Context. That shit counts

Darren, Karl, whatever you are calling yourself I do say you need some lessons in context. Below you will find a screen cap of UKMuppets’ Blog post clips of the week. In that post Darren, Karl, whoever sites that I am Pwning Michelle Stacy in our crap chat. In fact he does it in a very Shawnioesque fashion replete with Red Boxes and half wit commentary in red as well.  One small problem. I was not talking to Michelle Stacy.

Chat read

chat read 2

First off I see no where in the chat where Michelle Stacy denies going to UKMuppets’ blog. Secondly I was not talking to Michelle Stacy when I made the comment “Said as you lie there in bed reading every word religiously” Au contraire my numb nutted hanger on of coat tails I was addresing your new master Shawnio.

I remember it well. I was bored having just completed all my blog duties and cruised over to see what the Pine Cone Cowboy was up to at his Broke Back Hovel. As usual El Soupio was hard at work telling the world (himself) how irrelevant Scuttle Butt is and why. Over and over and over between the psychotic giggles he cried how no one cares! How the blog is dead! How no one cares!

To which I made the aforementioned comment. Promptly our chubby milk stealing half wit roared at the top of his lungs and with wild abandon how I, YES I! the one and only Billy Bob Cesspool was irrelevant!

Of course having pulled his string and having easily achieved my goal of proving that the Gimp was obsessively reading the crap chat, as he is wont to do, I gleefully gloated with an “That easy”

So you see Karl/Darren/Whoever you should first try learning to blog before blogging. Perhaps if you took the time to follow the chat or perhaps vet your sources you would have a successful blog. Instead you take screen caps sent in by Shawnio and post them along with the agenda text he sends along.

Sweet heart, a blog takes time, talent and dedication. Time to do the foot work. Talent to write creatively, or in the case of our beloved Monkey Sniffer, not only write creatively but photo-shop like a glorious god who just happens to be well endowed.

And lastly, dedication. Dedication to presenting the truth as best one can. To researching what is sent in by sources. Or  just simply not grind one’s ax or the ax of others who seem to hold your shriveled testicles in their sweaty little hand.

Maybe then you wouldn’t have to ride coat tails.

Love and kisses William Poole ESQ.



  1. scuttlebutt September 7, 2016 12:46 am 

    Once again we see the obvious “foot in mouth” from Darren Sayward. The spelling, style and terminology is undisguised Shawnio. Even a blind man can see it. It’s so obvious it’s got the subtlety of a 14lb hammer. (That’s how we know when Gimpio is talking to himself.) Darrem admit that Monkeysniffer has his 8″ clitoris reaming your ass. ( Being honest it’s hard to deny now.) We all fuck up, but you chose to make it public, so ALL your shit can go public now……and God help you.

  2. pope of no hope September 7, 2016 4:03 am 

    holy moley. have you no mercy? LMAO. i’d say you spanked him hard. hahahahaha.
    Amen and spanky, spanky.

  3. Anonymous September 8, 2016 7:00 pm 

    Haha, All you had to do Darren was read Billy’s next comment on the chat about being on the floor in bed and you know immediately he is referring to Gimpy boy.

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