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A wise monkey once said “I can’t make this shit up” 

And it remains true till this very day. All CREDIT to Shawn Roffey… For this  massive dump on what some say is the “Possibly the greatest LIVE streaming video web site on the internet”

BEWARE POOP VIDEO………………….”Realman shows off a toilet filled with his own excrement”

With 2018 in full swing this POOP video and the NO guest chat must be the biggest NEWS to hit, let’s not forget possibly the greatest embarrassment to so far to [VL]. Keep up the great work Mark Scruffy <3.

I can’t help but wonder if this is RMs way of trying to get Holly’s $$$$$ attention $$$$$. As recently Holly money bags has jumped ship to another colossal obese individual and that’s Ben(Is it TINY ?)inOhio. I say we get RM and Ben in a POOP pit and let them grapple it out for the Holly’s cash $$

All credit to the stalker/pedophile Shawn W McQuaid as he sings a song for his beloved web site [VL], and with a few special added effects of my own I thought it turned rather well. Oh and please make sure you listen to the part Shawnio pleads with Ned a 70yr old spandex loving Brit with liver spots to sleep with him. I CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP.


Two nights ago WE witnessed the incredible transformation of SHE-BEN, a begging weak 350 pounds of soft sodomite cry cry man. But I know what you must be thinking..How is Shawnio going to survive this, and will the two internet lovers ever meet ??For those needing to catch up on this PASSIONATE love affair CLICK the LINK below only did WE witness this horrendous SHE-HULK transform right before our very eyes, but if you look close you can see Ben’s magnificent saggy back tits in the mirror. It’s been years since we’ve seen anything quite like that, actually it took me back to the Eric Samosky (Whirlwind) days of back tits.Now those were some serious suckers. But all of a sudden Realman decided to get in on the action by revealing his knockers to all in similar fashion…………………..( 0 ) ( o )..However during the TIT FEST Alice at some point was banned by Ben and decided to remain in the dark for pretty much the whole night. C’mon Princess Ben be a sport and unban Alice she’s ok really she’s just a lil off.But I do know somewhere in that head is a lost person who is screaming for a cheese sandwich or maybe it was tuna I forget.Right out of a page from Ben Taylor’s book of e-begging….Can’t we do it for the cats and all try and get along at least for the holidays ???

Oh and one last thing Alice please let me know if it’s ok for me to post your tits again the boys were asking and well….what do ya say. No hard feelings ??




To my recollection this maybe our first Christmas SCAM for 2017..Dear ol Ben may be taking pages directly from Frank Taylor’s hand book of crying the blues and  collecting CASH $$$…(=^ェ^=)So he sets up a PAYPAL account to collect CASH for 12 cats ??……..(=^ェ^=)To begin with a person to have 12 cats must have something wrong with them, not to mention the food cat litter and stink. What’s even funnier is how he uses the cats for his online begging in hopes of collecting some CASH. Remember this was the same person who needed money to fix his car in order to work or get to his job. Later on he needed money to fix his teeth, so on so forth etc etc. So much for that nonsense eh Ben, just go back to sleep.  I seriously have zero respect for anyone who cries and whines as much as this feeble 350 pound weakling, he lays in bed casting his life to the world. Ben what did you expect when you made this open to the PUBLIC ????

A cross between Call of Cthulhu or some under water sea creature conjure silly images of laughter in my mind as you try and…… something on cam4 ????

UPDATE.. And then there were 13…

Within several hours of making this post another cat was born making the tally to 13 cats now lmao…I guess he can’t keep track of his cats, or he’s  making them with copy and paste. You can’t make this shit up. LMAO



I’ve seen some crazy things during my time blogging, but holy moly mother of all that’s decent I wasn’t prepared for this close encounter of the droopy saggy kind. To our brave friend who actually sat there and took the screen shots for this post, my deepest sympathy I hope your mental anguish and torture finds light at the end of the saggy tunnel.Ben it’s obvious you’re dying to claim some kind of attention by doing all this, but really find some hobbies or somethingBen between the layers of saggy skin and droopiness I’m sure there’s a pee hole somewhere in all that. Anyone BRAVE enough to venture close to this may need a search and rescue team on stand by to save them from certain death. If I squint my eyes just so I can visualize a scene from an ALIEN film, just don’t ask me which one because I’m sure it never made it to theaters and never will. On the bright side Shawnio has his hand down his pants so this means it’s a good thing right ?



I decided to give Cleary the Irish Kamikaze a break for a bit to have a lil fun with Vaughn’s newest love couple Ben and Shawnio.Ben might be enjoying this blogging thing more than I realized as of 2 nights ago he decided to place up a side by side video cast, it was so damn funny many of you sent in screen shots and some commented in the blog chat over it.Shawnio is so into it he even fingers his own ASS sending Ben internet love signals like a COW in heat calling her male BULL.I think the couple have a great chance at love. I can only imagine the SEX TALK in the bedroom as Shawnio makes the request for Ben to pretend he’s a 10 year old boy and then lick the peanut butter from Shawnio’s penis….Ohh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿And with Shawnio’s top notch culinary skills he’s going to please Ben at the dinner table as well.With such mouth watering meals as bologna in a rusty pan he’s bound to have Ben drooling.So tastyAnd of course who could forget his 7 years of cooking to achieve the meal in the above shot, never mind it’s taken me about 4years to TRY and understand what it is that he cooked in that same very shot, and I still have no idea as to what it is. All we know about is it’s wet and brown and in a pan. ◉︵◉When the baby is due we all know Shawnio wouldn’t have the skills to be a mother but he would have the perfect BREASTS to feed many.If he’s out on the town or just looking sexy posing as a model Shawn W McQuaid is the perfect male catch for those husky lovers, if you know what I mean Ohh la laaaaaa.

I suppose I’m to await the 60 or so usual angry comments from a certain Georgetown resident lmao. 凸(¬◡¬)凸