CherryBreeze is SAFE and headed HOME…So what was the DRAMA about ??

I throw my hands in the air at this one, but yup that’s it. She’s fine and I guess that’s what really matters at the end. How this is going to play out between Zoe and Tobi may be another matter.





  1. fidel_castro December 6, 2016 10:11 am 

    if it true that these german faggot hurt you, judge him

  2. hamilton December 7, 2016 4:11 am 

    she is a complete retarded buffoon when she said ” she had to leave at some point ” Oh cherry did you forget to mention the fact you had no choice to leave as he was smashing and beating you up around the one room he had? or did it phase you that you pulled a knife out on him and you both beating each other up and getting drunk day in day out? Or the fact you saying you still love him with your twisted pathetic mind. Your a very sick and need help instead of stressing all your friends out and family due to your selfish self centred needs grow up get your life in gear and fix up your a complete shame to society drama queen and imbecile!

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