Does Ivlog have a NEW policy …and Title of Beta Testers ?????

This is a 2 part post and I’d like to thank those responsible for submitting any screen shots used here.

I have a number of screen shots from a  new caster DITA in Ivlog who decided they wanted to show other casters on their cast. Now I assume this was done without the other casters permission.


At some point in time an ADMIN/Moderator came into the cast and had some private words with DITA concerning the content being used.





No idea as to what was said but by DITA’s reactions it didn’t take very well. The result was the channel being LOCKED.67b5fd55bec54983882fcbb59aa7f7b0

Now I’m sure the POLICY is or WAS NO REBROADCASTING OTHER CASTERS WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION…..BUT now I’m perplexed as I do remember certain casters showing images of other casters on their casts and so forth, or am I imagining this ???

But if such policy were made then WHEN was it implemented into Ivlog ???

BETA TESTERS………………………..

The second part of this post is concerning the title of Beta tester who are they what is their role in Ivlog…And where did they sign up for this title. Or who did they suck up to ????

So far I have found 2 of the Beta testers in Ivlog…one being Dwarfalicious the other being Lilpunk1984… Both being females with a not so reputable reputation online.8d1af835002f4576956f38b944361ab9rob-schneider-poster-deuce-bigalow-male-gigolo-1999-bpgpan

The key word here is “FEMALE” I say this due to the fact we know certain individuals have more status in social media sites with the owners, and I will say it’s largely due to that fact they have large breasts or they are simply a female…Take Gamergirls recent Vaughn ADMIN title which has become the biggest joke ever and could be most likely Vaughn’s long awaited demise.

So the rule here is lots of makeup, BIG BREAST…suck up real good an the job is yours BABY XOXOXOXO.

A brain or a thought have little to do with it as long as they become submissive to the hierarchy as to which they have sworn allegiance to. So has it become a form of online prostitution where deals and goods can be traded for either flirting or sexual favors as long as the lower class dwellers are kept in the dark ??? You be the judge.

I’ll ask the question does the Beta tester mean they are a Moderator ???

Does the beta tester read private IM’s …Who can read private IM’s ???

Do you feel safe on either site ??

With both parts of this post I do feel one idea or thought is replicated in both and that is the idea of “POWER” and who wields it. WHO gets banned WHO gets reported WHO gets dealt with etc etc ???

As usual the major cry babies of both sites will storm this blog with their anger and threats…PFFFTTTT If I was so concerned over your opinions I wouldn’t be blogging now would I ??lbpnation_jtv_monkey



  1. Anonymous December 3, 2016 8:09 pm 

    This is me dita aka blackkitteh. Thanks for the support. Apparently ivlog is a worse cocksucking site than vaughnlive. I was planning on giving that piece of shit site more money but they had some pussy ass anonymous idiot fuck with my cast. No wonder that fail casting site barely gets anybody in there worth a god damn to watch. I hope the owner of ivlog dies of aids real soon.

    • Anonymous December 3, 2016 10:53 pm 

      I stand with you Dita!

    • hemdroid December 4, 2016 3:51 am 

      you will always have support in here. we dislike the fags as much as you do. 🙂

  2. Blackkitteh is innocent December 3, 2016 8:51 pm 

    You see I agree entirely with the angle of the post you made monkeysniffer.I have witnessed things happen and take place on both vaughnlive and ivlog that left me to decide to no longer support either website.

    As long as people like cream and mork exist there will be no integrity on their websites.That is not how a professional website conducts itself.

    Both website’s will eventually close.Why?They are both scammers.They allow people into the position of moderator and staff with zero comprehension or ability to do anything but power trip on anyone they dislike .Ivlog has the worst moderator team in existence.The ONLY thing ivlog does that is correct is not disclose who their moderator team is. The problem? Several ivlog moderators (females) have already exposed their identity.I can identify 2 of them by full name and username.

    Keep it up ivlog. You just make it easier to display why people shouldn’t support you.

    Blackkitteh is pretty much harmless.How many people are streaming illegal music?None of them have permission to stream it.How many people are streaming illegal movie content?I see no banning or content control yet blackkitteh is not allowed to stream whatever she wants.

