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Defiantly a Von Helton original as the great self proclaimed “PUNISHER”  is now making online requests for CASH monkey ..ummmmm.. MONEY.. I mean, ops sorry typo.




So far….nada… zippo…not a dime…Oh well he tried lol.

Here’s the LINK

And for some added entertainment check out this vid someone sent in to our chat…Thank you for the vid.

CLICK on the “WATCH THIS VIDEO on YOUTUBE”…its there

Screenshot_3 (4)

Well well well whoda thunk it …not even 24 hours after the recent post …miraculously Lulu one of the owners of BLOGtv is unbanned …IT’s A MIRACLE I SAY.

Something tells me more of this topic will eventually come out, truth is a very difficult thing to bury, and so far I’ve been on point with Cr3am on every post. I’m sure he wont let me down.

I would indeed question both his honesty and integrity from the last several months…bottom line I smell a RAT or at least a site owner with rat eyes.


The actual channel belonging to Lulu, check the below LINK.

And finally the 2 posts explaining the lead up to this post on Lulu’s Ivlog ban.

Cr3am/ Steve Jones struggles with damage control

All thanks to my friend here at the blog.



Now to be honest I was just emailed this video and several bits of information added on.

Now as it was explained to me.

“This video is just 12 hours old. Sergio, aka Nostrils, aka Burnt Hotdog neck, gets his ass owned. The first 17 minutes is the build-up”…..

“Sergio is the dude that told most of Vaughn that he owned a Hummer and every house in his street”
Claims he’s a GUN DEALER
See attached for when he said he is a Free Mason…and one of him trying to look gangster. (both a lie)
I haven’t a clue as to who this fella is, but at this point in time this dude REPRESENTS EVERYONE that I have ever come across or blogged about. Bottom line BULLSHIT and BIG TALK is what the internet is made of, nothing new here.
Thanks to our friend for this post.
Screenshot_3 (4)


As of today I was handed this tid bit of information concerning a recent BAN of one of BLOGtv’s owners from Ivlog a childish move by Cr3am, but he has his own thoughts on the matter.


Steve Jones aka Cr3am claims NO SUCH BAN ever took place and it’s FALSE and even uses the words “HORRENDOUSLY LIABLE”, now isn’t this odd  ????  He CLAIMS TOS would only be put into effect if someone breaks TOS, then an investigation would need to take place.Then please explain to me WHY I was banned from Ivlog ??? What were the TOS concerning my fate ???

Now unless Cr3am is totally innocent or he has a  ROGUE ADMIN on his hands only time will tell…..My ROGUE ADMIN theory does bring up another matter and for now I’ll say no more. On the other hand Cr3am may be lying through his ASS trying to save both his semi dead site and his skin. The more I hear about Cream the more I’m convinced he’s a joke who can’t be taken seriously, only the weak minded would listen to his bullshit, unless of course you’re part of the Cream team.

For anyone wishing to be brought up to speed on this matter click the LINK below.

Cr3am BANS one of the owners of

Thanks to our friend for the screen shot used in this post.




Thanks to an anon for these any screen shots used on this post. As you can see Cherryfarts has let the world know she’s off to finally meet the man of her dreams., the news was posted on her facebook a couple of days ago.




screenshot_2I remember when Foxman and Cherry had their thing about a year ago, I did a post on Cherrybreeze’s VAGINA lips hanging out due to her short shorts riding up her leg. You may recall that post.



I wish her the best and a great time and hope she has finally come to her senses an leaves the butane sucking and binge drinking  alone and cleans up her act…I can only imagine what it must be like for poor Darren Lee Sayward as another one of his Angles has moved on to another. But then again who cares. Too many messed up females involved with the wrong crowed in my opinion.


I’d like to thank a certain individual for this sweet tid bit, it’s of a single screen shot detailing  a conversation between Lulu one of the site owners of and another individual who shall remain nameless. In the shot Lulu explains what she believes are the reasons for the ban.rtrtrtttrtr

Could it be possible that Steve Jones aka Cr3am could be feeling the pressure of the new site and is trembling at night curled up in the fetal position crying ??? My sources say YES, not only does he want everyone to stop talking about it, but he’s prepared to BAN folks in hopes of shutting them up…..Just like he did to ME.313024_277899195556829_4521605_n




Password is Firetalk1975

Thanks to who ever dropped this lil fun screen shot in our chat….nice job.yr9jtmy

Self explanatory so there ya go.

Screenshot_1 (3)