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PURE BRILLIANCE when the moron of the internet actually becomes sexually stimulated by something other than a 14 year old girl, it’s HILARIOUS when you can drop the proverbial piano on his child like head and laugh at him for it. But today was EPIC as the registered sex offender was PUBLICLY humiliated for all of Vaughn to witness as he screamed like a 14 year old girl going to her first BOY BAND concert, sadly I missed it and was busy painting my toe nails and shaving my back to record it but I was given a single screen shot of the hysterical event. So thank you for the screen shot.What the VILLAGE IDIOT fails to realize is that he’s banned from the site. WHY you ask ? …Well he’s a lying sack of worm poop and doesn’t deserve to be here…THE END. Now go get SODOMIZED by those you bend over for.Adumbs you’re a BITCH remember that. You make this too easy. You have a brain use it, try at least so the other sex offenders don’t laugh at you.


When I created the first post I did have more information on this subject to include but wanted to see who was paying attention to the posts and to casters on [VL] as well as who would question the obvious.

So all credit to “Gumcheeks” for making the statement that started the second part to this post.

Gumcheeks: And you are correct…………And that’s why I saved this part until now.

Now before anyone has a heart attack and tries to create a situation I do not know of this caster all I’m doing is using the above image to prove a point as to how certain individuals like Adam Browne will slither lie and connive his way all over the net just to achieve his own snake like goals.

That’s right Adam BRAGS and KISSES up to the Vaughns claiming how he supports NO GUEST CHAT, but in reality the cry baby attention whore just cant get his story straight and is willing to follow anyone just so he could be in the spotlight. Like the weak pathetic sell out he truly is he clamors onto another caster like a child suckling his mother’s breast greedy for that mouth watering drop of attention. The beauty about what [VL] casters are achieving is that they are indirectly supporting the competition, and WE all know this burns Scruffy’s vag just like Darren Lee Saywards’s privates at a Catholic girl teen hight school prom dance.

By Scruffy removing GUEST CHAT the casters have now accomplished something the trolls never could and that’s by promoting other sites in the social casting realm. And in the mean time the numbers drop in Vaughn as more casters take up to sitting alone in hopes of chat interaction. Thank you Scruffy you’ve done well for us.


The video was from several years ago I would suspect, but still it was fun to mess about with it and add a few extras for laughs. All credit to those responsible for dropping the original video in the chat..Thank you.

Something tells me he was really getting into showing himself off for Scruffy, just listen to how he describes the the whole thing.


All credit to those for the screen shots and the vid which I then cut up and added some silliness for fun. NO it doesn’t feature an overly painted drunk Brit pretending to be something she’s not nor does it have a woman placing fruit in to her VAGINA, but I do hope you have fun with it.

Thanks to the person who sent in this image.

So as of last night …so the story goes, Leff was replaced with another much younger female. My only question is WHY did Leff finally leave did she realize what Adubms really was ???

We can only wonder. I mean after all if Jessica can come to her senses can’t others ???


I was handed this video with the statement……..

The Pro tech that was able to clean up the STILL of his SECURITY LICENSE, has now done a VIDEO of exactly HOW it was done, as to ward off any ideas SB or anyone Photo shopped the PIC….Enclosed is PART 1…and PART 2 of HOW THE PIC WAS ENHANCED..
I hope this will settle the non believers that SB or a person just re did a Pic in PS…..
So basically what we have is a BREAK DOWN of how the image was cleared and later used in the recent post.