Give em HELLL…The whiteknight of Vaughn makes a HUGE mistake….again

Over the weekend we had this bit of information coming right out of Vaughn itself, seems Scruffy wishes for her HERO to give someone HELL most likely us here at the blog.

Problem with that is WE have other plans you see lmao. We don’t bend over or obey your LAWS. WE don’t jump for you.

So Lynn Patricia Vaughn you keep humping away your lil boy bitch doggy while you can. In the mean time…..As he DESTROYS you dying business from the inside out for us…….. Just keep in mind I did warn you.

For you see the idiot openly admits to SWATTING Lardo 5 years ago. That’s right Lynn your BITCH boy doesn’t have a brain but thanks to all the booze and drugs he takes he sure has a big mouth…Wanna talk about it Scruffy ????

I even have 40+ videos downloaded from Shawnio’s own Youtube account where he crank calls innocent businesses and harasses folks on the internet. Click below for that LINK.

A special thxs for this above pic from a friend.

So you keep doing your deed and KILL off your own business by allowing certain individuals to DOX ..HARASS ..STALK make DEATH THREATS …SWATTING all you want. You and so many others like you WISH deep down inside for this blog to BE GONE.. Truth is this blog makes you choke on your own vile filth and that’s the price you’re going to pay for having a Shawn W McQuaid aka Shawnio on your site. Just do a GOOGLE for his name and AAALLLLLLLLLLL of the TRUTH comes out.






  1. Name June 6, 2017 10:54 pm 

    You seem mad, you should write a post about it, oh wait lol

  2. Shawn W McCrackin June 6, 2017 11:01 pm 

    You’re such a gullible idiot Janice. I bet they ripped you a new ass when you were at school and you couldn’t hide behind ban hammers.

    You hate Vaughn yet you do nothing but talk about it, spend all your free time blogging about it, and making childish MS paint images about it. The Vaughn’s own you dumb fucks. You’re nothing but a FREE advertisement service for the Vaughn’s!!

    And the best thing of all you PAY money to do all this LMAO. You pay for a server to host this blog, you pay for VPNs to access Vaughn and you PAY with your time.

    You must be so unhappy in life if this is all you can find to do with your time.

    What a bunch of losers you are.

    • monkeysniffer June 6, 2017 11:15 pm 


    • scuttlebutt June 7, 2017 12:43 am 

      @Shawn W McCrackin. AKA Gimp-boy.
      But you’re the one watching US 24/7. You’re the one talking about US every day in your dead channel. You’re the one that keeps being doxed. You’re the one who has to make up lies. You’re the one who has to come to US, because we wont go to you. You’re the real pedophile who fucked his own 14 year old sister. You’re the one who beat the crap out of his own sister-inlaw. You’re the one who groomed young boys and got them to steal for him, and you’re the one who makes up an imaginary job and has no real friends in his life.

      Wanna talk about it Shawnio. I can post the links to all the proof.

    • hemdroid June 7, 2017 12:04 pm 

      hey shawn mcfappin. lets meet up at the pub friday night. bring your fap rag. <3

  3. Anonymous June 7, 2017 5:18 am 

    I can only hope shawnio goes after scrubby and mark very soon, then the old bitch won’t think it’s funny. Scrubby what pills is shawnio sending you?

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