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Hard to say if any negative intentional meaning or back lash was meant toward any particular party concerning the recent events that have taken place in Vaughn during the last 48 hours, but I have an image posted from Facebook. Maybe there’s a meaning ?

Mark and his dear mommy chat it up on fb for the whole world to see and babble about #11. Let’s clear up #11 shall we ??

The LINK can be found below.

So was this meant for anyone. Was someone sending out a message ???????

As I have said before in the Bubba’s post as he rants out the Vaughn’s.

Nothing changes for me.


Now all credit to a friend of the blogs for this video, as it features Bubba of the SCRAG having a midnight RANT and spilling the TRUTH about his former Commanding Officer Patricia Lynne Vaughn.

Now what I find humorous about this video is the fact Bubba apart from BASHING Miss Scruffy brings up some past issues in regarding Warren Bucks fingering a 14 year old girl and his blatant beat down of his mother during a live cast about a year and a half ago. He goes as far as mentions the Shawnio casting of Lardo’s sister in laws DOX and the fact children were being brought into this mess. His rant also included a well known fact that Patricia Lynn Vaughn has been reported to stalking or ghosting others as a guest, and has flexed her muscles on numerous casters and viewers in the past. Now MY CONFUSION in all this is the FACT he brings up his CHILDREN.

I never received ANY such information regarding CHILDREN, nor has anyone on this blog received any such information regarding his CHILDREN. So either he has been mis informed or he’s creating a diversion as to the REAL reason HE LEFT Vaughn.


Now also lets keep in mind he’s no HERO and has ZERO INTEGRITY ..WHY you ask ???   Let us not forget the Oma situation when both he Hardwood and Gamergirl made numerous mocking DEATH jokes about babies that lasted for 3/4 days with out any repercussions.

Now as to the authenticity of this video……I simply don’t care…..But what does intrigue me is the FACT he SPILLS the complete TRUTH on the Vaughn’s and that is just BRILLIANT in my eyes. I do hope you enjoy it cuz I sure did…

I was asked today as to where the SCRAG have gone to ????   I didn’t have an answer, but within 10 min I was sent an email from an unknown source with numerous screen shots detailing the possible whereabouts of the group.

So the marriage is over and done with between Scrag and the Vaughn’s. MissScruffy’s reply is kinda COLD huh …Especially knowing how TIGHT they all were ???

Could there be a possible reason ????  You can see on the above shots some familiar names and faces….Gamergirl..Bri and several others…..even Daryl….BUT WAIT that’s not Vaughn live you say ???

No it’s called “BEAM” another casting gaming site used by the SCRAG…behind the Vaughn’s back lol….OOOhhhhhh the IRONY HERE IS TOO SWEET.

The LINK to Bubba’s channel can be found here    

Bubba even goes as far as to advertise his NEW channel on Facebook. Gee I wonder if he’s gonna whip out his pecker in this NEW place and then deny with ignorance ???

No idea as to how long the group has been hiding there, but seems “BEAM” RULES DO APPLY TO THEM NOW…Well without the nazi, hypocrite to protect them it’s gonna be a CRUEL CRUEL WORLD…. Red Nicole may already be the first casualty to be banned from “BEAM”

Patricia Lynn Vaughn again you lose, as your very own group of troll/friends have now abandon you. The same group you went to bat for and have protected for the last several years. In your blind ignorance and stupidity you have become an online NATIONAL joke and by no means should you take this lightly as more and more EX Vaughn casters either jump ship or relocate. You should reconsider the unprofessionalism that you have blatantly demonstrated over the years, but something tells me you can’t or wont. A more ignorant COW could never be placed in such a position even if it had shit for brains such as yourself. Time will only tell.

All credit to our friend for this spicy email of treats.





All credit to Lady-L for this audio clip of a deluded joke called Bubbaganoosh who’s self esteem is so pitifully low he BEGS his viewers to want to be him.

It’s a clear sign of a NOBODY desperately trying to become a SOMEBODY, but in Bubba’s case he felt the need to show his pecker off in hopes of achieving some kind of notoriety  and that’s left him no better than Foxmanshawn or Sexychris. Simply a caster with no class no content…..NOTHING.

Another self exposed individual angry with us for WHAT HE DID during a live cast.

For all those who didn’t see it the first time around or don’t believe, click the LINK down below.

So here we are again discussing MORALITY, HYPOCRISY and good old fashion COMMON SENSE. Now if we were discussing a normal site owner/manager on this post I’m sure all those ethical issues would be addressed. However unfortunately this post concerns the UNPROFESSIONAL,  UNETHICAL BULLSHIT of the Vaughns……AGAIN.

At some point questions need to be answered over at the piss hole site known as Vaughn live.

They say a pictures worth a thousand words, but in this particular case I’d say say it’s worth a sack of cat SHIT, but If I could walk away with anything positive from it.

It would the in the fact that more and more of you are seeing a BIGGER picture, and that may explain why are numbers are constantly growing.


Towards the end of this video you can clearly see as he whips out his penis and quickly covers it up, but too late the damage is done.

The two pictures of him holding a small firearm to his head and mouth were taken over a year ago, since then he’s still been allowed to cast with no serious repercussions. But if this were YOU or MYSELF, both of us would be banned permanently for life.

I’ve said once and I”ll say it again…NEVER PUT ALL YOUR TRUST IN THESE SITE OWNERS, NEVER GIVE YOUR INFO, OR ANYTHING THAT CAN BACK FIRE ON YOU… Simply don’t do it, from my personal experience all of them have their own little circle jerks, and you may not be among the favorites.

How may years, how many posts, how many videos to prove a point ?????????????????

All credit to our friend who sent in the video.