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Yes, another “Tit” post………  When the anon’s provideth, we shall try to  oblige…. Thanks to anon7062 for the video provided

(screen grab from said video) 

Now I can not say yay or nay as to the quality of the “tits” you see, but let’s say the crop was small that year?

I submit to you, CherryBreeze’s tits….

So anyone for Vera and Cherry in a wet t-shirt contest in a pool of lime jello?????

We are not here to do character assassinations on people. We just post the facts and show proof.

Cherrybreeze has hit an all time low, that’s if you believe you can go lower than Foxman with a French Fry up his ass.

All credit goes to an anonymous donor who sent this in.

This is a “sound only” file.

But the whole thing can be seen here:

I personally can’t work out if she’s the victim of her own stupidity, or the instigator in her own life drama.

I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.


All credit to Bites an Bytes for this…

In a heart felt message sent to Cherry  poor ol Tobi had this to say…..◕︵◕    ◉︵◉


IF and I do mean IF you manage to translate this jibber jabber  please take note of the …RECEIPT….that I underlined in RED, the reason for this is clear. Now Tobi may return Cherry to the original place of purchase and  get his money back with no muss or fuss… ThE eND.


Back in the day when Cherry and Foxman had a thing I recorded Cherry and with her vagina lips hanging out of her pants. Foxman caught the post and the video and along with it I recorded this. Don’t be too upset Tobi…I think you got off easy.


Now before I begin I cannot confirm or deny the information I have on this post, what I did manage to understand is that Zoe is in Germany she was suppose to leave today, but for some reason decided to stay. Now supposedly there are those who state Zoe has been repeatedly assaulted and badly beaten by Tobi, furthermore she seemed afraid to either leave or call the police. Now Tobi himself was super calm and relaxed, so to be honest there is always 2 sides to a story and since I don’t have Tobi side I’m jus going with what I have. Furthermore many of you felt this was some sort of set up contrived by certain individuals in some lost distant blog trying to trump up weak views…AGAIN I cannot confirm or deny that.


It’s a bout 11min or so when actually the call lasted for hours, but alot of it was repetitive.

If this be true and her soul mate has done such harm to her I can’t imagine the heartache she will endure for many years to come not to mention the trust factor being flushed away possibly forever.

I know ….Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ…..IF…..Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ…. I was lucky enough to have met my soul mate I would have cherish them every moment and make them last a life time. ◉︵◉