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Thanks to an anon in our chat for this, but it does seem that the staff at BLOGTV mean business.


I can’t confirm or deny the authenticity of the above image, so please let me know if anything does develop.

If this is truly the case and it turns out to be true the drunks, drug abusers and train wrecks will continue to have Vaughnlive as their home due to the fact no one else wants them lol. Good for you Mark Vaughn congrats on having poop on your face….AGAIN.




So we have Foxman making empty threat towards fatty Joe Wishywashy, so THREATS of an online WAR coming from anyone else might be taken somewhat seriously but when Foxman says it I can’t help but laugh a lil after all this guy can’t remember anything let alone an online WAR he pledges to see through to the end.fuxman-pic

All thx to the anon who dropped this in our chat.screenshot_1-5

Foxman claims he has a team of crack commandos pissy hackers at his disposal, ready to engage and bring fatty Joe to his knees.sxlkitl

Can’t wait to see how this one plays out so keep em coming.Screenshot_33

It’s not often I get to expose a blogger who is a sexual deviant toward 18 year old girls who makes videos admitting he’s a pervert, then places those same videos on Youtube exposing himself to the world, but that’s the stupidity of one Darren Sayward/ Uk muppets.04270301d81140649577d1f99cb9f471

So you may wish to play catch up an read these recent posts on UK Muppets before continuing LINK is at the bottom.

Then you find out WHO exactly is Darren Lee Sayward aka UKmuppets, LINK is provided below.

But in this post I’d like to touch on the fact that Darren Lee Sayward and his wife at the time Joanne Sayward were sued with casting illegal satellite feeds of sporting events. This took place in between 2012/2013, and  this did in fact make the local news further exposing Darren Lee Sayward/UKmuppets something I’m sure he wouldn’t want anyone to know.


The below LINK explains in detail the events of this matter.

Then we have his so called disability where he claims he can’t work, well of course he can’t work he’s up at all hours perving and fapping on young teen girls in skype and every other social media site imaginable.



On with other mentionables. Now before I continue I’d like to say before you judge me too harsh for the below text and information, it was Darren Lee Sayward who cast the first stone at Michelle Stacey claiming he had her dox and criminal history, if you remember he claimed Michelle was a junkie herself and even claimed to not only have her name but her mug shot. Now why would he do that you ask ??? Well Michelle is a 40+ strong willed woman with children who fights back and refuses to take any bullshit from anyone, a complete opposite say of a 18/19 year old single girl who he can perv on is high on meth and not only vulnerable emotionally but psychologically as well. Do you see where I’m goin here ?screenshot_2-3

The above info is slightly dated so perhaps a shot of something more recent is needed here ? LOOK down below.

Some recent video sent in thank you for this, check it out.


Better much better, this above info is the latest.




So with all that cleared out of the way I’d like to place up a goFCK me account especially for Mr Darren Lee Sayward to help with his future moving expenses.

I’m sure in what we have come to know as classic denial from UK muppets he’s goin to SQUIRM, DENY and LIE about everything on this post. Or  he may go through every post I have ever done screen shot them and make lil hissy fit comments smashing my photoshop images my videos and anything else that angers him. However it will still expose his anger and frustration directed towards me at the same time as I sit back and laugh…  I WIN….. Either way I could care less…I would like to thank anyone and everyone who sent me any information on this individual.screenshot_11I shall be away for the next day or so on a personal matter so please enjoy a refreshing milkshake compliments of UKmuppets…kniw kniw.


As most of you know the history of innocent Ned as he once stood up during a cast exposed his beans an berries to the world and then denied the whole thing ever happened, his actions and ignorance of the matter only solidified his guilt and placed him for all eternity on this blog as a constant reminder TO NEVER CAST WITHOUT YOUR PANTS ON. Or so we thought.3e91fbbe956e4985adb0f08e3f7c4cbc

But it seems on a recent cast Ned just can’t seem to learn and nearly did it again, yes he almost lost his pants or perhaps he was taking a page out of  Frank Taylor hand book ????l_1239

The above pic is of Frank’s ass crack, seems these 2 have a lot in common.

All this makes one wonder if Ned’s intentional goal is to perhaps repeat the embarrassing act  in hopes of again calling unwanted attention to himself just like he did in the past.1000268_788651181148292_1967031088_n



Perhaps I can suggest suspenders or a belt ?? Like this every time Ned decided to get up he will have the needed support around his waste, so his pants wont fall off anymore.

For an even stranger look into Ned and his freaky existence check the LINK down below it contains a video about Ned it’s called Pedo Ned Enigma…a very humorous vidaaeaaqaaaaaaaalaaaaajdq4zwe1m2rilwmyngetndlknc1hzje2lti5owzizweyzwfmng