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I was handed this screen cap of Sam’miches cast.  With SO little to go on, we’ll put it here for now, and update if needed..Enjoy!

Sam Hipperz Ban Pic 1

The players – Pat aka UnitedAmerican Aka The Alex Jones nut sack sucking  summumabeach that blows out the SAME hashed out,  over politicized,   unoriginal heaping pile of crap each “SHOW” ignoramus,  Next we have  Sam’ mich, One time keeper of the key to Pat’tykins realm of shite now busy banning or SO I am told word on the street is, sweet old hippies, and then Our Very Own Crap Chat peace loving Amish portraying Hipperz. Oh and something about Pat’ tykins doing the old TWO FACE TANGO to Hipperz as well….

Pat Sam Hipz Box Ring

I can but put forth what little info I am given (thank you to the person that passed along the screen cap), and rely on you wonderful blog readers and chat supporters to add or subtract the correct or incorrect info!  But for FUCK SAKE, can ya take it easy on our Hipperz, we LOVE the guy! We get so little time with him always beeing off to SPACE CAMP!

Hipz BY 2

Stay tuned for any updates, as I am CERTAIN I will be given some ASAP!  Ta Ta for now!


Thank YOU MrS (see comments section) So old Pat’ Tykins welcomed Our Hipperz into the channel/chat, the turned right around and BLAMMY gave him the Ban Hammer. WOW Pat’tykins, not too cool dude, not too cool AT ALL… SO UNAMERICAN of you. Been hanging with Vladamir Putin much? Ya fuckin’ Communist! :::snickers, that ought to fire you up ya’ old buzzard!:::  – So it was Pat’tykins that banned NOT Sam? . Sorry Sam’mich I sit corrected, but look at you so cute boxing! At any rate, both of ya  BE KIND TO HIPPERZ!

Roper Sig Pic MF

Remember, always wash your buttplugs in pickle juice, no wait, or was it  rub them in Ben Gay??? Damn it all!  – That Roper Broad!

A Conversation.

Let the DRAMA continue. i dont know if these are in order and i really dont care. sorry Sam.1234Screenshot_7Screenshot_8Screenshot_10Screenshot_13Screenshot_3 - Copy

I wasn’t even sure of what I should call his post…the whole thing seems so surreal that an grown man would place an object into his anus on a live cast.Screenshot_6

But that is EXACTLY what he did, I don’t when but I suspect it’s recent.


Should you be surprised  ????   Not really he’s done before several years ago infact. Added on are the countless ass shows the penis shows and the whole mess all together it’s amazing this clown is still ticking.Screenshot_2 (2)


I was informed this ANUS probing actually took place today and was even featured on Vaughn live….hooray anyone ???  (º_•)

Thanks to all for the pic on this post


A double post if I do say so myself, so dear ol Pat the fighting American ran away to Ivlog in hopes of hiding his shame no doubt lol


With a handful of viewers his dreams of ever reaching any REAL numbers or VIEWERS was just dropped down the shitter of NO RETURN.


For you see Pat the Vaughn’s don’t care for back stabbing especially those who jump ship.

However with that being in mind our old friend Sam had a number of negative comments about Ivlog, and he decided to share his thoughts on a recent cast not just several hours before I placed this post up. You naughty Sam you lmao.

You have to admit Sam’s right on point with his  comments concerning Ivlog and it’s politics and ban policies so GOOD FOR YOU Sam.

Thanks to everyone for the sceen shots an video


Back by popular demand are jus a few of the infamous Frank Taylor vids that WE all have laughed at an enjoyed.

Frank Taylor drunken vomit dance

Frank gets SLAPPED an old favorite…He stand outside of a college night club recording some of the younger guys, when all of a sudden this happens.

The Frank Taylor BIG ol FART




Now I have to apologize to those who have submitted info on this post dating back from before Sept 2016, I simply was caught up in so many other posts etc there just didn’t seem to be enough time and this post was simply forgotten.

However what I have is Frank Taylor crying the blues as he now claims due to Donald Trump winning the election he now needs financial support.


NOW………..Before anyone rushes out feeling sorry for dear ol Frank it wasn’t all that long ago…SAAAYYYYYY about Sept 2016 when he was asking for donations to travel on his Christmas trip.

The goal was for $600, and I do believe that goal was met, after all he was gracious enough o thank all the (suckers) cough cough… individuals who donated to his Christmas trip.







At some point someone would or should be asking how can individuals continue to financial support this mooch when all he does is complain all the time for money ????


And yet here he is playing Sugar Daddy for his young boy toy when all he ever does is cry the blues. Makes sense right ????????




This is a 7hour long vid from Youtube so if you can get through it then hats off to you.

Bottom line is Helton needs money or he’s in BIG time do do.


If only the rest of the Xmen would HELP Helton out then I have a feeling everything would be fine, but let’s face it a mutant with retractable  metal claws wouldn’t be an ideal  house guest if you purchased new furniture.