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Chris decided to paint his bedroom tonight, By the time i got there most of the heavy work was completed. All that was left was to paint the leather couch.                  I have said in the past that i dont like making fun of the less fortunate however, I believe Chris is an entertainer. He wants us to laugh. Remember when he started the fire right next to the house? He knew he was being a clown and he enjoyed it as much as we did. (BTW, I was paralyzed with laughter from that stunt.)           Well here he is showing off his painting skills.

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I cannot confirm or deny any of the 2 separate bits of information on this posts, but I would like to thank those for the screen shots and links. So with that being said lets get on with it.

First off ….We have the FECES KING himself Shitty Chris and he’s willing to take all holes open for  LOVE. Who could resist this lil man morsel of POOP an FILTH. So get him will you can ladies/gents before AnalStormie his internet mistress claims him for herself.screenshot_6Second we have…. Neh neh neh neh neh ….CHERRY PIE……YOU guessed it Jummy Weezzzoooooooo, or is it Jonny Jizzo ??? screenshot_6

Annnnnnd who could resist the tasteless man with SPUNK on his face…So get him will he’s hot before before some other dude gets him, and impregnates him.



No lowlifes were injured in the making of this post both Chris and Jammy Wuzzo are at home sitting comfortably enjoying this post….<3

Btw we haven’t forgot you Mr Cleary we just taking a break……..for now lmao.


All credit to Caine and Mark for the bit of fun on this recent post, so as you can see we have both Amy and SHITTY Chris sitting on a bed in what I was told is Amy’s room. As the Ivlog cast continues a phone call is made to Amy’s home upon answering the call her mother Pauline is told Amy is providing Chris with a mouth watering blow job up the stairs. Within 30 or so seconds the cast goes off line, listen to the laughter on the video as sudden realization sets in.