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All credit to our friends here at the blog for the screen shots used in this post, as a very ANGRY an HATEFUL Sean Cleary rants on Facebook.


Oh ya and here’s the PERVERT’s lil worm friend, he call it a PENIS….lmao



With such RACIST comments like this he’s gonna have the IRA…Black Lives matter……The People’s Front of Judea and the Judean’s People’s Front all after his ass.


Talk about SHIT FOR BRAINS right Captain ?



You never know I may be one of the lucky people who Helton eventually decides to sue after he begins to read these posts, from what I have witnessed as of late an entire PUSSY…opps POSSE have dedicated their time with empty threats and lots of tears.

They want me the #1 BAD MONKEY….So get in line cry babies. I’ve heard it all before from bigger and better than you.




Thank you for the LINK to this vid…it’s hilarious.



Now before I begin I cannot confirm or deny any of the info on this post but ALL I CAN SAY IS HOLY COW HE LOOKS LIKE HIM.

What was dropped into our chat was this LINK.



On that LINK you will find this story and from what I have been told supposedly it’s one of Ivlog’s very own Charlo a caster on the dead site belonging  to Cr3am.

“A man has been convicted of murdering four young men whom he poisoned so that he could have sex with them while they were unconscious.

Stephen Port, a chef, was found guilty at the Old Bailey of killing Anthony Walgate, 23, Jack Taylor, 25, Daniel Whitworth, 21, and Gabriel Kovari, 22.

The serial killer sought his victims on dating websites including Grindr and dumped their bodies within 500m of his flat in Barking, east London.

The jury was told he used GHB, a sedative known as a date rape drug, spiking their drinks or injecting it into his victims before they realised what he was doing. They died of a fatal overdose. Eight others survived”

………………BUT IS IT HIM ??……………………

My question is this…… could this murderer be the same caster named Charlo ??? Cuz damn they look similar. If not…..enjoy the NEWS….and have a milkshake.


Worse CUMS to worse these two could always meet up for a MILKSHAKE …hahahahahaah


OHHHH thtop it thsweety <3….wink wink SUNSHINE xoxoxoxo

But seriously if anyone has an UPDATE on this PLEASE LET ME KNOW. And a special thank you for all and any info on this post


I have been informed that as I placed this post up, Charlo was casting on Ivlog at the EXACT same time…sorry Charlo wrong guy…but is he your brother ???



Have I ever told you that I cannot make this shit up ???  Well I’m telling you now cuz I can’t hahahahahahahahaha

From the mouth of the GREAT ONE comes more BULL SHITTERY so deep you may need a life raft to keep you afloat.

So what we here is Von claiming he tried out for the role of WOLVERINE but didn’t get the gig cuz according to him he was cock blocked…You think I’m making this up ???screenshot_4

Just imagine if Helton had become the Marvel hero instead of Hugh Jackman.


I wake up to start my day and ..POW right in the kisser baby I get this. Thank you for this blessed screen shot…..I think.


Ummmmm…..errrrr….well not the best set around I’d say a cross between Shawnio and Samosky with a lil Ryan HiFi thrown in….BUUUUUURRRRPPPPP. I think when she was covered up and using filters to hide herself the mystery was alot more alluring.

Why do women online do this to themselves ?

Now please excuse me as I SMASH my computer to bits.