    You know why blackkitteh cannot do whatever she wants? She didnt expose her tits. She didn’t flirt with the owner of ivlog. She doesn’t kiss ass. She isn’t enough of a narcissist.

    Go fuck yourself cream.

    • monkeysniffer December 3, 2016 9:06 pm 

      Blackkitteh is innocent EMAIL me please [email protected]

    • Bk aka DITA December 6, 2016 4:10 pm 

      thats right

  3. MyGodYou'reDumb December 3, 2016 9:06 pm 

    I am worried about you if you REALLY believe this. Do you think it should be okay to make up your own rules and not follow site rules? That’s been a rule since day one and MANY casters have been flagged or banned for re-casting others or using their images to make fun of them. The beta testers are more MALE than female too. It was when Ivlog was being pitched, you had the opportunity to be a beta tester if you donated by a certain date. It did not mean extra privileges – they have to abide by the same rules you do. Apparently Gina thinks she should be able to cast whatever she’d like with no repercussions and this does NOT fly on ivlog nor will it ever. Come to think of it it’s never been allowed on ANY site. JTV, Stickam, BlogTV, you name it….

    • monkeysniffer December 3, 2016 9:09 pm 

      OK ryan you dont seem to understand I was NEVER involved in IVLOG …NEVER …until late June or July…Simply wasnt my thing. But I do disagree VL/ivlog an several other sites did allow rebroadcasting at one time

      • MyGodYou'reDumb December 3, 2016 10:51 pm 

        Not in a malicious manner. Vaughnlive hasn’t allowed that either. Remember how IP kept getting banned on VL for rebroadcasting United American then took it to another site so he wouldn’t get in trouble? And, if you’ve only been in the know about ivlog since this past summer how in the world can you possibly claim to know all these things and say you’re 100% right when you’re not? I also saw you try bullying my friend today in your chat for no reason other than her flagging somebody who broke the rules.

        • monkeysniffer December 3, 2016 11:06 pm 

          Ryan how can I bully someone from our chat to another chat ???
          Im in this BLOG not in Ivlog sooooooooooooooooooooooo Im a lil confused….If I state MY OPINION it isnt bullying. If you or anyone is unahppy with this fact please don’t come to our blog anymore.

          • MyGodYou'reDumb December 3, 2016 11:14 pm 

            Saying things to put another person down or make fun of them is bullying, doesn’t matter where it takes place. I was watching your chat and I saw you or others from this blog go into my friend’s room and harass her in all caps as guests, thinking this to be your right to troll. An opinion would be something like “oh I don’t think this person is very honest”, not something like “this is a fat ass loser waste of a life”. Learn the difference. If you don’t know, you were honestly brought up by TERRIBLE PARENTS.

          • monkeysniffer December 3, 2016 11:32 pm 

            Ryan first of all you should be the LAST to talk …EVEEEEEEERRRRRR with the comments an posts I have documented from your own lips..BE REAL lol…Another thing dont ever tell me what I do in some other chat…when you have no idea…you’re stupid.. I remain in our chat and do as I see fit… Again you don’t agree or like it ???? LEAVE NO ONE NEEDS YOU HERE. With that being said please look towards your own parents …you pretend and create too much in your own mind hence your brain is a potato filed with stale jello.

  4. hemdroid December 4, 2016 3:49 am 

    poor tubby guy the ryan. he wishes everyone hopped and skipped around with rainbows shooting out of their asses and a wreath of flowers around their necks. ryan go back to fag world. dont bother posting your opinion in here. no one in gives a fuck.
    good one madam monkey.

  5. JazzDude December 4, 2016 7:07 pm 

    Blackkitteh is NOT Gina for fucksake. She is Verronica or MsV.
    She is a good person and i know her for a long time.
    She supported Sam against “ugly” trolling , like i did.
    MsV is person with integrity.
    Cream, you made so many wrong decisions, u lost another good caster. I watched your actions from DAY1 and it started when u was BUTTHURT because i critizised technical issues and the policy casters should pay for the service. JustinTV (thenTwitch) showed the potential money u as an owner can make, and guesss what, Twitch kinda pays the casters for their job.
    You cant handle critics and adults acting like adults. Like Mork u wanna be the King of the Clowns and Trainwrecks. Find another way compensating the low selfesteem u have. What a joke.

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