Sean Cleary is NOW the VICTIM of HARASSMENT …aawww bless his lil kitten whiskers <3

Yup you it guessed the once BIG BAD troll with all his BRAVADO and chest thumping THREATS has now turned in to the docile lil girl we all knew him to be. After YEARS and YEARS of him HARASSING and TROLLING FOLKS ONLINE. HE TURNS into THE BIGGEST SUCKY OF THEM ALL. Figures we all knew this day would eventually arrive.

However let us not forget the post in his honor of yesterday shall we???

To ANY investigating officers please check the LINKS below

Good now WE have that out the way I hope the POLICE in Carlow Ireland investigate those LINKS and see for them selves what has taken place for YEARS.

However for now WE have more of Cleary and his pretentious chest beating and horse shit.

IrelandsPatriot: “if monkey does a post itll bury his own grave i gave them scuttles link lol”

WayneFromNY: “good job ip”

Monkeysniffer from this blog: Yes Cleary GREAT JOB lmao……Bring it on baby bring it on. It’s a good day to dig a GRAVE.

Just one QUESTION HEY Sean Cleary did you stop the 60 hateful threatening comments a DAY as DAZ  cuz you shit yourself with LIES and HYPOCRISY ??

Follow any children home lately or is JUSTICE on your side ??

You COPS want a show I’ll give you a god damn show.


Let’s do this and get it right..No stopping now.


  1. Mrs.O Cleirigh August 4, 2017 8:47 pm 

    The only GRAVE being dug is yours IP, you see we have plenty of proof of what you have been doing online and yes it goes back years to when your were under age. What you just saw is the tip of the proverbial iceberg, keep digging Sean please keep digging. LMFAO THE LAD DOESN’T KNOW WHEN TO STFU.

    • monkeysniffer August 4, 2017 11:11 pm 

      A quote from a viewer…..Last month i went into the cop shop to report some of the doxing and slandering on here. the woman i spoke to introduced herself as the acting inspector in charge of cyber crimes
      but didnt know what doxing was. after filling out four a3 sized sheet of paper and initialing my alterations and giving her a cd of screen saves and video clips she gave me a case number thanked me then just about pushed me out the door. on thursday the twentieth of last month i got a phone call asking me to go back in and clear up a point or two. i went in the next day which was a friday. this time i got three coppers
      who asked questions about menelli babs and irelandpatriot and another name i didnt recognize. i gave them over thirty a3 printouts of perverted conversations iv had in private and have saved.
      more than enough to get two of them locked up. the coppers only ask questions they dont answer any but when i asked if the four named people were known to them they told me that one of them had been reported as a juvenile for torturing and inflicting severe pain and suffering on a cat.
      the reason im writing this is because we need more people to come forward and report the bad shit houses that cause physical and mental suffering on here. go in prepared with print out and vidios. it may be a few hours but its worth it trust me.

      • monkeysniffer August 4, 2017 11:12 pm 

        Who ever you are BRAVO …good work hope this pays off

  2. puddintane August 4, 2017 8:50 pm 

    Stick a fork in Sean Cleary or should I say O Cleirigh either way his ass is done and that is a fact.

  3. hemdroid August 5, 2017 1:07 am 

    all i can say is, “i hope someone gets the police involved.” thats it.

  4. Gold August 5, 2017 10:17 am 

    Is Michelle Carter a member of the UKFools? Seems like they have the same M.O.

    RIP Wintard

    • monkeysniffer August 5, 2017 4:47 pm 

      Gold no idea who that is most likely a BS name that was made up. And no idea as to who’s M.O. u are referring to.

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