Where has the SCRAG gone ??? Not on Vaughn live you say ???

I was asked today as to where the SCRAG have gone to ????   I didn’t have an answer, but within 10 min I was sent an email from an unknown source with numerous screen shots detailing the possible whereabouts of the group.

So the marriage is over and done with between Scrag and the Vaughn’s. MissScruffy’s reply is kinda COLD huh …Especially knowing how TIGHT they all were ???

Could there be a possible reason ????  You can see on the above shots some familiar names and faces….Gamergirl..Bri and several others…..even Daryl….BUT WAIT that’s not Vaughn live you say ???

No it’s called “BEAM” another casting gaming site used by the SCRAG…behind the Vaughn’s back lol….OOOhhhhhh the IRONY HERE IS TOO SWEET.

The LINK to Bubba’s channel can be found here              https://beam.pro/BU88AGANOOSH

Bubba even goes as far as to advertise his NEW channel on Facebook. Gee I wonder if he’s gonna whip out his pecker in this NEW place and then deny with ignorance ???

No idea as to how long the group has been hiding there, but seems “BEAM” RULES DO APPLY TO THEM NOW…Well without the nazi, hypocrite to protect them it’s gonna be a CRUEL CRUEL WORLD…. Red Nicole may already be the first casualty to be banned from “BEAM”

Patricia Lynn Vaughn again you lose, as your very own group of troll/friends have now abandon you. The same group you went to bat for and have protected for the last several years. In your blind ignorance and stupidity you have become an online NATIONAL joke and by no means should you take this lightly as more and more EX Vaughn casters either jump ship or relocate. You should reconsider the unprofessionalism that you have blatantly demonstrated over the years, but something tells me you can’t or wont. A more ignorant COW could never be placed in such a position even if it had shit for brains such as yourself. Time will only tell.

All credit to our friend for this spicy email of treats.






  1. Anonymous April 16, 2017 1:24 am 

    Scruby has no friends lmao they left her sorry ass 🙂 Patricia maybe you should be fair to the ppl that use VL to late they gone..

  2. Anonymous April 16, 2017 1:29 am 

    Fact scrubby doesn’t care what you do on vl as long as you kiss her and marks ass and that is a fact lol

  3. ShawnioRapedHisSister April 16, 2017 2:28 am 

    Dont forget thats where the sister raping pedo shawnio also casts his games

  4. Walt April 16, 2017 2:55 am 

    Interesting how Scruffy has turned on them now… I actually like some of those people… considered them friends to a point… sad to see that fat Bri is still clinging to them making them look like a bunch of cunts…

  5. Ozzy Ozbourne April 16, 2017 1:23 pm 

    The realism is that people like Red Nicole and others behavior will not be tolerated without favoritism.Good to see them get banned on a website with true integrity.

    Good post. Fuck these hateful fucks who lack respect for others. Isn’t it revealing to know that ONLY VAUGHNLIVE would host people who behave so badly.

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