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A guest in our chat brought some new/old info to us, so I thought I’d make a post on it. In my mind there was never any doubt as to who UKMuppets was after I had exposed him to everyone, but it’s just one more piece to sit back and enjoy. Thank you.



Anyone wishing more info on the matter of just WHO UKMuppets is please check this below LINK.

TRIBUTE to Darren Lee Sayward aka UKpedopuppets




As most of you know I have ZERO love or respect for Steve Jones the owner of Ivlog, but it does seem after JStevio’s cast over the weekend where he SLAMMED both IP and the staff of Ivlog for not taking action sooner, but then this happens. The Facebook Cream team have decided to remove Sean Cleary and ban him from the group, however let’s not forget the reason for this ban and that it was for making mocking disgusting comments about the DEATH of a child and going as far as doxing that child in a public cast….BRAVO Mr Cleary a truer man was never witnessed by the internet world may your family be PROUD of you.


A very emotional and distraught Sean had these comments he made on his FB page.23232323

Our LINK to the blog was slammed down his throat complete with pics of Cleary and his new cock face. Thank you to those for the used screen shots in this post.screenshot_5-2

I’d like to thank a friend to the blog for this latest video it features worthless Foxman sitting underneath his door, the same door he ripped off it’s hinges. but that’s not all he then places it in it’s doorway then removes his pants. He’s become perhaps the most pitiful and pathetic of all the casters anywhere, I personally haven’t the words.

screenshot_2Screenshot_3 (4)

Some months ago the fail bloggers over at UK Muppets and their new head of “special” intelligence, Shawnio, had proven conclusively that Michelle Stacy was chatting over at Vaughn Live.STD as one Sweet Tears. As per usual the folks at UK Muppets did not do their foot work nor did they vet the information provided to them from their new head of DOXing.

End result? Watch the below video.

WARNING: Do NOT consume fluids during the viewing of this video!

As you can clearly see Sweet Tears and Michelle Stacy are two completely different individuals!

But how can this be!?!?! Did not the wunderkinds of UK Muppets prove with several blog posts that they were one in the same? Yes ladies and gentlemen once again the credibility of the fail blog UK Muppets and their head of disinformation, Shawnio, is right where it always has been. IN THE SHITER.

Karl, Darren, Babs, Sharron, Louise whatever you call yourselves these days might I recommend once again that you at least try and use your two brain cells before making a claim or DOXing someone. I mean seriously girls you look more and more incompetent with every post and every lame attempt to coat tail this blog and the gloriously fabulous people who work here.


William Poole ESQ.



Have I ever told you I can’t make this shit up ???….well I can’t lol

As of today Sean Cleary Ireland’s piece of SHIT was banned from Ivlog just mere minutes from each other after he was allowed to rant for weeks for up to 17 hours about this blog and everyone who was associated with it. On Friday he went as far as to dox a deceased child in his very chat complete with the child’s pic, but as of today POW right in the kisser, so suck on that bitch.55318e96ec3d492d8e081c3e5c3c8ce9cunju4jwwaeylluscreenshot_5-2


The begging fatman with the the dirtiest feet has jumped early for the holidays this year and has already  begun to milk  his CASH COWS with his latest Gofundme account for a Christmas road trip.grinchbdc9bf63828a45e98a54c8faba254ac6

Everyone enjoy s  road trip ?? But Frank expects EVERYONE to PAY FOR IT, just so he can enjoy it. Imagine the nerve.6812dd9b2bc74bb69ef171596a8e1bdd


Within minutes Frank’s greedy lil fat fingers plug away to in hopes of discovering his cash amount.29a7a41048144707a94e4fddbfccbea7And bingo $40 in the pot, so it does look like some weak human will be keeping his/her mods at least for a while longer…Wait is this a Ivlog/Cr3am… or a Mark Vaughn VIP post ???? Ummmmm.

$$$$$$$PAY PAY PAY PAY $$$$$$$


Look on the bright  side at least he isn’t asking for a bunch of pathetic suckers to pay out so he can bring some young guy over to his home to have sex with….RIGHT ???

What happened to the days when people could actually think for themselves and not be so easily led by the nose ?

All thx to anyone who submitted a pic.


Since my time blogging here I’ve done about 5 such posts where someone claims they’ve doxed me, and so I have a giggle make a post on it only for some other clown to then make the same statement 6 months later. So here we are again, but before I do lets recap all of my history where I have been doxed.

