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What a  way to start my day as I get up to find PORN pic in the crap chat all leading from Vaughn, so thank you to those for the screen shots used on this post.


Joncalifornia decided to stream porn this morning on a Vaughn live cast, complete with some blonde on blonde action….looks away an blushes….eekkk (º.º)0d2ec3c0f22842d48427fd2d7ab7097a

It’s at this point not sure if the this shot belongs with this post but… EHHHHH. So during the chat the vivacious and most curvy TheEdgeof8  decided to throw his/her  name into the pot as the NEXT Staff  of Vaughn live….faaaaarrrrrtttt


Like a highly sexual MAN BEAST drunk from LUST and perhaps a few pints of beer he charges ahead swearing at the Vaughn’s challenging their authority.Screenshot_6

It’s at this point the Vaughn SS show up and shut the sucker down and remove his stream key for added measures.


Complete with a BAN this ends what is likely to be the FIRST of MANY POSTS today on this Friday the 13th 2017.

And WHO is this Joncalifornia you may ask ???   Well he’s……….Joncalifornia so there that explains it all.







Never DARE me is what I told Joe, but oohhhh noooooo.. Joe didn’t believe me…..So here it is Joe it’s all on you. I take NO RESPONSIBILITY BLAME JOE as one of Ivlog’s TOP casters relives his own SHAME


Poor helton, he will be evicted soon. He claims his mama has put her foot down and is throwing them out. She got sick of the 56 year old man child mooching off of everyone in sight. Now, we are not sure what will become of the kids. I cant imagine she would just kick the kids to the curb. In fact no one is sure if helton is even telling us the truth. He might be doing this as a way to gain sympathy and get a few more donations so when the weather breaks he can walk to town and retain a lawyer. To enlarge click and hold ctrl key then while holding move the wheel on your mouse towards the monitor 0812549622af407eb9503e9d6488b170 screenshot_69 180px-vonfreakout
The mama frost might take custody of the kids (I believe she has custody already) and once helton is far down the road she might give them up for adoption. Who knows? Only time will tell.
b9fb618d1e9b42eabab1c3434a71f20bscreenshot_71 Scuttlebutts will keep you up to date on this developing story.

Amen you sons of beaches.

Amen you sons of beaches.