2 BANS and 1 OUT … let the weekend begin

So this 3 in 1 multi post covers several different individuals. All thx to our anons and anyone else who may have contributed to the post.

THE BIG NEWS is ……………………….

Shawnio was arrested for having SEX with farm animals……..again.

NO NO NO I’m joking around.

THE BIG NEWS is………He was sodomized by his MOMMY ????

NO NO NO I’m joking again……..


Sarah69 was possibly released….hmmmmmm. Let the fireworks pop baby. Our anons tell us that this has indeed taken place, I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough as most likely a cast will be scheduled some time in the near future and Sarah can explain the whole mess away.

And is has been confirmed as to her release. So just don’t drive in Nebraska cuz you might get rear ended by a drunk skinny tall female.

So that brings me to this mornings WEENY wagon fest starring Liklik as himself our anons in chat tell me he is now officially BANNED from both Vaughn live and Ivlog, sorry Liklik you could have been a contender……kid.

Along with the BAN news comes DirtyWood  the unwashed outcast who has been officially banned from Vaughn live as well. Guess the lovely Miss Scruffy in all her infinite wisdom after so many years has finally seen the error of her ways and has decided to finally to do something about her dirty laundry (sarcasm laughs)

Or perhaps she’s finally pulled her condescending self out of her self righteous ass ?

Or maybe after being kicked by the Dirtyone she’s decided to retaliate in her own special loving way ??



  1. thisisfakenews June 3, 2017 6:40 am 

    Fake News

  2. dave the pedo June 3, 2017 3:09 pm 

    always make good on your promises/threats

    1.111 million 27 days and still no pizza and still no dox


    • monkeysniffer June 3, 2017 5:43 pm 

      Make good on yours..Jus name the DOX you would like to see. But I clearly dont have your weak mindset nor the time to be sending pizzas to a pedophile stalker, my real hope would be a face to face meeting, but we both know fear would prevent you doing that just like a skype call made you tremble. Just like meeting a certain woman for 2 years made you afraid to meet up. Being a full time LIAR and catfish is your resume, but time is not on your side and at 65 years of age the clock is ticking away. Incredibly ironic that the 2 individuals you dislike the most both shawnio an Ned are the 2 you now emulate and have become their exact duplicate in every way.RIP not that anyone cares.

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