Ivlog goes haywire and UNBANS everyone then RE BANS everyone …ok ?

Some strange voodoo crawled in the circuit boards and into CUM…I mean Cr3am’s anus on Saturday night as most of the banned IP’s all of a sudden were no longer banned. This lasted about an hour or so.Screenshot_5

Then POOF all were BANNED again. Some accounts like this one were banned for no reason….and then unbanned.Screenshot_1

CUM….I mean Cr3am decided to go as far as ban all of Puffin Browser, either from FEAR or PARANOIA. Personally I think it’s funny that the site owner hides on his very own site, scared shit less from this blog.4a491b75f0e6469e9d5819f7879b2a8af1c6c7a0fdd042b6ba893542397a683a

That might be due to the fact a number of you are ripping a new hole into the site owner’s ASS with ease exposing him on many fronts. Or maybe he’s tired of trying to hook up with certain women on a site his girlfriend funded for him.Screenshot_4rob-schneider-poster-deuce-bigalow-male-gigolo-1999-bpgpan

As usual I await the swollen hurt vagina’s on Ivlog to let their presence be known with angry comments directed towards myself.

I’d like to thank everyone for any pic submitted on this post.Screenshot_3 (4)