Scruffy HATES on the BLOGS but allows Michelle Stacey’s DOX on cast ????

All credit to those for the screen shots thank you.

So as with the Lardo’s family DOX being allowed on Shawnio’s cast so can be said of Michelle and her DOX. Both allowed on Vaughn live, need I say more ???

As you can see on the above shot much like the Lardo DOX post I have painted out the links to avoid the actual DOX from being exposed….WHY you ask ????

Because I will not confirm or deny any of the above DOX as being legit, what if that information is incorrect and an innocent person is PRANKED ????   In fact in the past Shawnio has even admitted to giving out the FALSE DOX and joked about it.

As you can clearly see in the above shot a guest asking questions about the incorrect DOX….little did Shawnio know THAT GUEST WAS ME…SURPRISE it’s called SOCIAL ENGINEERING Shawnio. Again not only do I expose you, but you dragged Vaughnlive in the same feces heap such as yourself…BRAVO lil boy toy.

Only hours after does Scruffy make these comments in a caters channel.

And finally a comment made about 2 years ago by Scruffy herself, and you know what ???   It’s actually TRUE I did learn alot from both Shawnio and Scruffy and that’s to FIGHT FIRE with FIRE. An EYE for an EYE …etc etc. As harsh as I may seem at times I did learn that RULES only apply sometimes to some people and others not at all.