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I cannot confirm or deny any of the 2 separate bits of information on this posts, but I would like to thank those for the screen shots and links. So with that being said lets get on with it.

First off ….We have the FECES KING himself Shitty Chris and he’s willing to take all holes open for  LOVE. Who could resist this lil man morsel of POOP an FILTH. So get him will you can ladies/gents before AnalStormie his internet mistress claims him for herself.screenshot_6Second we have…. Neh neh neh neh neh ….CHERRY PIE……YOU guessed it Jummy Weezzzoooooooo, or is it Jonny Jizzo ??? screenshot_6

Annnnnnd who could resist the tasteless man with SPUNK on his face…So get him will he’s hot before before some other dude gets him, and impregnates him.



No lowlifes were injured in the making of this post both Chris and Jammy Wuzzo are at home sitting comfortably enjoying this post….<3

Btw we haven’t forgot you Mr Cleary we just taking a break……..for now lmao.


Now that we “CLEARY” see what is what a few of you have decided to send in some of your artistic videos an photoshop pic, and I thank you for them. So keep em coming. If you could send me the actual VIDEO an NOT a tiny pic link that doesn’t work here that would be wonderful…thank you.


Check out this latest lil gem below..hahahahaah




I’d like to thank a special certain someone for this lil tid bit that came floating my way. It features IrelandPatriot on a drunken skype call during a cast….certain…..words were typed by certain individuals. This caused quite the stir in IP, so much infact he demanded a skype call with this individual due to FEAR this information would leak out.1ca8c41eab1d41b0a12c142584f33be2


At the 6:25 mark of the vid listen to how he panics upon seeing the chat,the denial runs out of him like WARM PISSSSSSSS….hahahahaha..He automatically thinks it’s Billy Cesspool. IP then bans the person after claiming that the information was incorrect…AFRAID ARE WEEEEE…WHY ban someone when YOU claim the person was wrong  ????   Oh WE know  you’re not Dylan….lol

screenshot_4-5Screenshot_3 (4)


Ok so I’m asking the question what’s with Weezo and this thing for granny porn I mean does his computer lock up at the sight of beautiful women or something ?? Every time he has one of his dementia online fits this is what he does.just-funny-woman

Neh neh neh neh neh neh neh9cb4b007df2344729019342a518880bf

And what’s with ol Scruffy pants sitting right in the middle of it about ??   Ok Jummy Wisallzz what are you trying to say here…is this your idea of a sexual fantasy involving Scruffy the Nazi Christian goddess..What are you trying to tell us all, one moment you love her the next it’s granny porn to the rescue ?? brascreenshot_1454545d41e0239015647d0992fb02d702eec97

And yes he was banned …AGAIN from Vaughn. Just one last thing Jommy Wisalzz if you’re gonna play PORN can you at least play something a lil  better ????   You goofy ol fart. Thanks to those in our chat for the screen shots.



Thanks to MadQuaid for bringing this in to our chat, it features Luna tuna leather face already pegged as one of the most strangest women online. From her e begging to her strange street like costumes this walking dumpster always hits a solid low, but this particular video makes absolutely no sense at all.Hillary-Clinton-Donkey--63930kristademo

I cut up the video to the part Luna needs to pee, she walks up to the bathroom door closes it and then leans back only to kick it in. Then as she enters to do her womanly duties she continues to talk to some unseen force about NOTHING. What’s even stranger is the fact she doesn’t flush the toilet or even wash her hands…You watch it and try an make sense of it lol I give up. When it’s all said and done what we have here is another odd ball caster/attention seeker…….GO WASH YOUR HANDSpiss_standing

If you would like to see the 1hour video it’s right here click the LINK…GO to the 32:30 part to see the edited clip.


All credit to whoever brought this vid into our chat.

It features as usual a drunken Foxmanshawn, but this time he’s having a battle with his room door, the result is he rips it off it’s hinges. …I don’t see the logic in what he’s doing but after all it’s Foxmanshawn so nothing really new here.screenshot_8

The LINK to the video


Sooner or later you have to wonder just how long his mothers going to continue to tolerate him ??


The very next afternoon the autistic half wit fixed the door and kept his promise, but let’s be honest here there was no reason for it in the first place. So listen Fartmanshawn give the ol woman a break from your shenanigans and let her be in peace.



So it’s finally here, but will it live up to the hype ? Better yet what about rules orhte dead beats from Vaughn that may find them self floating over there just to find refuge ???

Most importantly what about them other sites and how will they be affected by BLOGTV.CA ??


Well the good news is at least we know one individual who’s going to be joining. And now his LIFE will be complete due it.




Now before anyone jumps up screaming bloody murder, let me start off by saying this information was sent in to our chat and I personally don’t have any knowledge of who Glen is or what he’s done in the past online. However someone has taken a considerable amount of time to elaborate on his casts and online comments so much that there are videos and 2 separate sources of documented information. So in a nutshell something smells fishy.

Before I get into all that a video was also sent in.

The video features a call in to Glen’s room from 2 very young girls…they look between 13 and 18. As the conversations begins Glen is quick to address their youthful appearance and asks their ages, one replies she’s 20, the other says nothing. The first thing Glen then asks is “Which one of you has had SEX” ????  The girls seem to act like a couple of 14 yr olds, as they carry on all giggly and childish further exposing themselves as perhaps nothing more than minors. Now here’s my point… IF…. Glen at any moment felt the girls were or looked under age and felt the need to bring it up WHY ASK ABOUT SEX ???   Obviously he felt there might be an issue with the 2, but still he asks about them having SEX.

A section from the article.

“I am in possession of HUNDREDS of captures of Glensroom being reported for his inappropriate behavior towards PROVEN under age female’s back on He is repulsive in his decision to speak to children the way he is in the capture below. I remind you all this is one of MANY captures I have been given. All of them prove without a doubt that Glen Randy Schoen was guilty of acting sexually suggestive towards females between 12 and 16 years of age. This is a 50 some year old man acting this way”

As I said I have absolutely NO knowledge of just who Glen is, but if there is anything out there you deem blog worthy concerning this piece, please feel free to email me or any of the other bloggers here. All credit to our anon for the videos and information used here.

Screenshot_3 (4)