Reverend Helton calls on the GODS and don’t use MAGIC it simply wont help you

It’s an old video from several years ago where again he deals with his children being taken away from him. He’s lost the children so many times I’ve lost count.

A quote from the Reverend himself.

From: Rev.James (VonHelton) 17/12/2004 16:27
to: Em (emsplace) 12 of 195
Thankfully for me, your too much of a dumbass to know that majick has no effect on me……..That includes curses.

But hey, if you want to waste your time, far beit from me to stop you!

From: Rev.James (VonHelton) 19/12/2004 18:30
to: Three teen drivers = totally grey Mom. (KIATA3) 36 of 195

1427.36 in reply to 1427.35

I’m under no obligation to tell you that, sorry.

….There is *NO* majik hindering me currently, or ever.

As for the Gods, they’ve proven their interest in me on countless occasions………….

So in other words don’t use MAGIC on him, because it’s not going to affect him.


  1. scuttlebutt March 22, 2017 1:30 pm 

    Has Helton been sniffing glue again?

  2. hemdroid March 22, 2017 4:11 pm 

    i just found out that helton is a total nutter. i didnt know. LMFAO

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