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We all know what took place on June 20th 2017 that post can be found below.

That in itself was a story but it didn’t end there…………………….

It continued with a number of individuals not only pursuing..harassing and stalking Chris but those that live within his household and that included his mother. 


So on July 21st Babs and Bane entered the court and tried unsuccessfully to record court proceedings. The result was both of them being removed and Babs receiving a permanent BAN…That LINK is below.’s right it took a 19 year old boy to do the dirty work for a group of big drinking pint sucking weak old Brits who sit all day stalking and trolling online…..Yes it took someone dressed like this to do the dirty work ..Haahaha….The Panda Princess.

What those of you didn’t know at the time was that Djsystems donated 20£ and MrBluesky was claiming he would send 5£, so that both Babs and Bane could go to the court house on that very day. Both are Ivlog casters.

DJsystems other Ivlog name is MusicAfterDarkness…..

Now this is where it all stands since Sept 25th 2017 is the next court date set for Chris, who will be sent in Babs place ???

Another question is who shall be the financial benefactor to pay for the travel costs this time around. Will MusicAfterDarkness/Djsystems do it again ??

And WHY has IrelandsPatriot/Sean Cleary gone so silent is it due to officer D.P instructing him to cease and desist from his online antics. Or perhaps he’s afraid of the next beating his momma will give him LMAO ???Will Darren Sayward/UKmuppets/Karl Davies continue on his QUEST to engage females that are the same age as his daughter or shall his daughter Chealsey see her daddy for what he truly is ? what is the odd fascination Menellie and the old fella known as Big John sucky suck have with each other ?Will John take up sucking other objects like fruits and vegetables…Perhaps a pineapple or cantaloupe ???

So many question…….

If any one asks the devil made me do it


I cannot confirm or deny the statements in this post, however these are comments sent to me on previous posts in the last week or so.

A quote from a viewer…..

Last month i went into the cop shop to report some of the doxing and slandering on here. The woman I spoke to introduced herself as the acting inspector in charge of cyber crimes.
I didn’t know what doxing was, after filling out four a3 sized sheet of paper and initialing my alterations and giving her a cd of screen saves and video clips she gave me a case number thanked me then just about pushed me out the door. on Thursday the twentieth of last month I got a phone call asking me to go back in and clear up a point or two. I went in the next day which was a Friday. this time I got three coppers who asked questions about menelli babs and irelandpatriot and another name I didn’t recognize. I gave them over thirty a3 printouts of perverted conversations I’ve had in private and have saved.
More than enough to get two of them locked up. The coppers only ask questions they don’t answer any but when I asked if the four named people were known to them they told me that one of them had been reported as a juvenile for torturing and inflicting severe pain and suffering on a cat.
the reason I’m writing this is because we need more people to come forward and report the bad shit houses that cause physical and mental suffering on here. Go in prepared with print out and videos. It may be a few hours but its worth it trust me.

Reply from a another viewer……

Could you give us a little hint concerning which one of these sick individuals abused an animal ?….As most probably know, animal abuse often proceeds the crimes of Psychopaths in their youth, that all of the above have “MENTAL ISSUES”  is a given, but is the animal abuser also the same individual who sent your child dick pics ?  As that in itself is a criminal offence, and will certainly ensure the sender justly will be placed on the sex offenders registry and known as a child predator.

Maybe things are cooking huh ?


On a morning Vaughn cast was IrelandsPatriot/Sean Cleary spewing his hateful crap in desperate form.

The film “Psycho” has nothing on Cleary as his main topic was STALKING CHILDREN in primary schools that just happen to belong to his former friend Caine.

His claim that he’s on the MORAL side of JUSTICE is what began the cast. If you believe that I have some land on the moon you may wish to purchase from me.

But the cast quickly deteriorated into something sinister and ugly as the real reason for this cast was to take a cheap shot at Caine’s children.

He’s quick to point out if he did a Google search for the children’s school it would then be possible that someone could then follow the children home. Definitely a THREAT directed towards the children in hopes of perhaps setting off the parents of the young ones.


I found the most enlightening part was in the middle when he calls out to Karl Davies from UKmuppets better known as Darren Lee Sayward. The beauty of this is that now the entire group are aware of the THREATS directed towards the CHILDREN, remember this was the same group claiming to be the PEDO hunters that troll JStevio… Chris While…CherryBreeze and many other families and friends that are associated to these individuals.

So now that the VIGILANTE group known for beating their chests and and defending children everywhere online are aware AGAIN of one of their own making such bold statements will THEY now turn Sean Cleary in to the authorities in hopes of laying similar CRIMINAL charges against him like what was done to Chris ???

I bet the lot turn a blind eye, drink another pint and pretend the entire matter never took place. I did find interesting is that no one signed in but one or two individuals all others were guests that made numerous comments. 

However at one point a anonymous guest did make the comment about SWATTING and yes of course it was directed towards JStevio.

Do you remember the post I did with my belief that this group lived for the soul purpose of tormenting others ???


I do believe there is an existing group and their goal is to torment other lives. Take JSteveio for example how they attack him constantly for pleasure and enjoyment, going as far as to even call his home to create as much of a disturbance to his life as possible. But in the end he did receive a lump sum of CASH, and a PENDING investigation. Into this CRIME……

Well as far as I am now concerned this is defiantly the PROOF that needed to be EXPOSED, for now we have children involved with THREATS…STALKING…and STALKING children home from school. Whats next I can only shudder to think of the depths Cleary will now go to.

Thank you IP this was the crowning PIECE missing from the puzzle that needed not only to expose you but all that are associated with that blog.

