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I’d like to thank a certain someone for this latest tid bit to come my way. For you see has been purchased by someone on this blog, and what makes it even funnier is that at one time it belonged to Shawnio himself lol.

Click on this LINK to see the end result >>>



[███ ☠ ███]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃
▄▅██–Monkeysniffer —-Tank— █▅▄▃▂

That’s right the GANG has taken over and there’s no stopping them …………………………………………………٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(×̯×)۶dWUIfwU

Move over kid we calling this a hostile takeover, and we not taking any prisoners.con-air-bad-guy-2lbpnation_jtv_monkey

I’d like to thank MadQuade for inspiring me to do this silly post in Shawnio’s honor, you see MadQuade dropped the below pic in chat and I thought it was so damn funny I decided to post it.be79f516dfa54933b0de9d71c025760ePLEASE READ this above screen shot. If you are familiar with Shawnio and his bizarre cabbage fetish then you have an understanding of the humor in this post.e8e842355ce649f29393c030bbf0944a


Furthermore his poor lifestyle choices have gained popularity in his local newspaper on more than one occasion.ar8Hyfv

For the past 5years Shawnio sits watching this blog in hopes of one day becoming one of us instead of the rejected weak outcast no body wishes to be near.

This post was made with love understanding and a hope that even someone as retarded as Shawnio may one day have a LIFE….Naaaawwww who the FCK WE kidding lol.Screenshot_6lbpnation_jtv_monkey

No idea why this took place, but thanks to 3Beers for this screen shot. Something about a “NEW PROJECT” lets wait and see what that’s about.9b7de8847d754e1e897d11d7613127f0

View story at

Now what’s funny about is some of the unwanted like Foxmanshawn and his internet lover Joe Walsh may have to find a new home to cast from lol.

Oh man let the fire works begin.

Or perhaps Foxman’s rotted stinking mouth eroded the site from the inside out forcing them to shut it down ????Screenshot_1 (3)

I am Connor Macleod of the Clan Macleod

Oh ya and for no particular reason, but I like this pic so there.



I’d like to thank our blog friend for submitting these latest pic of Pat and his mile long list of debts and unpaid bills.


For those wishing to see the entire list on a PUBLIC LINK… below for all the latest. It’s a pretty BIG list so enjoy. (2)lbpnation_jtv_monkey

First I’d like to thank everyone for submitting the screen shots used in this post, and as I promised yesterday the actual TEXT messages from both Melanie and her friends during the time of her so called suicide revealed.

As I promised I have painted out any phone numbers and names to protect those who sent Melanie the messages as to not place them in any negative light for sending me this info. Again thank you. As you can see as soon as the announcement of her suicide was made a number of you decided to test the waters and contact Melanie in the form of texts.

Just remember what she said on the last post ?????   “I have not had access to my phone or computer so there was no way of me to let you guys know”   ……….Remember this.f574acc228cb400c8a79cd4a6158bd91

Dear mom has a text chat with one of Melanie’s online friends.


Caller: Melanie right ??

Melanie: Yes


The above screen shots were sent to me not 15min after the announcement that Melanie was alive, however I was told that due to the pressure of this being viewed as a hoax Melanie felt to the need to finally expose the fake suicide and try to come clean. Screenshot_6

Remember what she said ?????   “I have not had access to my phone or computer so there was no way of me to let you guys know”   …….But wait then who was it.. Who played this cruel HOAX on Ivlog and Melanie’s friends  ??????Screenshot_3


That’s right straight from the not so DEAD girls mouth who has all the CROCKED answers it was her PARENTS all along, they did it….  Seriously what kind of brain dead messed up parents would do such a horrid thing to their only child????

However I’m still not convinced it was the parents but MELANIE, in FEAR of finally being exposed she drops the SHIT BOMB on her parents blaming them for her faults. All pretty easy if you ask me.


Then this was sent to me, another Melanie text but this one takes a heavy hitting swing at poor ol Melanie.

My final thoughts on this flaky cracker ….LEAVE HER ALONE and STAY THE HELL WAY FROM THIS EXPLOSIVE BAG OF VERBAL DIARRHEA…You don’t need her shit on your face.

And thank you to all for the screen shots on all the posts concerning Melanie and her poop mouth….Melanie go and change your diaper.lbpnation_jtv_monkey


I’d like to thank those for the recent screen shots to this post, it’s right on the HEELS of the Melanie/Aliceinwonderspace so called suicide claim that has many furious and demanding action over her alleged immature antics.

That LINK is right here before this post.

However WE have some new info.

Screenshot_4 (2)

Cream may decide to address this issue at some point so we hope.8ad3dd2c00af499bbee163a641149349However not 10min after this post Melanie’s account is no longer active, some speculate as to either it’s a ban from Cream or did Melanie do it herself.

With so much HEAT no on poor Melanie she now has decided to not only change her name but to remove anyone she feels is a threat to her story.

04d541af4b024f2b90d85f7ed4a6858aBut before she did that she made a statement, take a look at the pic below and read the following KEY words. ” I HAVE NOT HAD ACCESS TO MY PHONE OR COMPUTER” ….Got that ???

The reason I say this is because my next post on this story is the actual TEXT messages from the days Melanie went missing. Those were handed to me not 15min after the last post.Screenshot_6Screenshot_2 (2)

You wanted attention well your getting it, don’t look so damn happy now.Screenshot_3 (4)

On Saturday August 6th I was informed that Melanie/AliceinWunderspace a caster from Ivlog had committed suicide, ending the life of a 20 something year old.fffcc3b3228d4044bfea5d5613d1efd0Her mother  then makes a PUBLIC announcement informing everyone on Facebook of the tragic news.TW5343ad6eb6683994979876b3162c0477336

The cause of death ?????   150 Tylenol tablets and then stabbed herself ????

A number of eulogies were held on Ivlog, complete with tears, sad music and a lot of silly mushy comments made by others casters and so forth…snickers to self kniw kniw.

The world had come to an end for poor poor Melanie a trapped soul with a drinking disorder who suffered from other emotional issues, so tragic so sad ….cries to self…lol

Or was it ????

I on the other hand looked for evidence on this so called suicide by looking up local obituaries in the greater Toronto/Ontario area, I also looked up local media on any such reports on a young female committing suicide….I FOUND NOTHING…..I then even spoke to at least 3 individuals about my thoughts on this matter, they seemed to possibly share my skepticism.


Screenshot_12That’s right she’s back just like that…… How you ask yourself ???  Well……a mysterious TROLL supposedly HACKED into Melanie’s Facebook account playing this most cruel, horrible prank.

Upon hearing the news Melanie is alive a number of individuals were disgusted with the whole thing and let their feeling known, only to be banned and told to FCK OFF.

Who is this troll ??   No one knows, he/she simply vanished…POOF gone…..Better yet where was Melanie for 7 whole days while all of Ivlog was saddened by her so called suicide ???343434My opinion is simply this Melanie claims her FB account was hacked, but I know from several reliable sources Melanie is a well known admitted troll with a sever drinking disorder who is known to lie online to anyone willing to listen including her friends. She in the past has claimed police officers beat her face giving her 2 perfectly black eyes, show me the report I say. She is also has been known to play numerous tricks and pranks on her online friends in the past. Now this was just MY OPINION, you may have yours.

What might have happened …..Keep this in mind to WHOMEVER actually played this online prank, realize this one important factor, what if others actually decided to follow this prank/suicide and take their own lives feeling that this was the easiest way out….what then ???

How many innocent lives might have suffered due to a cruel hoax ?
Screenshot_3 (4)