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When 3 negative weak forces collide they are a failing result of lack of intelligence..common sense..integrity and honesty, but most of all reek of sheer desperation and can only be described as complete idiocy especially when one factors in that the Baldick being the front man of this special needs unit comprised of desperate loony toon characters. I sat on this post letting things simmer until Lardo had placed up his review, then the idea was to place up my post and expose the lulz.

So let’s begin by examining the image that provided to me.
In the last week there are those who have insisted that this image was not only “SEXUALLY EXPLICIT” but THEY went as far as to state that this is “CHILD PORNOGRAPHY” and PROOF that those of us here are PEDOPHILES. The BALDICK even laid claim of reporting this blog to the POLICE for “CHILD PORNOGRAPHY”

Amazing how 6 words can tell a story and his expression is PRICELESS lmao….However when the GREAT REVEAL finally took place the laughter filled the chat and all eyes fell on the guilty foolish looking Adam Paul Stuart Browne, his only comment was ” I don’t know I’m only a messenger” …In other words nothing more than a tool.

Use COMMON SENSE and do know what that means ??
1-The image in question dates back to 2014, please let me remind you WE are nearing the end of 2017. So we’re looking at a possible 3 or more years that have gone by with absolutly NO LEGAL recourse taking place on anyone here especially this blog. Why is that ???
2-The individuals in question then PROMOTE the said “CHILD PORNOGRAPHY” image not only on their own blog but on Vaughnlive. That is categorized as DISTRIBUTION, that is when a party gives or hands out the incriminating evidence to other parties this not only binds them legally to the CRIME but further incriminates the holder of the evidence in the proces.
In essence ALL PARTIES who view or own THAT image are NOW GUILTY by association.
3- The Baldick claims she has made a REPORT, my only question to WHOM has the Baldick REPORTED this OFFENSE to ???
I had no idea that the Mickey Mouse club was a place for such reporting.

Do your RESEARCH and having the computer skills to match.

This is the part WE separate “THE BLOG” from the kindergarten special needs kids across the pond.
I have placed the so called “child porn” image in its entirety, not painted and untouched. The reason I have done so is to further my point with exposing the lack of intelligence from those individuals who project so desperately clawing their own guilty filth on to others. First we use a browser extension called “TIN EYE REVERSE IMAGE” it’s compatible for both Firefox and Chrome.The result is 624 reputable Links and sites that YOU and millions like you use every single day of your life. Sites such as…… … and many many other well known sites from all over the globe.
And just imagine all stemming from what a pack of moronic retards view as “Child Pornography”A wise monkey once said “I can’t make this shit up”This site is an informative site exclusively dealing with breast cancer awareness and how women may protect themselves and spot early signs of breast cancer.

Nawww WE simply laugh at you and prove our point again …again and again. But seriously twice in 1 week getting publicly SMACKED out…Too rich and talk about being SUPER DESPERATE lmao….

POOR research LOW education…not understanding the internet…Too much alcohol or drugs dulling the brain, all of these seem to have played a likely factor in the the Baldick the Guilty and the Desperate Projecting Fool.




I can’t make believers out of folks who wish to remain in denial all I can do is offer the info as is and this is it.

All credit goes out to those who continue to bring NEW information to my attention and to this blog.With a NEW cleaned up image a friend has gone to a great deal of trouble to bring this to light by exposing who Adam Paul Stuart Browne really is.

Down below is his Canadian date site he used going back to 2010, so this is not recent but an old account. On the account he claims to be 31 years of age.   

This LINK below is of a GOOGLE search I did for his name, finding only 1 person with the name Adam Paul Stuart Browne in all of Burlington Ontario Canada. Age 31years of age.

His facebook account Adam Browne 31 of Burlington Ontario Canada.

And after all that I have decided to post the # number of the Halton Police in his area. So ANYONE may now call and REPORT him to the authorities.Contact InformationOffice Phone905-845-8571 Fax 905-845-9516Website Social MediaTwitter Twitter: ContactGeoff Currie, Area Manager; Phone: 905-845-8571 ext 209; Email: [email protected]Alternate ContactStephanie Lee, Assistant Area Manager; Phone: 905-845-8571 ext 211; Email: [email protected]ca

I have also submitted the numbers and email of what we believe to be his either probation or parole officer and of those that would be dealing with his possible online restrictionsAs far as Jessica goes with her out right blatant LIE concerning her so called research on the “sex registry looking for Adam crap” There is NO WAY ANYONE could access such information. This means she knows Adam fulls name and he LITERALLY admits to it in chat.

“It is a database maintained by the RCMP that provides Canadian police services with important information that will improve their ability to investigate and prevent crimes of a sexual nature”

“The public does not have access to the National Sex Offender Registry”

That LINK is down below.

The POST that started it all so you may wish to check it out.

And the POST he denies showing his ID on cam.