Bald Von Helton 3 hour bla bla rant


It’s a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGG 3 hour Youtube video with a ton of info… In it he claims his children have LICE, hence the reason for shaving his head. I personally believe he gave the children HIS own LICE and is now trying to avoid actually washing his hair by removing by shaving it off lol. That can be heard at the 23min and again at 46min of the vid.

CLICK on the part says WATCH THIS VIDEO ON YOUTUBE it works

At the 1 hour 10min mark they bring up Mouse his  former wife who is now in prison. He claims she was driven insane by the trolls, and he has proof of it.

As the horrible trolls took advantage of a naive young girl.


Screenshot_3 (4)




  1. Mary Hinge November 5, 2016 5:54 pm 

    So by that logic Von will have shaved his kids heads, This delusional begging shit4brains lying cunt is on a loop, It’s like the same story repeated every year without fail.

  2. MeMe November 6, 2016 7:02 pm 

    Sorry about your luck Von lol

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