Sean Cleary CRIES HARASSMENT again, but who is HARASSING who ??

Somethings you simply can’t make up and this is SHIRLEY one of them.

On the BOOZE/XANAX kick for almost a week and this pathetic cry baby ass is back on Vaughn…..again.

So stupid and drunk is he during this week long binge that he can’t remember how to turn off the “SLOW MODE” in chat, so of course he blames Mark Vaughn the owner of the site.

Listen at the 8:34 part of the video as he claims Mark Vaughn the site owner is HARASSING him, but PLEASE do keep in mind Sean Cleary is BANNED permanently from Vaughn site..FOREVER.

And this is the reason WHY he’s BANNED he trolled Mark’s 80+ year old grandmother to the point she had to move to another home. Let’s not forget how he mocked the DEATH of her husband in the process.


Sooooooo Cleary follow any kids home lately ???



  1. puddintane August 19, 2017 6:59 pm 

    Really Mark you and mommydearest are trolling cry baby’s. Scrubby and mark allowed many of their ass kissers to dox casters on cam harressing them and even calling them live on cam. Posting their dox and even their kids dox. Hell WW just last week played a video of someone’s family’s children and because it was Lardo’s family the cunt will do nothing. WW must be a sicko he was playing a video of kids dancing, right scrubby? Mark and mommydearest are wankers with their double and triple standards. It’s different when your family was doxed right scrubby??

    • hemdroid August 19, 2017 10:11 pm 

      LOL, the good part is i recorded it. LOL, come on marky wheres that subpoena? HAHAHAHA

  2. Pedro August 21, 2017 4:52 am 

    Mork should win an Academy Award for that poignant performance…. Bravo!!!

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