And of course let us not forget those who shall claim that this was all photoshopped by yours truly …lol riiight let the fun being.

On the last Brahim Soltani/Babs post I placed an audio/video file of a HARASSING skype call to Chris’s home. That post can be found below.

In the last 48 hours I was emailed more evidence of HARASSMENT directed towards Chris involving this group that took place on a recent weekend skype call.

As you can clearly see there is an admittance of making fraudulent calls to PIZZA take out places and local gas companies.

So WE do know that Chris was charged and admitted to the downloading of child pornography. His court date is scheduled for July 21st 2017, but what concerns me is how this group continues to torment not only Chris but everyone that lives in the same household. Let the courts do their JOB


I do believe there is an existing group and their goal is to torment other lives. Take JSteveio for example how they attack him constantly for pleasure and enjoyment, going as far as to even call his home to create as much of a disturbance to his life as possible. But in the end he did receive a lump sum of CASH, and a PENDING investigation. Into this CRIME

The LINK to those posts can be found here

Then you have Cheerybreeze another individual, but in her case between the alcohol…cutting and threats of suicide is a person who needs desperate HELP. So what does Babs and company do ???? They call her home and make DEATH THREATS and leave her messages telling her to take her own life. Those LINKS are below.

SEPT 2016……..Wintard’s SUICIDE………….

But this is the STRANGEST one of all that was never fully explained… It was in Sept 2016 when WINTARD a young female took her own LIFE with a drug overdose, what was interesting about this was that the same group was involved here as well….See a PATTERN ??    All I did was ask the question WHY ??….Never did I realize the PURE HATE and DEFLECTION that would follow me till this very day.

And that question lead me right to this POST.

It REVEALED possibly something sinister..something hidden away that was to remain a SECRET until I began to ask the right questions.

So what is the AGENDA and WHY ???

Is this UKmuppets group a dedicated online group of killers ??  I don’t  know the answer to this question, but what I do know is that the same group continues to HARASS possible weak or fragile targets with the thought of causing them bodily or emotional harm.

I myself have received comments from this group as well as stating that I should take my life, one such individual from Birmingham England went as far as to place a cartoon illustration of a monkey holding a revolver to his opened mouth. And I do know who that person is infact I have the ip as well as several witnesses to it.

Let us say for example Chris does take his own LIFE or Cherrybreeze what then ?? What if Chris should hurt his family members ?? What drives another to continue to HARASS none stop and receive pleasure from it ??

Is this SOCIAL JUSTICE…VIGILANTE JUSTICE ??….. When does one reach the cross roads and make the realization that this is beyond what constitutes as being normal ?

It’s the internet not a WEAPON. As a blogger I struggle with this dilemma daily, but I know the difference on how to step away and shut it down. As a blogger I don’t create the  content, the content creates itself. And that’s why certain past EX bloggers were removed or rejected from this blog due to poor lack of judgment that blurred their vision.

To the person who sent me todays email…thank you it’s nice to know that there are others who see this for what it is.

“There is a player a coward who hides in the dark…this is pandoras box
he is Babs long time lover since he was 14 he is known as”…………………………..




It’s not often I get to expose a blogger who is a sexual deviant toward 18 year old girls who makes videos admitting he’s a pervert, then places those same videos on Youtube exposing himself to the world, but that’s the stupidity of one Darren Sayward/ Uk muppets.04270301d81140649577d1f99cb9f471

So you may wish to play catch up an read these recent posts on UK Muppets before continuing LINK is at the bottom.

Then you find out WHO exactly is Darren Lee Sayward aka UKmuppets, LINK is provided below.

But in this post I’d like to touch on the fact that Darren Lee Sayward and his wife at the time Joanne Sayward were sued with casting illegal satellite feeds of sporting events. This took place in between 2012/2013, and  this did in fact make the local news further exposing Darren Lee Sayward/UKmuppets something I’m sure he wouldn’t want anyone to know.


The below LINK explains in detail the events of this matter.

Then we have his so called disability where he claims he can’t work, well of course he can’t work he’s up at all hours perving and fapping on young teen girls in skype and every other social media site imaginable.



On with other mentionables. Now before I continue I’d like to say before you judge me too harsh for the below text and information, it was Darren Lee Sayward who cast the first stone at Michelle Stacey claiming he had her dox and criminal history, if you remember he claimed Michelle was a junkie herself and even claimed to not only have her name but her mug shot. Now why would he do that you ask ??? Well Michelle is a 40+ strong willed woman with children who fights back and refuses to take any bullshit from anyone, a complete opposite say of a 18/19 year old single girl who he can perv on is high on meth and not only vulnerable emotionally but psychologically as well. Do you see where I’m goin here ?screenshot_2-3

The above info is slightly dated so perhaps a shot of something more recent is needed here ? LOOK down below.

Some recent video sent in thank you for this, check it out.


Better much better, this above info is the latest.




So with all that cleared out of the way I’d like to place up a goFCK me account especially for Mr Darren Lee Sayward to help with his future moving expenses.

I’m sure in what we have come to know as classic denial from UK muppets he’s goin to SQUIRM, DENY and LIE about everything on this post. Or  he may go through every post I have ever done screen shot them and make lil hissy fit comments smashing my photoshop images my videos and anything else that angers him. However it will still expose his anger and frustration directed towards me at the same time as I sit back and laugh…  I WIN….. Either way I could care less…I would like to thank anyone and everyone who sent me any information on this individual.screenshot_11I shall be away for the next day or so on a personal matter so please enjoy a refreshing milkshake compliments of UKmuppets…kniw kniw.