A MESSAGE for Sarah69

It would seem not everyone on Vaughn is thrilled with Sarah’s homecoming from jail, in fact one caster had a message for Sarah.

It takes GUTS to make such a bold statement on a site run by folks like the Vaughns…also takes GUTS to stand for something even when it seems you stand alone. Good for you.











  1. anonymous June 25, 2017 7:40 pm 

    she is a dumb cunt with no remorse who has significant psychological issues/insecurities. she takes out her frustration on others, and cannot admit she is an alcoholic. she has had multiple duis, she has been to rehab for alcohol which she failed. she just sits around drinking and fucking some random guy and getting on cam to boost her ego while dumping her kid at her parents house. if you love your kid, get your shit together and stop acting like a teenage bimbo.

    and for the record you stupid dumb cunt, you were driving while intoxicated. nobody is saying it was right for you to be hit and run (which may just be BS excuse, who knows what actually happened). but whether you were hit or not, people are saying you are a dumb fuck for drinking and driving, whether somebody hit you or not. it is a greedy crime that puts others at risk. and you have a fucking kid. such greedy to go around getting drunk and guzzling cum and dumping your kid at your parents at any opportunity you get, and on top of take drinking and driving and risk losing your kid or your life or the life of others.

  2. anonymous June 25, 2017 8:02 pm 

    she just surrounds herself by enablers. if you dont kiss her tits or encourage her to act like a drunken slut, then she gets angry. the people who actually give sound comments about her behavior cause her to throw a tantrum.

    look at this josh guy, she just likes being with him because he encourages her skanky behavior. he just wants to get his dick wet so he puts up with her shit. i feel bad for his neighbors having this shank come over all the time to just drink, smoke, blast music, and fuck. pathetic. and she has a kid.

  3. baboultrSucksDik June 25, 2017 9:29 pm 

    UK Muppets is a hive of vile and low iq retrobates ,a greasy girlie boy with a ball less voice like if he has too many arab cocks in his ass..BABS.seems to me princess brahim is the main instigator and is working extremly hard trying to get Christopher While killed or harmed by having a powwow on pedo king menellies website greasy gaz ,menellie,baboultr and gang had google maps and for a minute i thought i was in a jason bourne film ..photos ,film,footage,maps etc …gaz was almost foaming at the mouth yes chris big friend GAZ ,babs was dropping chris dox on websites to make sure chris wiill be targeted,menellie sat there like the riddler displaying his puttblug and in extacy thinking he will walk away from all this child porn drama…but his fingerprints are on everything the usual abusers and terrorist suspects where there IP,babs,nathan,marc gronan,banepawn,nightsparrow,daz,jenny,amy,cory always the same sick Psychopaths ,for years these people have abused,hurt,terrorised,tormented ,used criminal activity and hacking slander to attack ONE SPECIAL NEEDS MAN ;1 MAN these cowards need to be 20 to fight and try and destroy him,last night was a perfect inside look at how these scum target and gang stalk…what makes me laught babs wants to go to court to mock chris,babs himself will be court soon the little fairy coward ,monkey your site has to become like a army against these scum,because under UK Muppets hides a childmolestor called shawnio

  4. baboultrSucksDik June 25, 2017 9:38 pm 

    watching Darren and everyone dancing to babs flute is so pathetic anyone that is under this clowns influence is truly a weak and spineless loser

  5. Anonymous June 26, 2017 6:24 am 

    Took real guts to troll and harass a woman they don’t even know. Goddamn. Goddamn.

    • monkeysniffer June 26, 2017 12:09 pm 

      No one would have been able to troll her …………..IF…………she did not chose to make her life PUBLIC online and BEG for CASH after committing a CRIMINAL act. It’s not my posts you should concern yourself with it’s her PROBATION on Tuesday you need to be careful with….Best is yet to come

      • anonymous June 26, 2017 3:19 pm 

        the first thing she did after getting out of jail was not spend time with her kid, it was go to josh’s house and get drunk and suck jizz and cast online

        “the you dont know me” excuse doesnt work. this cunt has spent years online broadcasting. she advertises all her shit and drama to the world, but doesnt like when people give anything but positive comments about her trashy lifestyle. nobody is forcing her to cast. she plays the victim card when it is convenient for her. she trolls and insults others herself, she even openly admits to having several troll accounts.

        so call it trolling and harassment if you want when anybody does anything but kiss princess sarah’s tits, but i think you will find that most people think drunk driving is not something to be encouraged.

        • monkeysniffer June 26, 2017 6:55 pm 

          Well her LIFE is PUBLIC and so be it.

  6. Name June 27, 2017 1:13 am 

    These posts are literally awesome

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