The Vaughn’s WIN hurraaaaay ٩◔‿◔۶…And a FROZEN CAT ??? 🐱

On a recent Adumbs cast some emotional hypocrites were basking in their own poo and lies.And Jessica was the topic of conversation once again by non other then the sexually frustrated slowly dying Christian site owner…oh well.. What I find odd is HOW and WHY Scruffy decides to enter Adumbs channel to announce such news to everyone, why not simply keep this to yourself ???

I think this only further proves Scruffy is rather upset with Jessica so in typical Scruffy fashion she runs and gossips with the RAPIST her new favorite boy toy, but then we could all see this coming from 9 months ago remember when her DOX was spammed continuously on Adumbs casts and nothing was done about it ???

CLICK the 3 LINKS below for further confirmation of this please.

Again the “VICTORY” and this “WAR” she fights, but notice how she now admits SHE ALLOWED the FROZEN CAT fiasco on her site couple of years ago…BINGO BUSTED AGAIN. So there you have it the site manager now admits she did indeed allow this to occur, but then again she did absolutely nothing however gripes for months about casters leaving her site to go elsewhere ??Anger bitterness and the fact she keeps trying to “WIN” this pretend battle she’s fighting makes for humorous posts, but let me mention if Scruffy were winning then can someone please explain why the site looks rather empty infact the only action that seems to appear is when the video freezes up every 1 to 3min and I need to refresh it 10 times just to get it going.

All credit to those for the screen grabs on this post.







  1. puddintane February 13, 2018 4:25 am 

    scruffy is a nasty lying twat.

  2. ThatSmell February 13, 2018 9:26 am 

    Mark needs to to put a leash on that old cow he calls a mother. And wind her neck in!

  3. ThatSmell February 13, 2018 9:30 am 

    Last comment came out as miss scurvy. Maybe auto correcting for her next disease she is dying from lol

  4. anon February 13, 2018 5:57 pm 

    What’s the vision of Vaughnlive, failure?

  5. anon February 13, 2018 7:56 pm 

    Why is scruffy always discussing other casters openly on the site. Isn’t that supposed to be private information from site owners?

  6. TinkleToes February 14, 2018 7:49 am 

    Professionalism at its finest!

    ”Let ya mama run it!”

    btw it must suck seeing casters who refuse to pay for vip on VL that now pay for pro acounts on iVlog.
    Great win Scruffy.

  7. YouLost February 14, 2018 1:19 pm 

    I dont think its any coincidence after the mass exodus from VaughnLive the people section is suddenly filled with misc and DJs…and all of a sudden theres connection issues worse than before. Problem Vaughns? Yep, you win alright.

  8. Mr.E February 17, 2018 10:31 pm 

    vl is burping badly like realman with bad bloating lol.Alot casters are over ivlog now and very few seldom comes back but temporality cast.Hi 5 to baggy tits.

  9. The Big Rooster February 18, 2018 7:36 am 

    I lost track of how many former vl casters I’ve seen on ivlog recently . Meanwhile scruffy accuses you guys of blackmailing them to go to ivlog . no idea wtf that broad smoking 🚬 .

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