There was the 17 year old dox, where Shawnio the GREAT DOXER” claimed I was a gay teen boy.17yroldsscreenshot_1-2screenshot_4444444444444-2

Then there was the time he actually thought I looked like this image I use in my profile, was so damn funny the stupid ass made a post on it LMAO

Me with my crack whore gf, I’m the pretty one.


At some point I go from being a tranny to becoming a middle aged woman, can’t make this SHIT UP.


THEN THE BIG BREAK as Shawnio discovers my REAL NAME is ……………….JUDY. That’s right he finally gets me….or does he ???? In the above video he claims he can hear my laughter. I dare you to listen and not laugh to tears, especially those of you who know me.

Recently most of you know I have had the communities help in exposing a number of individuals such has Darren Lee Sayward/UKmuppets…Sean Cleary/ IP as well as doxing Shawnio…So for a lil fun I decided I would accidentally on purpose drop my own photoshopped DOX in hopes of getting a reaction and OHHHHH YESSS I did LMAO


I and that’s when I became …JANICE P… It caused such a stirred frenzy a post was even made in my honor over in UKmuppets blog claiming I was revealed LMAO…again screenshot_5-3

The classic knee jerk reaction all thanks to Sean Cleary…Shawnio and a very gullible Darren Lee  Sayward who made it all possible….PLEASE take a look at the other bottom painted images. For gods sake I do hope you retards see the point I’m making here HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH..After 3 years you think some of em would get wise… but no such luck..I WIN.

Shawnio thank you for making UKmuppets look a fool for the world to see, couldn’t have done it without ya buddy.



Are you good ol boys getting the idea here ??????


I have been handed about 9 emails in the last week disclosing certain private discussions between both Steve Jones/Cream, EX administrators from his site as well as disgruntled casters unhappy with the managing of the site. This particular email was handed to me from an individual who has been TOLD by Steve Jones/ Cr3am to stop complaining about so called alleged comments being made against them by other casters in Ivlog, so this caster then made a public rant in hopes of clarifying the situation. What it did manage to do was incite the anger of the site owner Steve Jones/Cream who not only told the caster NOT to make PUBLIC comments, but then stated if they did not stop there would be consequences such as a site ban.

QUESTION: But don’t people have a right to complain about a business etc like consumer reports and put criticisms out there for people to see before they invest thats what the suggestions are for.

Cr3am: If there is a complaint then they can email us Instead of putting out there in public. Public slander is against our TOS so you probably wont have an account.

Now I have to admit this was taken directly from THAT email sent to me.

I was given the LINK for the TOS RULES, personally I couldn’t find the part where such a statement was made concerning not being able to speak out or have an opinion. So is this a NEW RULE ?

Or simply put… shut your mouth or else ?

However last week this was handed to me in our chat, where the site owner himself BASHES one of his own casters ….PUBLICLY….. Following so far…interesting right ???  Now I don’t have any hate nor do I have any love for Glen but RIDICULING another caster on your own site is pretty damn unprofessional…wouldn’t you agree ???????11111111111111111112222222222222222222222

Even Ryan hifi and Caroline at one point had enough and decided they would leave due to the “HATE CASTS and nothing being done about it”

And of course we have his sexual comments and innuendos directed towards certain females, which I have recorded myself.

Many of you as well as myself see a TREND developing here reminiscent of the Vaughn’s and how that group of egomaniac Nazis dealt with individuals on their site. Sooner or later dear ol Steve is gonna slip up and we will be here to catch him, you see Steve you can SITE BAN me all you want, but you will never be SAFE on your own site. Think on that..WE WILL ALWAYS BE WATCHING.jyjyjjyjjjScreenshot_33







What the HOLY fckn HELL is wrong with this damn fool boy ???   Not after an hour or so after the last post, Billy decides to cast and ask the questions to Sean about doxing and the death of Wintard. And then this happens, thx to our friend from the blogs for this lil video exposing Sean Cleary as a jack ass in front of the whole world.

The previous post on the accusation of the Wintard death can be found here. Sean Cleary if you cared for this girl at all STOP dragging her name through the MUD an give her peace and closure.

IrelandPatriot makes the claim “WE AT THE BLOG KILLED WINTARD”