Attention whores online PART 2

It was back in August when I did the first part of this post and realized it takes all kinds of people to be online, most of which need attention in their empty lives. That brings me to a couple of individuals who claim to be the most HIGH and most RIGHTEOUS CHRISTIANS of em all, I simply call them HYPOCRITES, and wash my hands of them. For now I believe it may be time for some long overdue house cleaning. Spring is quickly approaching and maybe the over clutter has become stale and unneeded.Jessica your comments smell foul of a lunatic who has forgotten that it was Vaughn that allowed your DOX on their site, furthermore it was individuals like Adam and Shawnio that attacked you and threatened you in Vaughn. They DOXED you, we never needed you, this blog is growing and your kind are simply not needed. But I do believe my greatest asset is time, and in time you’re going to find your judgment was poorly misplaced.

A year or more ago another self appointed holy man called Warren Buck was a caster on Vaughn, he to reaped what he sowed and what became of him ??????

No one cares. However everyone REMEMBERS ….People never forget nor do they forgive.

We don’t have to call them out in the end, THEY expose themselves to us, every single time.


Just remember YOU came to US, WE  didn’t go to you.

A person once told me she didn’t wish to get involved. I told her too late, if you don’t pick a side one will be chosen for you.

The first PART of the post can be found on the below LINK



  1. scuttlebutt March 27, 2017 12:22 am 

    This reminds me of six years ago when I was asked why Mark Vaughn & Scrubby hate other sites so much?

    In them days I had a little “inside information” from someone old Scrubby had pissed off. (No. Not Wabbs) I was told that the Vaughns will do as little as possible, for the least expense, to run their site.

    Ask yourself, why all the fuss over Jessica going to Twitch, when they don’t care so much if you leave to cast on iVlog?

    (I’m sure some of you smart ones are well ahead of me here, but I’ll type it out anyway.)

    Mark Vaughn DIDN’T make the site for YOU. He made it for himself to MAKE MONEY. The “easy” way for him to make money, is to become a thorn in the side of Twitch, so they will buy him out. He doesn’t care about you, or me, or Jessica. He cares about his “MONEY MAKING BUSINESS” and the numbers he can show a potential buyer.

    Why hasn’t he made a real mobile app? Why hasn’t he given you Co-Host? Why hasn’t he done ANYTHING he promised you? The simple answer is the rule of business: Make it for the least cost. Sell it for the maximum profit. They NEED to keep people away from Twitch, and they hate this blog for pointing out their true (hidden) motive.

    • rest In Peace vaughnlive March 27, 2017 2:05 am 

      You can imagine that the owner and his mother must really have a huge ego and must be narcissistic on a very high level to think they would even become a speck of dirt in comparison to Twitch. Just un-fucking believable that they could be putting themselves on such a pedestal.

      • scuttlebutt March 27, 2017 3:14 am 

        @ rest In Peace vaughnlive. Scrubby said before the New Orleans meet that there would be 40 plus people turn up. There was ONE! Yves was the only one, and when they got thrown out of a restaurant old Scrubby went ballistic, saying “Don’t they know who he is? He’s the CEO of Vaughn Live….as if they would of heard of a piss ant little company / site like Vaughn. Scrubz suffers from delusions of grandeur… well as every other sickness known to medical science.

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