in private to even things out. From that point on we rarely spoke until the group I created entirely dissolved. My first impression of IrelandsPatriot was someone who was shallow, childish, and felt the need to try to convince everyone he was an adequate human being worthy of acceptance. I had deigned all interaction with IrelandsPatriot, and didn’t say a word when I knew he was ripping me off out of guilt and sympathy, yet he had the nerve to act like I’m the irrational bad guy, especially after he claimed to have been against me the whole time I’ve known him.

-Along with IrelandsPatriot there were other Irish guys who in my opinion had nearly the same personality, but what shocked me the most is how they were willing to place themselves in positions that most people would see as a liability. A lot of these Irish guys were unemployed and living with their parents, being forced through free university with no clue as to how to live the rest of their lives, and all of them had this “The grass is greener on the other side” mentality as far as America went. They felt everything they’ve been entitled to in life and was denied it in their home countries, but would come into their possession once they went overseas. They were obsessed with American teenage girls, especially those on the West coast. They never considered the legal repercussions when speaking to those who were underage regardless of jurisdiction, and many times I had to leave skype calls once conversations got too out hand in regard to personal sexual content relating to minors.

The last part about the minors was some what shocking but not at all surprising infact it made sense WHY Sean Cleary was furious at me for exposing the Wintard suicide and has only led me to believe that there is indeed more to this tale then meets the eye.The screen shot that became public and made them go over the edge, is a fine example of what so many of us are unaware of. As secret skype calls were held with Wintard surrounded with nothing but a group of sadistic dirty leeches. Does make one wonder what really took place. The LINK the that post is down below. Cleary weak child like state of mind his only recourse was to try and retaliate the only he knew and that was to lay claim that WE here at the blog killed her when infact WE had no idea as to who she even was. Go figure ?

Sean Cleary aka IP runs away from Billy as he is confronted with the WINTARD situation

It was back in Oct 2016 when Sean Cleary was finally pinned down and made to explain his guilt to us all, but all he could do was run away and cower in fear to the TRUTH we all knew that existed.

My thoughts…Until this very day I’ve always maintained something did take place concerning not only the Wintard suicide, but many other victims as well who have had such negative experiences with Cleary and the Muffins, as each post drives them into a maddening howl of anger I sit back and wonder how many will it take before the authorities finally move in






I received an email late last night informing me of a botched PIZZA delivery that was sent to JStevio’s home over the holidays, I use the word BOTCHED because the online terrorists didn’t take into consideration certain events resulting in JStevio receiving the PIZZA for FREE. All credit to JStevio for the video.

Remember this is coming from the Chris While PENIS LOVERS ASSOCIATION, it’s ironic how time and time again we witness the failures of a pathetic group of on line terrorists bent on destroying others lives and families but in the process only succeed in getting their own teeth kicked in. While most of us try to live productive everyday lives this group …PLOT…SCHEME…HATE….STALK…and mixed with alcohol and drugs find joy in continuing the on line ASSAULT of PEDOPHILIA/SEX with CHILDREN talk every single day. Bravo…bravo to the group of winners with no future and empty hollow lives. A sharp tongue or pen can kill without a knife and your time is certainly drawing near.


Some things are better left unsaid and the pic below is one of them. 

On the other hand let’s just say an idiot made a FALSE REPORT that triggered an “INVESTMENT”  hahahahahhaahah, and it came and boomeranged right back. You know what I mean you idiot.Well the bad news is Shawnio didn’t get his dream date with a 10 yr old BOY to lick the peanut butter from his penis, but instead he did get his sweet heart Bella his faithful dog to do it.